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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I know not how it came to be, but those two are inseparable! One would soon die without the other!"

- - The Hag of the Pits, talking about Devil and Moon Boy, page 10

Devil Dinosaur in the 20th Century!


Devil Dinosaur #9
December 1978 • 17 pages

Letters Page: No letters page published in this issue.

I: Feature Story: "The Witch and the Warp"

Pages: 17

Editor: Jack Kirby
Writer: Jack Kirby
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Mike Royer
Letters: Mike Royer
Colors: Petra Goldberg
Supervising Editor: Jim Shooter

First Appearance: Hag of the Pits

Villain: Dino-Riders, Gray-Tooth

Guest Appearance: Small Folk

Synopsis: Moon Boy and Devil wander through the valley, when they interrupt the incantations of the Hag of the Pits. Her threats intimidate them and they leave. While trying to wend their way out of the mystical pits, they see a vision of riders on horseback in the sky. The visions startle Devil, who trips and falls into a deep chasm that seems to have no bottom! Moon Boy grabs onto the side of the chasm and holds on while his dinosaur pal tumbles down through eternity....

....Until he arrives in Nevada, 1978, the victim of a time warp! He stumbles onto the scene of a large group of hunters with powerful rifles, but the fearsome sight of a crimson T-Rex scares them away.

Moon Boy is rescued by someone who lowers a vine down the edge of the pit and he climbs to safety. It is the Hag, and her son, who await him when he climbs up. Moon Boy begs the hag to help get Devil back.

Speaking of the Devil, he is in Zuma City, on a rampage through the modern city streets, wondering how he can reunite with Moon Boy. Firemen arrive on the scene to aim their powerful fire hoses at the dinosaur, but the water assault doesn't do any good. Meanwhile, in the distant past, the Hag leads Moon Boy to the great cave where they create a mystic light that goes down into the bottomless pit and pierces the time warp. While National Guard artillery guns take aim at Devil, the mystic light reaches Zuma City and beckons him closer. He walks to the light and through it, transporting himself back to the valley.

Moon Boy is delighted that his buddy is back and they leave the hag and her son in the cave, to head back to the valley once more.

--synopsis by Gormuu

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