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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"We shall become as one and form a new folk! We shall hunt and grow strong until we cover this valley with our numbers!"

- - Stone-Hand, to Eev, page 11

It's dinosaurs, baby!!!!


Devil Dinosaur #6
September 1978 • 17 pages

Letters Page: "Dinosaur Dispatches"

I: Feature Story: "Eev!"

Pages: 17

Editor: Jack Kirby
Writer: Jack Kirby
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Mike Royer
Letters: Mike Royer
Colors: Petra Goldberg
Supervising Editor: Jim Shooter

First Appearance: Eev, Demon Tree

Villain: Sky Demons, Demon Tree

Guest Appearance: Stone-Hand, White-Hairs, Eev, Thunder Horn

Synopsis: Devil Dinosaur is aroused by screams of a female fighting an ant. Stone-Hand fights off the ants, then they all feed on the food stored by the ants that the female uncovered. As they feast, they look down into the valley to see the giant army of ants swarming towards the UFO.

Inside the UFO, the Sky Demons have determined through their experiments that Moon Boy represents an evolutionary threat to their race and decide to extinguish his species. But suddenly, the UFO is overcome by the ants, who ravage the aliens and their spacecraft. Devil watches from afar as the UFO is destroyed...and he is saddened to think that Moon Boy is among those who perished.

Meanwhile, Stone-Hand declares to Eev that she is to obey him and be his mate so they can repopulate the valley. Moon Boy escapes from the exploding UFO, which releases the captured dinosaurs and abducted Hill Folk. There is a huge mushroom cloud after the explosion, and when the dust settles, a giant, technological form is left standing in the wreckage, broadcasting a signal that it is "the prime computer".

Moon Boy races to find Devil, but comes face to face with the dreaded Thunder Horn. Not only must he evade the triceratops, but a legion of other dinosaurs, too! He finds refuge in a dark cave, waiting for the rain to stop so he can reunite with his dinosaur friend.

Meanwhile, Devil and his Hill Folk companions stumble onto the "demon tree", which beckons them closer....

(Continued in Devil Dinosaur #7.)

--synopsis by Gormuu

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