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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"If I couldn't draw upon your great courage, I would bolt like the others! Why, I would squeeze into the narrowest crevice and quake like a worm! But, in your keep, I too am a giant!"

- - Moon Boy, page 6

The UFO cult abduct the dinosaurs of the valley!


Devil Dinosaur #4
July 1978 • 17 pages

Letters Page: "Dinosaurs as Devils and Moon-Boys as Primitives" essay by Jack

I: Feature Story: "Object from the Sky"

Pages: 17

Editor: Jack Kirby
Writer: Jack Kirby
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Mike Royer
Letters: Mike Royer
Colors: Petra Goldberg
Supervising Editor: Jim Shooter

First Appearance: Sky Demons, White-Hairs

Guest Appearance: Stone-Hand, White-Hairs

Synopsis: Moon Boy has dreams which are premonitions of strange beings that "come from the sky." Suddenly, a UFO arrives and giant aliens disembark, attacking Devil. Moon Boy urges him to flee, but he fights back, yet the raw power of the aliens brush him aside. The Sky Demons take Moon Boy away for scientific study.

Meanwhile, Stone-Hand and White-Hairs of the Hill Folk set out to find Devil Dinosaur to get his help to save their people. They find him being attacked by a Sky Demon and they jump in to help him. After destroying the alien invader, they form an alliance, with the red tyrannosaur leading them...

(Continued in Devil Dinosaur #5.)

--synopsis by Gormuu

Issues Reprinted
Devil Dinosaur #1-9

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