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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I must be worthy of devil. I must face this unafraid!"

- - Moon Boy, page 12

Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy take on Seven Scars and the Killer Folk!


Devil Dinosaur #2
May 1978 • 17 pages

Letters Page: "There Were Giants In Those Days!" essay by Jack

I: Feature Story: "Devil's War!"

Pages: 17

Editor: Jack Kirby
Writer: Jack Kirby
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Mike Royer
Letters: Mike Royer
Colors: Petra Goldberg
Supervising Editor: Archie Goodwin

First Appearance: Long Legs, Ruka, Jr.

Villain: Seven Scars, Killer Folk, Long Legs

Cameo Appearance: Ruka, Jr.

Synopsis: Devil leaps past the stakes set for him in a trap and crashes into a gathering of the Killer Folk who lie in wait to slay him. Seven-Scars commands his brethren to start an avalanche over Devil's head, which buries him. Then, they grab the unconscious body of Moon Boy to sacrifice to the giant spider, Long Legs.

Devil pulls his way out of the rubble and fights off an iguanodon, then sets out to find Moon Boy. Just before the giant spider can eat his primate pal, Devil arrives with a torch clenched in his teeth and sets fire to the area as the Killer Folk flee. Devil then saves Moon Boy from the spider and steps on Seven-Scars with his foot.

The Killer Folk flee to a nearby cave to escape the flames, but find themselves trapped when Long Legs arrives to eat them. Devil and Moon Boy escape the scene, unaware that they are being watched by another....

--synopsis by Gormuu

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