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From Captain America story 1:

In this amazing sequence, Bucky flexes his patriotism in a "special contribution" to the Fuerher!


From Captain America story 2:

A castle moat...filled with sharks?!?!


From Captain America story 3:


From Captain America story 4:

The hospital horror revealed!


From Tuk, the Cave Boy:

The hordes of Bonzo strike out against defenseless women!


From Hurricane:

The Hurricane makes his presence known, even if he can't be seen!


Captain America Comics #4
June 1941 • 64 pages + cover

Features 4 Captain America stories, as well as Hurricane and Tuk, the Cave Boy backup features

Also includes 2 house ads

Creator credits provided by site contributor Steve Rogers

* Writers known to work on Captain America at the time are Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Otto Binder, Ed Herron, and Martin A. Bursten.

** Art credits on these stories are subject to question, but secondary artists and inkers during these first 4 issues may include Al Avison, Al Gabriele, Reed Crandall, Syd Shores, Bernie Klein, and Mort Meskin.


FRONT COVER art by Alex Schomburg

* * *


Capsule synopsis of all features presented inside book (from inside front cover)

* * *


“Captain American and the Unholy Legion” • 15 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby**

Guest Appearance: Howard Baxter, John L. Green, George, Mort

Villain: The Unholy Legion, Snupp

Death: Howard Baxter, John L. Green

Gadgets & Technology: Crutch Gun

Innovations: Bucky uses Sentinel of Liberty Badges as aid to fight the Unholy Legion

Quote: “Ha-ha! Two more defenders of democracy are out of the way. The poisoned apples have done their work well!”

-- murderous member of the Unholy Legion, page 3

Synopsis: "Death and destruction followed in the wake of the mysterious beggars who bore the brand of the swastika, but Captain America and Bucky did a little investigating on their own."

* * *


“Captain America and Ivan the Terrible” • 9 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon**

Guest Appearance: Grisha, Wazira, Betty Ross, King Peter Ross

Villain: Ivan the Terrible

Innovations: Bucky dream story

Quote: “How do you like the medicine I dish out, Ivan?”

-- Captain America, smacking Ivan with his shield, page 4

Synopsis: "Out of the pages of history stepped the most feared tyrant of the middle ages to conquer all who dared to cross his path - until he picked on Captain America and his youthful ally."

* * *


“The Case of the Fake Money Fiends” • 10 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon**

Guest Appearance: Tom Peters, Betty Ross, Sgt. Duffy

Villain: counterfeit money gang

Quote: “Okay, Bucky! Mow 'em down!”

-- Captain America, page 5

Synopsis: "Could the rumbling noises which come from the 'Haunted House of Terror' mean that here were the printing presses which flooded the nation with millions of counterfeit dollars? Captain America and Bucky dared to find out for themselves!"

* * *


“Horror Hospital” • 13 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon**

Villain: Dr. Grimm, Lomm, Igan, Gorro

Guest Appearance: Nurse Ray, Betty Ross, Sgt. Duffy, Pete

Quote: “I hope it's not a gangster picture. Guns and shooting make me nervous!”

-- Steve Rogers, to Bucky, on their way to catch a movie show, page 2

Synopsis: "The blood-curdling screams coming from the desolate sanitarium led Captain America to the most horrible mystery in his adventurous life."

* * *


“Captain America and the Bomb Sight Thieves" • 2 pages

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby**

Synopsis: "A dynamic short novelette in which the Sentinels of Liberty entertain unwelcome visitors...but roughly!"

* * *


“Join Captain America's Sentinels of Liberty”
Advertising for Cap fan club

* * *


“The Ogre of the Cave Dwellers” • 6 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils: Jim Mooney
Inks: Chu Hing

Guest Appearance: Tanir

Villain/First Appearance: Bonzo

Quote: “The signal fires tell us that Bonze, the brute, is coming this way...woe to the weak and old who cannot escape his clutches!”

-- villager, page 1

Synopsis: "Tales of terror from the Dark Ages."

Tuk and Anir must help protect a village from the coming of Bonzo, the Brute!

* * *


“Coming Soon!”

Ad for USA Comics and "All-Aces Comics"

Also, "Imitators Beware!", a panel warning publishing competitors not to rip off Captain America's "costume and deeds."

* * *


“The Pirate and the Missing Ships” • 8 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils: Charles Nicholas (Charles Wojtkowski) (?)
Villain: John Cruthers, Native Pirates

Quote: “So, captain, by the beard of a mountain goat, if you don't surrender your ship, I'll blow her out of the water!”

-- native pirate, page 5

Synopsis: Hurricane investigates the disappearance of ocean liners on the deep seas and finds it to be the work of an age-old band of pirates, taught to be evil seaman by the late John Cruthers.

* * *


Captain America and Bucky back cover pin-up

Art: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon

--synopsis by Gormuu

Issues Reprinted
Captain America Comics #1-4

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