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From Captain America story 1:

That's an understatement!


From Captain America story 2:

Bucky takes care of of a rogue Nazi.


From Captain America story 3:

Cap and Bucky stand ready to defend America!


From Captain America story 4:

The first appearance of the fierce Red Skull!


From Hurricane:

Hurricane vs. Pluto in an early Jack Kirby action panel.


From Tuk, the Cave Boy:

Tuk faces down the Brain Eaters!


Captain America Comics #1
March 1941 • 66 pages + cover

Features 4 Captain America stories, as well as Hurricane and Tuk, the Cave Boy backup features

Also includes other feature material and 1 house ad

Creator credits provided by site contributor Steve Rogers

* Writers known to work on Captain America at the time are Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Otto Binder, Ed Herron, and Martin A. Bursten.

** Art credits on these stories are subject to question, but secondary artists and inkers during these first 4 issues may include Al Avison, Al Gabriele, Reed Crandall, Syd Shores, Bernie Klein, and Mort Meskin.


FRONT COVER pencils by Jack Kirby and inks by Joe Simon

* * *


Highlights all four Captain America "cases" (from inside front cover)

art by Joe Simon

* * *


“Case No. 1: Meet Captain America” • 8 pages

Script: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
Pencils: Jack Kirby with Joe Simon
Inks: Al Liederman

First Appearance: Steve Rogers/Captain America, Bucky Barnes, J. Arthur Grover, X-13, Professor Reinstein

Guest Appearance: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, J. Arthur Grover, X-13, Professor Reinstein

Origin: Captain America

Villain: Nazis

Death: Professor Reinstein

Innovations: Super Soldier Serum, Captain America's shield, first appearance of Camp Lehigh

Quote: “What would you suggest, gentlemen? A character out of the comic books? Perhaps the Human Torch in the army would solve our problem?”

-- FDR, to his Army commanders, page 2

Synopsis: "A new, powerful figure and his young ally, born of the courage of America, leads the US Army out of a raging inferno of terror and sabotage!"

Cap's origin is told, as the weakling Steve Rogers is transformed by the Super Soldier Serum to become the US Army's greatest asset. His newfound strength is put to the immediate test, to stop a Nazi killer in his midst!

Later, Steve Rogers' regiment mascot, Bucky Barnes, discovers the identity of Captain America, and is "drafted" to become his sidekick partner!

* * *


“Case No. 2” • 7 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Joe Simon with Jack Kirby

First Appearance: "Sando" Van Krantz, Omar, Betty Ross

Guest Appearance: Betty Ross

Villain: Sando and Omar

Quote: “The name is Von Krantz...and I plan a chain of disasters that will destroy the morale of your whole country!”

-- Sando, to Cap, page 6

Synopsis: "What connection was there between the wave of sabotage that swept the US defense industries and the strange little man who predicted it would happen? No man but Captain America could solve the riddle!"

* * *


“Captain America and the Soldier's Soup” • 2 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Joe Simon**

Villain: Crusher, Slinky

Synopsis: Cap and Bucky take out a couple saboteurs messing around with poison in the mess hall!

* * *


“Captain America and the Chess-Board of Death”
16 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Joe Simon with Jack Kirby

First Appearance: The Sergeant

Guest Appearance: Major Fields, the Sergeant

Death: Admiral Perkins, General Ellsworth

Villain: Herr Kamelon, #3, #15, Rathcone, #13/Herr Strangler

Innovations: Bucky shown reading a copy of Marvel Comics

Quote: “Since this is America's problem- let's see what Captain America can do!”

-- Steve Rogers, to Bucky, page 3

Synopsis: "Weird horror struck at the army officers whose wooden images were jumped on by the Nazi chess-board. But Captain America made an unexpected move!"

* * *


“The Riddle of the Red Skull” • 16 pages

Script: Ed Herron
Pencils: Jack Kirby

Inks: Joe Simon

First Appearance: Red Skull/George Maxon

Guest Appearance: Major Cray, Gen. Charles Manor, Mildred Manor

Death: Major Cray, Gen. Charles Manor

Villain: Red Skull/George Maxon, Slug

Quote: “Look at death! Look at death!”

-- The Red Skull, while strangling Major Cray, page 2

Synopsis: "The fantastic tale of the Red Skull...Out of the darkness of an enslaved Europe, the flaming red terror struck at America's vital forces, but Captain America and Bucky were a force to be reckoned with!"

The villainous Red Skull leads a campaign of murderous violence against top US military officials. Cap and Bucky track him down and find out the evil villain is actually an American businessman hoping to score big with the Fuerher of Nazi Germany! In the battle to stop his deadly rampage, they wind up killing George Maxon, aka the Red Skull.

* * *


USA Comics (out about January 20th)

* * *


“Murder Ltd.” • 10 pages

Script and art: Jack Kirby

First Appearance: Hurricane, Pluto

Guest Appearance: Police Commissioner Regan, Prosecutor Nelson

Villain: "Paul Sayden"/Pluto, Trigger Bates, Piggy Perroni, Jake, Dum-Dum

Death: Trigger Bates

Quote: “Mike Cury is the name, Piggy. I'm tough, fast, and short o'dough.”

-- "Mike Cury", aka Hurricane, trying to insinuate himself into Piggy Perroni's gang, page 4

Synopsis: Hurricane infiltrates a gang known to be in cahoots with his arch-enemy Pluto, aka "Paul Sayden". After figuring out where to find his ultimate target, he heads off to Pluto's costume ball and stops him before he can poison the ball attendees.

* * *


“Stories from the Dark Ages” • 7 pages

Script and art: Jack Kirby

First Appearance: Tuk, Ak, Tanir, Rhaya, Phadion

Guest Appearance: Ak, Tanir; Rhaya, Phadion (both in flashback)

Villain: Gholla, Kag, Gru, the Goreks

Origin: Tuk

Death: Ak, Gru; Rhaya, Phadion (both in flashback)

Quote: “Your body sags with weariness, old one, yet your one eye is alive with words yet unspoken.”

-- Tuk, to the wise Ak, page 1

Synopsis: Ak shares with young Tuk the story of his origin in the last minutes before his passing. Then, Tuk is left on his own to travel in search of Attilan, island of the gods.

--synopsis by Gormuu

Issues Reprinted
Captain America Comics #1-4

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CAP #1

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