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From Captain America story 1:

The Red Skull cackles with ghastly glee as our heroes dangle from the rope!


From Captain America story 2:

Cap and Bucky come tumbling down!


From Captain America story 3:

The Butterfly strikes!


From Tuk, the Cave Boy:

Tuk strikes out, in defense of Princess Eve!


From Hurricane:

Hurricane and Pluto in the battle that can never end!


Captain America Comics #3
May 1941 • 64 pages + cover

Features 3 Captain America stories, as well as Hurricane, Amazing Spy Adventures, and Tuk, the Cave Boy backup features

Also includes 1 house ad

Creator credits provided by site contributor Steve Rogers

* Writers known to work on Captain America at the time are Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Otto Binder, Ed Herron, and Martin A. Bursten.

** Art credits on these stories are subject to question, but secondary artists and inkers during these first 4 issues may include Al Avison, Al Gabriele, Reed Crandall, Syd Shores, Bernie Klein, and Mort Meskin.


FRONT COVER art by Alex Schomburg

* * *


Capsule synopsis of all features presented inside book (from inside front cover)

* * *


“The Return of the Red Skull” • 17 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon**

Guest Appearance: Major Douglas, Duffer, Midge

Villain: The Red Skull

Death: Major Douglas, Duffer, Midge

Gadgets & Technology: Power Drill

Innovations: Cap and Bucky premiere insulated gloves

Quote: “Ho ho! I've already got the city in turmoil!”

-- The Red Skull, reading the panicked newspaper headlines, page 7

Synopsis: "The Red Skull returns from the dead to wreak a horrible vengeance on an unsuspecting people...but into the underground depths of his lair comes Captain America and Bucky, bringing with them a justice as violent as the Red Skull's revenge."

* * *


“Special Offer to Readers of Captain America"

Solicit for Captain America's Sentinels of Liberty club

* * *


“The Hunchback of Hollywood and the Movie Murder”
17 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon**

Guest Appearance: Mark Carstine, Parks, McAllister, Marie Deterle, Carol Young, Det. Hawkshaw Brogan, Goris Barloff

Villain: The Hunchback/Craig Talbot

Innovations: Super Star Pictures, first named appearance of Sergeant Duffy

Quote: “If you jail him, you'll ruin the best picture I ever made! He's the greatest character actor since Lon Chaney!”

-- McAllister, to Det. Brogan, page 9

Synopsis: "Death and terror lurk behind the scenes of a Hollywood movie set as Captain America and Bucky hunt a hunchback madman whose bloody hand seeks to stop the grinding cameras from filming the truth for a liberty loving public..."

* * *


“Captain America Foils the Traitor's Revenge” • 2 pages

Script: Stan Lee
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby**

Guest Appearance: Col. Stevens

Villain: Lou Haines

Synopsis: Col. Stevens has to punish a soldier for treason, and only the two men he least expects to help him, Captain America and his partner Bucky, must save him from the traitor's revenge!

* * *


“The Queer Case of the Murdering Butterfly and the Ancient Mummies” • 17 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby**

Villain: Dr. Vitriolio/The Butterfly, Lenny

Quote: “...Passing your exams will help you get into West Point someday!”

-- Steve Rogers, to Bucky, page 2

Synopsis: "Laughing at law and order, the Butterfly loots the museum of its priceless treasures until Captain America steps in to clip the wings of this notorious super-criminal."

* * *


“Atlantis and the False King” • 6 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Mac Raboy**

Guest Appearance: Tanir, Princess Eve of Atlantis

Villain: The King, the Soothsayer

Quote: “Stay where you are! The first who moves ges an arrow in his throat!”

-- Tanir, page 5

Synopsis: In which a beautiful princess regains her rightful throne, with the help of two prehistoric adventurers.

* * *


“The True Story of the Bald Head Message” • 2 pages

Script and art: Jack Kirby

* * *


“Satan and the Subway Disasters” • 7 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Charles Nicholas (Charles Wojtkowski) (?)

Guest Appearance: Commissioner Holt, Detective Bronson

Villain: Scarface Rispoli, "S. Devile"/Pluto

Quote: “Here's a present for you - - you devil's stooge!”

-- Hurricane, while slugging one of Scarface's thugs, page 4

Synopsis: "Only the blinding speed of the world's fastest human saves a bewildered city from the devil's death-box..."

--synopsis by Gormuu

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Captain America Comics #1-4

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