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From Captain America story 1:

Betty Ross hears the chilling last words of a FBI agent.


From Captain America story 2:

Cap and Bucky rip through "the whole Nazi army!"


From Captain America story 3:

Atta boy, Bucky!


From Tuk, the Cave Boy:

Princess Eve leads Tuk and Tanir to Atlantis.


From Hurricane:

The fearsome visage of the Kepiquoatzi!


Captain America Comics #2
April 1941 • 64 pages + cover

Features 3 Captain America stories, as well as Hurricane and Tuk, the Cave Boy backup features

Also includes 1 house ad

Creator credits provided by site contributor Steve Rogers

* Writers known to work on Captain America at the time are Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Otto Binder, Ed Herron, and Martin A. Bursten.

** Art credits on these stories are subject to question, but secondary artists and inkers during these first 4 issues may include Al Avison, Al Gabriele, Reed Crandall, Syd Shores, Bernie Klein, and Mort Meskin.


FRONT COVER art by Joe Simon

* * *


Highlights all three Captain America "cases" (from inside front cover)

* * *


“Captain America and the Ageless Orientals Who Wouldn't Die!!”
15 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon**

Guest Appearance: Betty Ross, Benson, the Sergeant, Agent Thompson

Villain: J. Finley, Oriental Giants

Origin: Oriental Giants

Death: Benson, Agent Thompson

Innovations: First appearance of Cap's circular shield model

Quote: “Go! Raise havoc with the city..the nation! I want money- MONEY! Rob the banks! Kill the cashiers! Do anything! To get what I'm after!!”

-- Finley, shouting commands to the Oriental Giants, page 9

Synopsis: "They can't be killed!" was the only sound Betty Ross could pry from a dying man's lips...then she was swiftly plunged into a horrifying mystery that involved a nation's life blood, that challenged the might of miraculous Captain America and his young friend Bucky! What was the secret of the Oriental Giants?"

* * *


“A Message From Captain America"

Solicit for Captain America's Sentinels of Liberty club

* * *


“Trapped in the Nazi Stronghold” • 15 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby**

Guest Appearance: Henry Baldwin, The Sergeant

Villain: Agent 3-21, Adolf Hitler, Nazis: Heinrich, Fritz, Hermann Goering

Quote: “Don't leave, Captain America! England needs you!”

-- the British people, shouting to Cap and Bucky, page 10

Synopsis: "Captain America and Bucky cross the Atlantic to challenge the fury of the Nazi guns and dive-bombing Stukas and stage a two-man blitzkrieg in the stronghold of the Fuerher himself, as they effect modern history's most daring rescue."

* * *


“Captain America and the Wax Statue that Struck Death”
15 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Jack Kirby and Joe Simon**

Guest Appearance: Senator Keats, General Stevens, The Sergeant

Death: Fritz

Villain: The Wax Man/Mayor Dobbs, Capt. Klotz

Innovations: Super Tanks, Rocket Bomber, first usage of "Camp Lehigh" name

Quote: “What a nice trophy your head will make. Just one clean cut...and I've settled my first score with Captain America!!!”

-- The Wax Man, to Bucky, page 10

Synopsis: "America's greatest statesmen vanished and died as the Wax-Man smothered their strangled cries with death masks of horror. But into the darkened depths of the wax museum plunged Captain America and Bucky, bringing justice and doom to the Wax-Man's glory dungeons...."

* * *


“Short Circuit” • 2 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils and inks: Joe Simon**

Guest Appearance: Hank Weldon

Villain: Herr Glotz

Synopsis: Cap and Bucky are pressed into quick duty to save their buddies in a recreation hall, at risk from Nazi sabotage!

* * *


“The Valley of the Mist” • 6 pages

Script: Unknown*
Pencils: Pierce Rice
Inks: Arthur Cazeneuve

Guest Appearance: King Amir of Crete, Tanir, Princess Eve of Atlantis

Villain: Witches of Endor

Quote: “Fight, my people! Help the man and boy who have come as our deliverers!”

-- King Amir, to his people, page 2

Synopsis: On their way to find Attilan, Tuk and Tanir stop and help King Amir overcome those who besiege their kingdom. As well, they face off against the Witches of Endor and meet up with Princess Eve of Atlantis, who asks for their aid to restore her to power against her mad uncle.

* * *


“The Devil and the Green Plague” • 10 pages

Script and art: Jack Kirby

Guest Appearance: Dr. Ruth Holden, Dr. Ralph Rand, General Ortiz, Dr. Clay

Villain: Jivaro headhunters, Axti, Kepiquoatzi, Xelak, Pluto

Death: Dr. Clay

Quote: “That's why I'm going, Miss Holden. The devil is loose in the jungle and it's my duty to stop him!”

-- "Michael Gray", aka Hurricane, to Dr. Ruth Holden, page 2

Synopsis: Hurricane joins a team of doctors as they attempt to discover the secret behind a deadly plague in the Amazon jungle. There, they discover a sadistic plot in force by the powers of Kepiquoatzi and the Jivaro Headhunters, all under the watchful eye of Pluto.

--synopsis by Gormuu

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Captain America Comics #1-4

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