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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Fools! Cretins! The adamantium belongs to me! Interfere with my plans and you will surely die!"

-- Doctor Octopus, p. 9

Doc Ock closes in on Heather Glenn.

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Daredevil #165
July 1980 • 17 pages

Script: Roger McKenzie • Letters: Joe Rosen
Pencils/Co-Plot: Frank Miller • Inks: Klaus Janson

Title: “Arms of the Octopus”

First Appearance: Joseph "Walleyed" Pike

Villain: Dr. Octopus, Joseph "Walleyed" Pike

Guest Appearance: Heather Glenn, Foggy Nelson, Becky Blake, Mr. Tubbs, Black Widow

Featured Thugs: Dundee, Flapjack

Cameo: JB, Rico; Maxwell Glenn, Spider-Man (both in flashback)

Letters Page: Page One

Synopsis: Daredevil gets word from an informant about a stolen shipment of adamantium being smuggled into New York. He hits Josie's Bar to interrogate Joseph Pike, the smuggler. While his buddies team up on Daredevil, Pike runs away to warn his fellow smugglers about Daredevil's interest in their crime. DD follows him and overhears the conversation, which implicates Glenn Industries as one of the recipients of the stolen ore. When Daredevil confronts Heather with the information that the company board- led by the dastardly Mr. Tubbs- is up to shady business, but she reacts poorly. He tries to convince her that the Glenn Industries board is manipulating her, but she refuses to listen.

Back at the law office, Foggy is getting ready for his wedding, showing off his outlandishly designed green and pink checkered tuxedo. Matt snaps at his friends, however, as he is unsettled by Heather's reaction. Meanwhile, Heather investigates her files to check on what Matt had told her, and finds out that he was onto something after all. Before she can dig any further, she is overwhelmed by the robotic arms of Dr. Octopus!

Later that night, Matt and Natasha spend some time together at his apartment when the phone rings. It is Heather's new boyfriend Rico, who asks Matt if he's seen her, as she's gone missing. Matt realizes she might be in dire trouble, so he changes into his Daredevil outfit. Black Widow offers to go with him, but Matt refuses, leaving her to realize that Matt still loves Heather.

Daredevil tracks down the stolen adamantium at a New Jersey wharf and takes out the thugs transporting it. In the midst of the fight, however, Dr. Octopus reveals himself and knocks the surprised Daredevil down into the water. His octopus arms push DD under the water and holds him there. He can't struggle free, so he pretends to go limp, and after a few minuts, Octopus lets him go, thinking he is dead. Later, the cops, fish Daredevil's body out of the water. After reviving himself, he races off to help Heather.

At Glenn Industries, Dr. Octopus shows off his new robotic arms fashioned with the adamantium, making them more indestructible than ever. Heather is being held back by the cronies of Mr. Tubbs, forced to listen to Dr. Octopus' mad recount of what led him to this moment. After having his arms damaged in a fight with Spider-Man, he realized he should upgrade them with adamantium, and thus, his arrangement with Glenn Industries to help procure the stolen metal.

Daredevil has finally made it to the facility and crashes through the skylight. He presses his surprise attack against Dr. Octopus, but the robotic arms eventually catch up to him, grabbing each of his limbs and holding him tight against the wall. As the madman forces Daredevil to beg for his life, Heather grabs a shard of glass and stabs at Octopus' face. He is cut, and slaps her to the ground, but looses his grip on Daredevil. DD finds a section of wall with high voltage wires running through it and goads Octopus to lash out at him with his arms. They rip through the wall, sending a huge current of electricity through his body. DD shuts the current off before it kills him, but before he can apprehend the villain, his robotic arms carry his limp body out the window and away to safe hiding.

Heather rushes to Daredevil and begs his forgiveness for the way she's treated him. Black Widow has come to help and overhears their conversation, and she realizes that she no longer has a part in Matt Murdock's life. With no good reason to stay, she decides to leave America.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

--letter pages provided by Aussie Stu

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