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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Sometimes it seems my whole life has been nothing but one long, meaningless fight! It's as if I draw death to me and everyone I dare love!"

-- Black Widow, p. 2

Death-Stalker reaches out to touch someone, but things don't quite work out how he planned!

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Daredevil #158
May 1979 17 pages

Script: Roger McKenzie Letters: Joe Rosen
Pencils: Frank Miller Inks: Klaus Janson

Title: A Grave Mistake!

Villain: Unholy Three: Ape Man III, Cat Man III, Bird Man III, Death-Stalker

First Appearance/Origin: Death-Stalker

Guest Appearance: Black Widow, Foggy Nelson, Heather Glenn, Debbie Harris, Becky Blake

Death: Ape Man III, Cat Man III, Death-Stalker

Innovations: First appearance of the Exterminator in his new villain alter ego, the Death-Stalker

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Synopsis: (contined from DD #157)

The Unholy Three (Bird Man, Ape Man and Cat Man) rip through the law offices of Nelson & Murdock in their bid to kidnap him. Natasha Romanoff is there and tries to fight back, but she is slapped down by Ape Man. Becky Blake picks up a solid object and hurls it at Bird Man as Matt is pulled out the window by the other two assailants. She nails him directly on the forehead, allowing Natasha to put him down for good. She is about to give chase as the others carry Matt off into the distance when Heather Glenn calls her back in to help Foggy; he's been hurt. "Besides," says Heather, "Matt can handle himself", which causes Natasha to pause, wondering if she, too, knows Matt's secret identity of Daredevil.

Ape Man and Cat Man carry Matt across the city rooftops to their destination at a small cemetery plot, where they hope to meet their boss who is going to give them a big cash payout. They tie Matt to a tombstone and pick up their money bags from their contractor, a man who calls himself Death-Stalker. As the two thugs count their money, Death-Stalker stands over Murdock and introduces himself as his former foe called the Exterminator. Last they had met, Murdock- as Daredevil- beat him down and destroyed his Time-Displacement Ray, causing him to float helplessly through the fabric of time. Soon enough, Exterminator became used to his environs and managed to manipulate time shifting to his own purposes. He stole the plans for a "electronic death grip glove" from AIM which he has put to use as Death-Stalker.

And now, he plans to put an end to the life of Matt Murdock, so he can never again interfere with his plans. First, he turns his attentions to Ape Man and Cat Man, putting his death grip on them and killing them instantly. Then, he turns back to Murdock, who has broken free of his bonds and changed into his Daredevil costume. Death-Stalker rushes at him with his death grip, but Murdock jumps out of the way. He kicks at him, but his foe shifts out of time, phasing through a tombstone behind his back. Back and forth they fight, with Death-Stalker phasing into time to use his gloves, and phasing out of time to avoid Daredevil's attacks.

Daredevil realizes that a street lamp is on above him, so he tosses his billy club at it, knocking the power out. Plunged in darkness, Death-Stalker cannot see Daredevil, giving the blind her an advantage. He goes at him, knocking him down, until Death-Stalker has had enough. He plunges forward at DD, with his death-grip activate, but Daredevil steps out of his way. Death-Stalker brings his death grip to rest on a statue, which he quickly realizes is not Daredevil, especially when DD smacks his billy club across his hands. This causes Death-Stalker tremendous pain, and he panics. Stepping backwards, he falls to the ground, phasing through a tombstone. Daredevil tells him to give up, and he fiercely plunges forward with his death grip, phasing back into time, not realizing his body is still partly in a tombstone. Phasing into the tombstone causes instant death, and he slumps to the ground.

Back at the office, Murdock reassures everyone he is alright. They go home, leaving him alone, with only Becky staying behind, ruminating on her silent love for Matt.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

--letter pages provided by Aussie Stu

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