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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"It's what we didn't hear that interests me! There's more to Matt Murdock than meets the eye - - I'd bet my press card on it!"

-- Ben Urich, p. 4

Frank Miller draws an homage to Steve Ditko and ASM #30.

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Daredevil #159
July 1979 • 17 pages + "Daredevil's Billy Club" bonus page

Script: Roger McKenzie • Letters: Jim Novak
Pencils: Frank Miller • Inks: Klaus Janson

Title: “Marked For Murder!”

Villain: Eric Slaughter, Bullseye

First Appearance: Eric Slaughter, Judge Coffin

Guest Appearance: Foggy Nelson, Ben Urich, Judge Coffin

Featured Thugs: Leach, Turk, Stilly, Fiver, Smitty

Cameo: Black Widow (picture in newspaper article)

Letters Page: No letters page published in this issue.

Synopsis: A man by the name of Pondexter screens film footage of battles between Daredevil and Bullseye for an assembled group of Eric Slaughter's gangland toughs. He offers Slaughter half a million dollars as a contract for Daredevil's life, to see if Slaughter can succeed where people like Bullseye have failed. Slaughter agrees to take the contract.

The next day, the press hounds Matt Murdock as he tries to enter the courtroom, pressing him on questions surrounding his kidnapping at the hands of the Unholy Three. Reporter Ben Urich watches from a distance, sure he's got the bigger story in his lap. Matt shows up late to his trial, drawing condemnation from Judge Coffin. As he and Foggy walk back to their law offices, they are accosted by some of Slaughter's men. Pushed into an alleyway, one puts a knife up to Matt's throat and tells him to talk to his friend Daredevil about showing up at Pier 42 in New York Harbor to meet Slaughter.

It doesn't take long for Matt to switch into his Daredevil uniform and head out to Pier 42. He skulks around in the shadows to size up the area. He overhears many of the dozens of thugs preparing their guns and pistols for the coming of Daredevil. The Man Without Fear jumps into the water to swim up to the ship moored to the dock that all the thugs are on, then swings himself up onto the deck, taking them by surprise. He leaps about, tossing his billy club around, knocking one guy out after another. Men fire from all sides, with Daredevil using his acrobatic skills to leap out of the way, until one thug manages to grap hold of him and drag him down under water. But DD pushes himself free and swims back up. Once again, he sneaks around behind the gang and uses his hyper-sensitivity to make mincemeat out of all of them.

Picking them off one at a time, he grabs hold of the last of Slaughter's men, a scared fellow named Turk, and gives him a right-hook that knocks him out before he can take a bullet fired from his gun. But suddenly, an ear-piercing ring crashes through DD's super-sensitive hearing. He overcomes the sensory overload to take out Slaughter's last man, a decoy that prowls the fringe of the pier area. As he stumbles towards him, the goon pulls out a pistol, cocks, and pulls the trigger. As the bullet speeds towards DD, he swings his billy club at it, swatting the bullet away. He grabs the goon and demands to know who hired Slaughter for the job of killing him. Just as he's about to spill his guts, a man floating in a motor boat throws a life-preserver ring at the back of his neck, snapping it like a twig. As the goon dies instantly, the motor boat speeds away.

Later, a man in the shadows looks at film footage of Daredevil in battle against Slaughter's men. It is Bullseye, and the whole escapade was just a setup so he could get clean film footage to review DD's moves, to study every mannerism and technique, as his next step is to prove once and for all he's better than DD. And his next step involves...the Black Widow!

Daredevil's Billy Club:

The inner workings of Daredevil's billy club are revealed.

(continued in DD #160)

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

--letter pages provided by Aussie Stu

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