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Each year, the Masterworks survey opens up the floor to survey respondents to give general commentary on their opinion of the "State of the Masterworks." This year was no different, except we added a few more questions to the mix. We solicited opinions from respondents about their favorite moment for the last year of the program, the biggest disappointment, and asked what they would like to have seen for the 100th Masterworks edition. All the opinions were collated into a Word document by the survey developers and are available to be read at your leisure after downloading them. Reading through them will give you a macro-view on how your fellow Masterworks fans feel about the program compared to how you feel!

To access the responses for each question, click on the following links:

1) General Comments Regarding Masterworks Program: LINK

2) Favorite Masterworks Moment Since Last Survey: LINK

3) Most Disappointing Masterworks Moment Since Last Survey: LINK

4) 100th Masterworks Choice: LINK

See ya at the next survey! Until then, join in on the discussion about Masterworks and other Marvel topics at the

MARVEL FORUM of the Collected Editions Discussion Forum!