Nick Fury Agent of Shield

dO AN ACTUAL tALES OF SUSPENSE with the full cap/IM stories reprinted compleate as they actuall were, rather than the current chopping into two seperate lines. or And yes, I'm older than dirt: Do Not Brand Echh as #100.

Next Amazing Spider-Man volume

An oversized Spider-Man vol. 10 that includes issue 100 (which would be the cover)

Either FF v.11 or Spider-Man v.10; it should be a Marvel flagship franchise, it should definitely have some Stan Lee material, and it would be nice to have materials from Kirby and/or Ditko (though I recognize that neither of the volumes I listed would have Ditko material)

Not Brand Echh vol. 1


Defenders volume 1

Captain America

Dr. Doom. He's Marvel's greatest character, he deserves distinction.

Punisher Vol. 1

Not Brand Echh vol 1

Something classic; like Spider-man or FF. A classic title that has an important or key issue. As long as there is no "Super Spectacular Special 100th Masterworks Issue" crap plastered across the cover. That would really suck.

next volume of Fantastic Four

Personally, I think it should be a new number one for a Spider-Man related title like PETER PARKER or MARVEL TEAM-UP.

Golden Age Marvel Comics Vol. 3

Amazing Spider-Man #10

Amazing Spider-Man vol. 10.

Master of Kung Fu vol. 1

How about a new line of chronological reprintings, combining all essential titles and printing them in the order they first appeared. I've been hoping for something like this since they first started the Masterworks.

Spider-Man Vol 10. The first 100 started with Spidey therefore the second hundred should start with him also. I know it should strictly be 101. But who cares?

Fantastic Four 11

Should be a Fantastic Four or Spiderman edtion Since they realt started it all!

Not bothered really, but Spidey Volume 10 would probably be the most appropriate.

Tower of Shadows or Tomb of Dracula

Timely Rarities

X Factor Vol 1. Uncanny X men

Fantastic Four Vol. 11 (since Fantastic Four started the modern Marvel age of comics)


Golden Age Captain America Vol.02

It should be Thor by Lee and Kirby. Make it work.


Timely Comics #1


A Spider Man or FF volume.

Whatever the next volume of Amazing Spider-Man is. Spider-Man is the most successful longest running of Marvel's properties and is what they started the Masterworks program with for a reason. If it is not Amazing Spider-Man, I think it should be some title related to Spider-Man.

Fantastic Four vol. 11

Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1

Fantastic Four Vol. 11

Spider-Man Vol.10

It should be one of these: 1.) Fantastic Four (because they kicked off Marvel's Silver Age Revival) 2.) Spider-Man (because he remains Marvel's flagship character) 3.) Marvel Mystery (because that was the start of Marvel Comics) 5.) Golden Age Captain America (Because he was their flagship character in the 40's)

Marvel Tales. But then I'm a huge fan of the precode horror titles so I'm highly biased. I presume it will probably be Wolverine or Spider-Man. ;-)

Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man volume #10

Marvel Team-Up #1

Millie the Model vol. 1

all Steranko Nick Fury

Fantastic Four, Vol. 11

Doc Savage vol 1

Fantastic Four Volume 11

Golden Age Rarities! What could link the past to the future in a more concrete way? Honor your past while celebrating a bright future.

Walt Simonsons Thor

Amazing Spider-Man

Yellow Claw/Black Knight

Silver age rarities

There's really not much by way of key Kirby is there?

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 10


Amazing Spider-Man.

Nick Fury Vol. 2

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1


Tales of Asgard

Defenders 1


Giant-Size Fantastic Four, vol 1.

Golden Age Human Torch #3 Masterworks

Fantastic Four or Spider-Man

No opinion.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 10. OK, I'm Biased. Still, Amzing Spider-Man started the masterworks program with Vol. 1 back in '87.

Nick Fury vol. 2

Defenders #1

I do not think it is something special about it, but if they want to highlight it, I think it should be one of the big names, f.ex. Spiderman

Tomb of Dracula 1

Hmmm... I guess I'd go with either the Inhumans or Tomb Of Dracula. Inhumans, because it was one the last books Kirby was associated with before splitting with Marvel, and Tomb Of Dracula because it represents a genre that Masterworks haven't as yet touched upon - horror.

Not Brand Echh

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 7


Not Brand Echh

Who cares?

fantastic four #11

A volume #1 of something rather than a continuation of an existing line. Make something out of left field, but with mainstream appeal. Maybe a "done in one" volume? Oh, the hell with it! Surprise me!

IMO Tomb of Dracula is THE Bronze Age book, so it would kick off the next hundred Masterworks quite nicely.

I guess it should be something monumental, but I'm not sure what BIG character moment or storyline would be right for this. Maybe Wolverine Vol. 1 would be a nice debut at this time... he's kind of Marvel's no. 2 guy after Spider-Man, and his own title has never seen the light of day in the Masterworks format before. So yes, that's my pick! I feel like I should go with something old and classic, but I'm drawing a blank right now.

Iron Man #5, 2008 is the year of Iron Man

Not Brand Echh

Nick Fury Vol 2


Not Brand Ecch

Amazing Spider-Man or a new masterwork #1

Thor by Walt Simonson

It should be either an FF or Spider-Man volume.

Amazing Spider-Man Volume 10.

Fantastic Four vol. whatever.

Marvel Tales #1.

100th ... Amazing spider-man vol.10 Double sized mayby ???

No Preference.


No preference

Amazing Spider-Man volume 10 - but only if it includes ASM issue 100.

Not Brand Ecch Vol 1

The last Kirby Thor would be nice to signal the end of an era and the beginning of the Bronze Age.

Marvel Team-Up Vol 1.

Adam Warlock vol.2...Jim Starlin's work...makes a NICE companion to Captain Marvel vol.3

FF vol 12 (last Stan Lee) (I think that means we'd need to double up on FF this year, though.)

Marvel Tales Vol. 1, reprinting #93-103 of that famed Atlas Era series, natch! Then ... 104-114 115-125 126-135 136-146 147-157 ... And you're done!

Tomb of Dracula vol. 1

Vol 1 The most demanded new line from the Bronze Age.

Obviously it should be Amazing Spider-Man. Spidey was the first Masterworks and is the most iconic character.

A Fantastic Four Volume.

fantastic four 11 or spider-man 10

I would think Spidey or Cap would deserve the 100th spot, but I wouldn't mind using it to start up Tomb of Dracula, or Man-thing either. I don't think the casual comic fan would notice the 100th Masterwork as being something special, so perhaps using this opportunity to appease the hardcore Masterwork fan is a better choice; by launching Tomb of Dracula or Man-Thing with the 100th.

Not Brand Ecch - one volume with everything. That would be a nice surprise.

I really don't mind, and really don't care! (I don't collect the Variants, so the numbers mean little to me.)

Gene Colan's initiation of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I would have said the last Lee / Kirby volume, but that's been published already... But FF to be sure!


Fantastic Four volume 11

Something of importance --perhaps a 'special edition' of the best of the top 99 volume stories that reflect a 'super sampler' of the Marvel era; ex. Avengers #4, FF "Galactus Trilogy", the 3 Steranko Captain Americas--The idea being that #100 breaks the mind set and mold --and actually allows entry for new readers and a celebration of support for former readers.

Fantastic Four

Young Allies #1

Amazing Spider-Man from about 292 to 328.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 10

Invaders volume 1

Amazing Spider-Man issues #88-100.

don't care

Fantastic Four

GA Young Allies vol. 1

Don't care.

Not Brand Echh It's the perfect summation for a 100th volume


Capt America

inhumans vol 1

Silver Surfer Vol. 3; you get Kirby, Byrne, Buscema and Moebius all in one volume!

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 10

Shanna the She Devil or Black Widow

Amazing Spider-Man volume 10

MinorWorks: all the little bits left out

This is a no-brainer. It should be a Spider-Man Masterwork.

Amazing Spider-man Vol. 10 A good throwback to how it all started back with Spidey Vol. 1

Fantastic Four #11


Spider-Man #10

Not Brand Echh!!!

A new vol. 1 or X-men vol. 7 or Spider-man volume 10. But NOT "not brand echh" vol. 1...

Fantastic Four 11

Defenders Vol. 1

No comment

Not Brand Ecch v. 1

not brand echh

Fantastic Four Vol 11

Amazing Spider-Man (next volume)

Tomb of dracule

Not Brand Echh Vol. 1-and-only. Unless it comes out as an Omnibus, in which case Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 10

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Amazing Spider-man with the 100th issue on the cover of course!

Black Panther Volume 1

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-man

Not Brand Ecch Vol. 1 (all issues of the series complete in one big volume!)

Amazing Spider-Man vol. 10

Iron Fist.

I would like to see the Inhumans as the 100th masterwork.

Not a big deal. No one is looking at those numbers.

Avengers Vol 8

An Uncanny X-men volume!

FF vol 11

No preference

Fantastic Four vol. 11

Tomb of Dracula Vol1

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 10, with the cover image of issue #100.

Spider Man

Not Branch Echh

Spiderman vol 10

Spider-Man Vol. 10 (containing issue #100)

Amazing Spider-man


Has to be a Spiderman or FF volume!

FF 11

Don't really care.

Inhumans Vol. 1

Maybe something off the beaten track, like an all-"Hulk vs. Thing" volume, or an all-origins volume, or a volume of Silver Age premiere issues/stories.

whatever the latest volume of Thor would be at that time.

Spider-Man 10

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 12, featuring the death of Gwen Stacy and the Green Goblin

Golden Age Captain America

Defenders Volume 1.

Master Of Kung Fu 1

the next edition of the Fantastic Four or... a special 100 issue with the 100th issue of the Marvel icons (FF100, Amazing Spiderman 100, Avengers 100, Journey into Mystery 100, X-men 100, etc.)

Spectacular Spider-Man #1

It should probably be Spider-Man, the flagship character. Masterworks is currently still in the classic Lee/Romita run.

Timely Rarities

Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man #1

Finish the first 100 with another Fantastic Four volume.

Fantatic Four Vol.11

Defenders #1

Fantastic Four Masterworks v11

Fantastic four Vol 11

Although part of me wants to say "Defenders 1" (with the notion being that it represents a new phase in the ongoing vitality of the program), I have to go with "ASM 10" (full circle, baby).


No comment

Not Brand Ecch #1

Finish up what we started with Masterworks vol #1, with the volume that will contain ASM #100. Oops! Too late!

Micronauts #1, baby.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 10

The 10th Spider-Man volume, taking us through issue #100 of the title, even if it needs more pages

Thor with Jack Kirby art

Warlock vol 2

Not Brand Ecch vol.1 :-)

Spider-Man. Spider-Man deserves every honor ever.


Tales of Asgard !!!!!

Uncanny X-Men 7

It doesn't matter to me.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol #10 Issues #88 - #100 Cover #100

For me it would be Atlas Era strange tales, jouney into mystery, tales to astonigh etc


Inhumans Masterwork (starting with the Thor "back page" appearances and continuing into Amazing Adventures!

Spider-Man was the first and earned the 100.

The second Shield Masterworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golden Age Captain America Volume 2

Black Knight

There are key story lines that Marvel will soon reach with the Masterworks editions that have been printed many times in trade. One such story is the Death of Captain Stacy and the Death of Gwen Stacy trades. In this instance, the next Masterworks volume for Amazing Spider-Man will only contain 3 issues from the title that I don't already have. I'd like to see a dedicated Masterworks volume for this story line, along the lines of the recent Premiere Hardcover. The two trades combined include issues 88-92, 96-98, and 121-122. The ideal Masterworks volume that I'd like to purchase would exclude 88-92, 96-98, but rather include 93-97, annuals, and/or issues 99+. Make the 100th Masterwork a Death of the Stacys volume. As a pivotal moment in Spidey's history, this both makes sense and would help Marvel avoid stepping on the toes of customers who have purchased these stories in the past. Many will still purchase it simply due to the 'collector' factor inherent to many comic readers,

Marvel Two-In-One

Fantastic Four volume 11

Amazing Spider-man volume 10

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 10

Marvel Team Up Volume 1

I would have said Fantastic Four Volume 10, but that's long past. Failing that, unless it could be the Amazing Spider-Man run including 121-122 (seems impossible), it should be a new title, but I can't think of any appropriate ones for the slot. Perhaps a Golden Age book (Rarities maybe? If there's an especially great cover somewhere? Not alluding to Red Raven Comics.)

A Fantastic Four title.

Atlas Era Battle

Sub-Mariner or Cap, the 2 ORIGINAL (from the 1940s) heroes in the Marvel Universe. I'd even settle for Invaders since they are both in it. Gotta respect your beginnings

Uncanny X-Men v7

Black Panther v 1

Whatever Fantastic Four volume is next.

Tomb of Dracula

Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1

Defenders Volume 1

Spidey should always be given this type of honor!

Doesn't matter to me

Surprise me

Nova vol. 1

Amazing Spider-Man vol. 10, just because he's so highly visible and the quintessential "Marvel" character.

Amazing Spider-man Vol 10 since Vol 1 was the frst Masterwork. It should be a large volume taking the title through issue 100 and beyond in order to finish the story arc.

Amazing Spider-Man 10

Tomb of Dracula vol. 1

Defenders #1 would be a forward-looking choice like Cap Marvel for the 50th.

Fantastic Four Volume 11.

I have no idea. I have just been made aware of these collections.

It should be Fantastic Four, seeing as how its the first Marvel super-hero comic. It would mirror the title being the first volume in the series, that and it was the first Marvel book to hit 100.

As the line started with Spider-Man, I guess it's only right he should be the 100th.

Not Brand Echh

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four volume 11

Any of the MM titles that will help finish off its silver age line! Like thor, Iron man or DD.

Amazing Spider-Man Volume 10

A Fantastic Four volume. Preferably 12 or 13 :)

Amazing Spiderman

Fantastic Four #11

nothing special


Fantastic Four, They kicked it off!

Fantastic Four #11

Millie the Model

Tomb of Dracula #1

I'm open to anything they pick.

Not Brand Ecch. The complete series in one special large volume.

It should be a Fantastic Four volume since they started the Marvel Comics line as we know it.

Amazing Spider-Man vol. 10

Amazing Spider-Man. He was Marvel flag ship character of this era.

Marvel Masterworks NICK FURY AGENT OF SHIELD VOLUME 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick fury vol. 2 by Jim Steranko

Conan The Barbarian. (one can dream)

Defenders Vol 1

Honestly, I have no idea. I do wish they would hurry the heck up with JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY Vol. 1 and TIMELY RARITIES, but the actual choice for slot #100 is pretty much irrelevant to me.


Defenders vol 1

Surprise me! Really, I'm sure I'll be happy with most anything, so I don't care much. But if I were Cory planning something special, I might go with a new Bronze Age #1 like Defenders or Tomb of Dracula, to symbolize that the Masterworks program is moving forward into a new era, by and large.

Although I own the original material and would probably not purchase it myself, I would like to see Howard the Duck #1 as a memorial to the late Steve Gerber be the centennial MM.

fantastic four! they began the marvel age of comics!!!!

Fantastic Four vol 11


Amazing Spider-Man #10 (Over-sized Reprinting up to Issue #102)

Not Brand Ecch! would be great but too big for a single Masterwork. I hope it's SA Human Torch volume 2 so that series will be completed.

The next Fantastic Four Masterworks

Fantastic Four

amazing spider-man

Doctor Doom

A fantastic Four volume

Irrelevant. 100 is just a number, and whatever volume is chosen is just as important as the rest. However... perhaps the Fantastic Four would be the best choice, since they were Marvel's first.

Fantastic Four Vol 11 - they started it all!

Not Brand Echh

Some type of Spider-Man volume.

Thor Volume 8.

I can't believe this is actually important to anyone.

Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 10

Amazing Spider-Man or Fantastic Four

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 10, ending with issue 100

Defenders volume 1

Spiderman 10

Fantastic Four

Marvel Masterworks DOCTOR STRANGE Volume 4

????? I dont know

I'm happy with anything really.


Hard, hard decision. I think perhaps we should go with what started it all, Fantastic Four 11.


Golden Age Marvel Comics 3

Spider-man; it was #1, flagship of the company, seems appropriate.

Either NickFury Volume 2 (the Steranko issues) or Warlock Volume 2 (Starlin) or another Dr.Strange with Brunner artwork

Amazing Spider-Man with issue #100.

Peter Parker No 1

INHUMANS INHUMANS and did I mention INHUMANS!!!! (I'd be happy with Not Brand Echh too or Micronauts!)

Walt simonson thor omibus

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man

I don't know. Maybe a rarities book spanning the whole era covered by the line but which don't fit comfortably within it - something that's not already in line to be collected. Or a drop in cover price across the range to $1...

Amazing Spider-Man #10

Don't really care.

Not Brand Ecch vol. 1

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.10

no opinion

Howard the Duck

Doctor Doom vol.1. Marvel's greatest genius deserves the honour!

Amazing Spider-man 10

A Marvel Masterworks version of 'Origins of Marvel Comics': origins of Spidey,FF, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Avengers, etc...

Inhumans volume #1

Spiderman was the first, so it must be the 100th.

SA Human Torch 2 or Thor

fantastic four 1 to 10 at a special price

Nothing in particular, but hopefully something that included something "big" starring one of marvel's main characters or teams, such as spider-man or FF. It should not be another launch of a secondary character just for the sake of starting a new line. (Example: MM #50 with Captain Marvel. Not sure that was a great idea; it could have been "bigger")

I don't see it as a milestone per se. It makes no difference to me.

I would like to have the x-men appearances mentioned above with the issues where the beast turned blue. Another one would be all the wallace wood issues he made with the exception of the issueas already published in Daredevil or avengers.

FF all the way.

Tough Call. Kirby's Return to Captain America including the bicentennial special? If we get there? I don't know

Avengers Kree-Skrull War.

Not Brand Ecch!

A new title like inhumans or a key issue like the skull/kree war

Not Brand Ecch

Thor - Walt Simonson's run

Fantastic Four 11

I don't really care - its not that it will be my 100th issue


Defenders #1

Master of Kung Fu


Can't think of anything really. A new #1 or a milestone in a Masterworks series (but I can't think any line hitting a major milestone off the top of my head)

Captain Marvel


Ghost Rider (Biker)

Fantastic Four volume 11 -- the start of the non-Kirby era.

The next Amazing Spider-Man volume

Defenders #1 or give the nod to Spider-Man with his #10 for Amazing.

Warlock volume 2

Pick the origins of 10 Marvel characters and reprint those issues. Or, reprint issue #100 of Amazing Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Uncanny X-men, etc. Or do Not Brand Echh vol. 1.

Fantastic Four.

No prefrence I buy em all! Maybe a Spider-Man or Fantastic Four.

Not Brand Echh

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol. 2 with the one and only Steranko!

Fantastic Four 11

Punisher Vol 1

Tomb of Dracula

Fantastic Four V. 11

Silver Age Rarities (Marvel Superheroes and other odds and ends)

i would special more page like 300 and rather you choose birthday 100th your story something proud marvel many years and myself i am deaf and i am proud of marvel best my life and help me enjoy and sad and look forward what next? show your picture of work reprint

thor vol. 8

Generation X

No opinion.

Defenders. It's the backbone of the Bronze Age. Not counting the books that are carrying over from the Silver Age, Defenders is the Bronze Age book that ran the longest, had the biggest star characters (in the beginning) and has the most Masterworks volumes to go, so we'd best get started! It'll be the keystone of the Bronze Age program, running constantly with increasing volume numbers alongside all the shorter-run books.

I would choose Timely Rarities, to consist of work from GA, AA, SA, and BA. Issues that won't go anywhere else (Red Raven), ashcan additions and trade ads, promo comics/zines (Spidey AIM toothpaste, FOOM, Marvelmania magazine and posters), unpublished original art, etc.

Golden Age Captain America Volume 2

Fantastic Four Vol. 11

I trust them to make a good choice!

Defenders Volume 1.


I don't know.

I have no idea. I think it should be a special volume, not just another book, but I have no idea what it could be. Sorry.

Sub-Mariner Vol3

Not Brand Ecch!

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 10

1) Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars # 1 - 12 2) Fantastic Four # 105 - 116 3) Amazing Spider-Man # 88 - 102 (Cover image - Amazing Spider-Man # 100)

Amazing SpiderMan

Probably a golden Age or Silver Age title. I am not really sure and I think the folks at Marvel will pick a great volume for the milestone.

either a kirby inhumans volume or - a masterworks tribute/celebration compilation looking at marvel history and the masterworks program.similar to the marvel vault but in masterworks style without seperate replicas.LOTS of pencil pages,rare art,interviews, promotional art (merchandise,topps cards etc),foom pages,tpb covers (bring on the bad guys etc).the 100th Marvel Masterworks is a milestone in itself. everybody involved in the program deserves a big cheers for getting this far.

Fantastic Four 11

My ideal choice for Marvel's 100th Masterworks would be the Lee/Kirby Original Graphic Novel published by Fireside(?) The Silver Surfer "Ultimate Cosmic Experience". This is a must have for all Lee/Kirby fans, Masterworks fans, Marvel fans, and has not been reprinted anywhere ever before. However would this be a reprint rights issue? I sure hope not!!

Fantastic Four



Fantastic Four Vol. 11

No preference. Maybe Marvel Team-Up #1.

Not Brand Echh

Not Brand Ecch #1

Nick Fury Agent of Shield

Tomb of Dracula

Spider-Man, Vol. 10

Spider-Man. It's where the line started.

Shield Vol 2

Thought they had already done this? Has to be a FF one i'm afraid, as this series started it all off...

Not Brand Echh

Marvel Team-up Vol. 1

Quasar 60 issue series, first appearances in captain america and hulk, plus project pegasus


Make it a new line, like Tomb of Dracula, Inhumans, Defenders, etc.

Captain America with Kiing Kirby Art !!

Amazing Spider-Man 100

I like to be surprised, but it should be superheroes only!

Amazing Spider-Man volume 10 (up to issue #100.)

Defenders vol. 1

Spider-Man was #1; it should be #100 -- and include issue #100.

Just for fun, I'll say Deathlok vol 1. My attitude towards vol 100 is that it's just another day, another Masterwork. Choosing a commemorative volume will only cause debate over why a different volume should have been selected.

Fantastic Four or Spider-Man

I have no idea, and I know you guys have something fun planned. How about the first Frank Miller Daredevil Masterwork? That would really stir the pot ! I'd be happy with Warlock #2 with all that Starlin goodness?

amazing spider-man that includes #100 or maybe a best of masterworks that includes some of the really classic 60's stories. Such as the first appearance of Galactus, Silver Surfer, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, the senteniels,Daredevil's red outfit and so on.

New Mutants Vol 1

Wolverine No. 1, Two Gun Kid No. 1 or What If? No. 1...

Starlin-era Warlock.

young allies # 1

DOCTOR STRANGE Volume Four (with many extras)!

Even though the Spider-man character has recently been ruined, it is still Marvel's flagship. So I think it makes sense that Spider-man 10 would be Masterworks 100.

Fantastic Four 11

Tomb of Dracula #1


Gotta be Spidey

Warlock Vol.2

Spider-man 10

Tomb of Dracula v.1

ASM #10

Fantastic Four or X-men

Fantastic Four

Inhumans volume 1

No preference.

the number 100 really holds no special meaning to me. How about the fasttracked Avengers, with volumes through the Kree-Skrull War and including its own issue #100 (the climax of Barry Smith's Asgardian trilogy)? But I wouldn't want Avengers to stop there, since there's enough excellent material for another ten volumes or so. For future titles I already voted for Defenders first, but only because I voted for Tomb of Dracula as a three volume Omnibus. The latter has to get done soon enough, but may be best suited as an Omni because of its long continuing story.

Amazing Spider-Man 10 with 88 - 100 (!)

We've already had Spider-Man volume 9, so why not Marvel's flagship franchise, Fantastic Four #11?



Something Avengers related.

Incredible Hulk volume 5: issues 111 - 121. Some of Herb Trimpe's greatest artwork. Issues 117 -121 had Herb ink his own artwork which I think were his best issues. He also had a great run from 171 - 186.

Iron Fist

Marvel Team-up vol.1

Fantastic Four or Spider-Man

X-Men Volume 7 Defenders Wolverine Spider-Man

Not Brand Echh!

Tomb of Dracula Omnibus #1.

Fantastic four 11

Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1. The Masterworks began with Spider-Man's first title; the 100th Masterwork should mark the beginning of his second title. It should include Marvel Team-Up #'s 1-11, 12 if there's room.

Tales of the Watcher


c'mon, I'm sure the choice has already been made! Anything will do -- i love 'em all.

GA Captain America 2

While not representing the strongest material available by any means, I kind of think that ATLAS ERA: MARVEL TALES VOL. ONE might be a good choice for the 100th Marvel Masterwork. The proposed GOLDEN AGE: TIMELY COMICS RARITIES VOL. ONE would be another very appropriate choice, I think (especially if it includes RED RAVEN #1).

Sub-Mariner #3

GA Captain America 2