Enjoy the Masterworks program... a lot!

paste-pot Pete The Trapster

A Geatest cross-overs issue would be interesting.

I am enjoying the rate and diversity of material that has been released over the last year or so. Keep collecting the 1950s materials, the 1960s non-superhero materials, and start collecting the 1970s materials.

Amazing. Love the high number of Atlas and Golden Age volumes coming out, along with more obscure non-superhero Silver age material like Rawhide Kid and Sgt. Fury. Bring on Millie the Model, I'll be first in line to buy!

Looking forward to more bronze age volumes!

I have purchased almost everything that has come out. However, i can't forsee myself continuing to by every volume in the future (I will run out of space). I enjoy the Atlas era and to a lesser extend the Golden age, but I hope that the Masterworks program will focus less on these in the future and more on finishing our the silver-age era of super-heroes. I probably wouldn't buy any further golden age titles, but I buy the variants and like having the complete numbered versions. I would be happy if the golden age was never included in the numbering system to begin with! Can that be changed? As far as the bronze age goes, I feel that only essential early bronze age titles be considered such as Defenders, Captain Marvel, the horror titles, and the assortment of main superhero titles such as Amazing Spider-man, etc. I also think that the omnibus format is a good candidate for reprint of larger runs of bronze age material.

More Omnibus volumes and More DVD ROMs.


I think that there should be no variants as not to confuse people and there should be more than 10 issues in each volume.

I would like to see the Masterworks program plow ahead into the 70's and well beyond, (hopefully at a reduced price point due to reduced production cost). I see the Masterworks program as the closest thing to a program whose intent is to collect every marvel comic ever. I would love to see that (though I doubt I could afford it.) If life were perfect, I would have an oversized format that collected titles by year (i.e. Strange Tales 1966 with both the Nick Fury and Doctor Strange stories), regardless of size, and would range from 20-page hardcover one-shots to crazy big omnibus size things that could hold a year's worth of 52. But most of all, I want to see as many volumes of The Amazing Spider-Man come out as soon as possible.

They're expensive, but worth it. I wish I could buy more. i think marvel would do well to use introductory prices on their most popular titles the way D.C. does with its Archives. I love the way classic material is released. I prefer old, hard to find reprints to newer, more popular fare. I'm glad they finally reprinted hard to find Masterworks such as the FF with issues 48, 49, and 50. The collector-market prices were getting to be out of hand. Thank you for listening to the consumers.

Hate the dust jackets stuck to the books-love having the material reprinted -wish they had included the house ads and letter sections.

I feel it's a fantastic time to be a Masterworks fan, though I don't think it takes a crystal ball to see Marvel soon finding itself in the same position DC is at with it's Archives line. Hopefully, Marvel will be judicious with the line, and not squander TOO many gems per year, leaving themselves with no big anchors to keep the line thriving. Here's hoping the future remains rosy for Masterworks!

Content-wise I am very happy with the Masterworks program. I look forward to every new Masterworks and Omnibus (classic material). I wish Marvel would get a new printer as the current one is an embarrassment. I would like to see more Golden Age Masterworks (or Omniboo). I would also like to see the Giant Monster issues of Strange Tales and JIM released as Omniboo - it will take too long to get to these issues via Masterworks program and by the time they do get to them, my proposed Omniboo would be long sold out, thus the Masterworks would still be viable sellers. Oh, and thanks for the best website in the world! I couldn't get by without it!

I'd like to see Amazing Spider-Man make it to cover the death of Gwen Stacy this is (in my opinion) the most important Spider-Man story for the character. I want at least two more Iron-Man books for selfish reasons, those issues are expensive. I would also like to see more Claremont X-Men books.

I think it's a very healthy program and is very well run. I think the regular schedule and communication with readers helps boost consumer confidence and the choices of material and how it's handled are generally good. I would say that other companies have produced books of higher production quality, but all in all, I think of Marvel as the industry leader in this particular field.

Good job so far, but i'm anxiously awating more bronze age titles!

Too expensive!

Keep up the great work.

Very well done with regards to the material chosen. The only thing that should be improved is the binding process.

I am glad that there is a monthly Masterwork being printed. It is a fantastic way to capture all the past great marvel comics from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's!

Pretty happy with everything. If the Masterworks series included letters pages etc as per the Omniboo, i'd stick to Masterworks...i like the Omniboo, but sometimes they're just too big! I'm thinking Spidey Vol.1 with the complete Ditko...great idea, and a lovely tribute to the man, but two volumes would have been much more practical, to my mind. I guess they're big because Marvel want to make them as different as possible from Masterworks......

More 50's horror/science fiction/fantasy from last 50's

get rid of the glue

Amazed at the diversity and quality of the reprint material. The Golden Age and Atlas Age books are a dream come true.

Marvel is doing an outstanding job with collected editions. Please do not reprint collections that you have recently put into tpb for into Masterworks, I.E. New mutants, Excalibur, ect. Use Masterworks as part of a collected effort to get things out chronologically. It is hard collecting editions of all the X-Books and Masterworks makes it easier. And lastly, THANKS!

I think the line is in good shape. I'd really like to see a focus on completing the 60s, then moving into the 70s with the lines/titles already present. Preferably, we'd get to a point where all of 1970 was reprinted, then 1971, then 1972 and so on. I'd make a single exception to get the Jim Starlin Warlock issues reprinted. It amazes me that Marvel has never reprinted these as a trade paperback, despite reprinting them in miniseries in the 80s and 90s. If Marvel can't work out the chronology, then it's major titles need to continue to be represented in the Masterworks program. So within the span of 18-24 months, FF, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cap, Thor, DD, Dr. Strange, X-Men, Hulk and Avengers all need to have at least one volume published. If these titles are kept up, additional titles can be added along the way. But I'd still prefer to see Marvel's publishing record reprinted chronologically. Overall, good work and I love these volumes and will keep buying most of them.

stop the recoloring of pages. It detracts & takes away from the artwork & looks poorly done!

It contains a lot of good comics and should just continue this way into the bronze age!!! I currently don't own to much Masterworks so I will probably buy some from the BTP program. The masterworks are a great way to buy and read comics from the 40s/50s/60s/70s. If there are runs from a series which are great (like John Byrne's FF), there are other lines to reprint that material (Visionaries, OHC, Omnibus, Visionaries) Oh and let's not forget, Thanks for this great site!!!!


Think it is very solid.

I have been overly pleased with the Masterworks program. The only reason that I have not purchased as many of the recent volumes is due to me being in the Navy and being away from home most of the time, making it difficult to order them.

I'd like to see it diversify to include humor (Not Brand Ecch) and horror (Tomb of Dracula).

I'd like to see some of the older volumes with pixelation and bad colouring corrected and re-released. In particular X-Men Vol. 3 has a lot to sort out.

12 Marvel age Books a year seems to be a long slow crawl. Especially when Genre books are taking up spaces such as Rawhide Kid. 20 years from now we will barely be into the mid 70 to late 70s at this pace. Pick it up!

Not enough Golden Age material. Marvel has now virtually exhausted the Silver Age. The Bronze Age books hold little interest for me, especially as the comic books themselves can be found relatively cheaply. I'd like to see the BTP movement accelerated so I can complete those gaps in my Silver Age Masterworks librbary with volumes I was not able to purchase before they sold out.

I'm glad that they're finally releasing the Atlas age material, I just really wish they would put it out at a slightly faster clip.

Love 'em! Let's keep facing forward!

Please finish up the silver age Marvel hero's (by silver Age I mean into the early 70's) ASAP

I feel like the Masterworks are alienating the Bronze Age customer base by releasing too many Silver Age no-wants and holding back on new #1 Bronze books. With the release of the DVD-ROMs, I have read ahead in the main titles and feel I have enough Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man. I will continue to buy Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Avengers but I'm anxious for books I will buy instead of Ant-Man, Sgt. Fury, and Rawhide Kid.

They're running out of decent Masterworks. All that's really left is bronze Age stuff, be it just extensions of practically overdone titles like F4, ASM, UXM, Cap, Hulk, etc; or fairly weak new 70's volumes like luke Cage, Defenders, etc. I have a new idea: start reprinting all Marvel crossovers in Masterwork format. Like a couple volumes for say Inferno (yeah, the whole thing), Atlantis Attacks, Onslaught, mutant massacre, etc. ALL OF THEM!

I'm hoping that Marvel sees fit as they issue each new volume to treat them as the definitive versions of the books. With the three fold issues of reproduction upgrade, paper stock, and glued binding, I'm reluctantly buing the BTP volumes that I really crave. I'm really not looking forward to rebuying another 40+ of EXPENSIVE books that I all ready own, but I might just have to do it. If Marvel decided to yet another version of BTP volumes or a line upgrade, I'm out of here.

The program is going well. However, I would like to see more volumes of Pre-Code Atlas material

In short, I want more golden age masterworks. I'm not concerned about price or format, but I do want to see material that: (1) I have not read before, (2) Is not readily available in the back issue market, and (3) illustrates the great history of the American comic book. As I said a couple of times before, I'll buy them if you'll print them. One volume of golden age material (priced anywhere around one hundred dollars) saves me thousands of dollars in comic purchasing (assuming I could even find the comics to purchase them). I've bought all of the golden age and most of the Atlas era material and I will continue to do so as long as you keep printing them. Clint Brady


Too many coming out too soon. It's causing me to fall behind in collecting them and causing arguments about money when I do try to catch up. Please keep it to maybe 16 a year.

Overall, I am very pleased with the current state. I am primarily interested in the Silver Age and the Atlas Era books, particularly the Kirby monster books. I prefer the big three of the Golden Age books. I have very little interest in the Bronze Age, other than the Kirby titles. I like Kirby.


With the ESSENTIALS vs MASTERWORKS debate. None of the above. They are purchased independently of each other. Essentials are for books that actually look BETTER in b&w: Tomb of Dracula, Werewolf by Night, et al.) OMNIBUS vs MASTERWORKS. None of the above. It depends on several factors... does the material already exist at the same size (i have all three New X-Men hardcover, so no need to buy the Omnibus), and up until recently (with quality control improving) Marvel's older collected editions might have inferior productions values and/or paper stock, thus necessitating an upgrade. RE: ATLAS ERA MASTERWORKS. I'd MUCH rather see Creator Specific collections. Maybe not even Masterworked per-se. Kirby monsters. Ditko horror. All Joe Maneely or Matt Baker volumes. RE: FUTURE DIRECTIONS. None of the above. Again, instead of runs of a comic title, i'd rather see particular story arc runs, that may or may not cross over (e.g. The Life of Captain Marvel, or Avengers Kree/Skrull War. An all Art Adams book is a no-brainer. Ditto Michael Golden. RE: WESTERNS. Again, ALL KIRBY!! Or an all John Severin book. The Atlas books were so formulaic, that even in the best of circumstances each issue had some questionable crap. Don't get me wrong, i LOVE the Atlas era and it's place in history. Let's see a massive full-color book of all the covers from the Atlas Era, and perhaps an Index. But do we really need every single story reprinted?

I wish Marvel would do 2 per month of the Superhero Genre.

The Masterworks program is doing a great job. Fix the glue problem. Try not to have anything that is published Omnibus first, Masterworks 2nd. Masterworks 1st and Omnibus 2nd is OK and Omnibus only is OK. Also above there was a question on the EC Archives. I don't have any because I already own all of the earlier slipcased sets, thanks!

Current production values are great - books are beautiful. I'd buy a Barry Smith Conan Masterwork. I'd buy FF 1, 2 and 3 (or Omni 1) with restored linework. I'd buy Avengers 1, X-Men 1, Thor 2 and Cap America 1 if recolored to match original comics. Surfer Omni 1 and FF Omni 2 are beautiful! Great job!


These books continue to bring me so much joy, particularly the 1960s Superhero material. I've only been with the program since 2004, and I hope it continues strong for many years. A small point: In Dr. Strange 3, although it is mentioned in the intro that the final issue is a reprint, it is listed in the table of contents as if the issue is complete. In the future, perhaps you could add the words "reprint--cover only" in cases like this. Nothing should be ambiguous in a TOC, particularly when it does not appear in a book. If the binding problems are addressed (glue, noise, book won't stay open on its own), you would have a perfect line. Thank you to all who work so hard to produce these books. I really enjoy and appreciate having such a luxury in my life.

No problems. They come out as often as I can afford. It's nice to see the old Jim Starlin Captain Marvels and hopefully the Starlin Warlocks.

they cost to much. more essentials!!!!

Thanks for continuing the Golden Age reprints when it seems DC is beginning to drop the ball!


I would like to see letters pages included in the masterworks. It would also be nice to see comic covers of reprint titles included in applicable masterworks. Marvel Tales covers in Spider-Man. Special Marvel Edition in Thor. Much like the Marvel's Greatest Comics covers in FF Ombibus Vol 2.

I haven't spent the money on the Human torch vol. 1 cause I don't know if they'll ever come out with Vol. 2 or end up coming out with an omnibus a few years down the road.

The masterwork program pleases me. although I am not familiar with the pre-silver material and the bronze material I do not mind that they release this material too. I can wait for the things i want. However, one thing is slightly annoying; I like the Thor masterworks, but I miss vol.2 and if this is not reprinted I will buy the omnibus 1 which I expect will be released some day. But if I buy this volume I would continue to buy the omnibuses. So therefore I do not buy the masterworks that have been released lately (4-6) in case vol.2 is not reprinted.

Its in fine shape!

I'm pretty happy with the way the program is running right now.

I am disappointed in the slowdown of the DC Archives but the Masterworks do make up for it

I would prefer less attention given to breadth, and more to carrying the major lines forward. I'd like to be able to buy an Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol. 3 or a Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 4 at some point in the next two or three years.

The Masterworks program is the best it's ever been. I don't see how it could possibly get any better. Keep up the great work!

I already got most of the material that will be in futur masterworks. So, to me, price is becoming the main factor when I consider buying Masterworks I'd rather buy omniboo for archival purpose than Masterworks.

All in all, things are looking pretty good, there's a very good variety of material available. (Although I'd buy a good romance book in a heartbeat!) I hope the glue problem gets fixed soon, and PLEASE remaster Marvel Comics Vol 1. The current version is... BAD.

I'm very happy as a Masterworks collector. I'd love more volumes in a year, but realistically my wallet wouldn't so I think the current pace is probably good. I'd enjoy an extra Golden Age volume or two, but otherwise things are great. Of course, if DC is going to let their Archives program lapse, maybe I could buy a few more volumes in a year... hmmm... something to think about...

Please, PLEASE PLEASE work harder on line reproduction!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it!!!

No real comments.

The Masterworks Bullpen seems to be made up of a group of dedicated professionals who are doing a truly wonderful job with regard to offering these great volumes that are made up of Marvel magic. My deepest gratitude goes out to them. I would like to add that the titles that have truly beloved runs by some of the medium's greatest creators should be given either a fast tracking/jumping ahead, or else be given the Omnibus treatment sooner rather than later. In particular, Simonson's Thor. Votes for that run did unbelievably well in the last survey - it was easily the most voted-for Omnibus selection - and many fans continue to ask for it. The legion of Thor fans would really love to see Simonson's saga be given the treatment that it so richly deserves, either as a pair of Omnibuses, three Oversized Hardcovers, or 4-5 Masterworks, similar to the Claremont/Byrne X-Men Masterworks. Thanks again, folks!

I love it. I wish i had the money to buy more.

For the most part I am very happy with the program. I would like to see more Golden Age volumes and I would like to see the Silver Age wrapped up as soon as possible. Finally, I think it is important to do something about the binding problem. While I will continue to buy Masterworks with binding issues, the day is coming soon when there will be volumes I do not desperately want. For those volumes, binding issues could make the difference as to whether or not I buy the book. But I do want to thank the entire collected editions staff for their efforts. Despite my gripes above, I love this program and I very much appreciate the efforts that have been put into it.


It's very good times at the moment. True, my Marvel Age buying is slowing down as we reach the end of the Silver Age, but that is only because the series has caught up to where my original comics collection begins. However, the Golden and Atlas Age collections are very welcome additions to my shelf, allowing me to read stories I could never before have imagined being able to.

In another 8-10 years, I feel that the audience for Golden Age material might be too low to support the product. So it would be imperative to try and get the Golden Age material out while there is still a viable audience. I think that's why Silver Age is selling well and the clamor for Bronze will only continue to grow as that age group grows more nostalgic and has more disposable income. I love Dick Sprang Batman and Wayne Boring Superman but DC seems to have encountered a dwindling audience as newer volumes were produced.

Please speed up realeasing all the titles in chronological order.

Please keep the Variant edition available. Include more background material. Soften the background color on the forward pages so thats it's easier to read.

Need more Golden Age and Atlas!!! :-) (Other than that, I think they're doing fine.)

This program kicks series ass, and I need to take Cory and David out for a beer to thank them. A cheap beer, mind you; none of that expensive Guiness crap.

I think certain key titles like Avengers, Captain America, Shield should get fast-tracked to the point when the run is either concluded e.g. in the case of Shield or to around 1972 when Marvel went from 15c to 20c. The gap with the FF has to be closed soon.

I think it's great the the program is running consistently these days, as opposed to the past years when it seemed the program was doomed. I only wish that all the books could be bought in the same quality and construction as the most recent volumes. Many of us will find ourselves rebuying already owned volumes to have a more consistent appearance and quality. But for the buyers who are still filling in gaps of missing volumes from as far back as the remasterworked original 27, buying an inferior product for the sake of completion seems unfair, especially when it will most likely be reworked once sold out. But for all it's changes, I still see the Masterworks as the best collected classic editions programs and hope it continues indefinitely.

I love the Masterworks and buy every variant issue regardless of title. I would like to see the BTP release limited to just the standard version to keep the collectibility of the variants.

healthy looking foward to some new books

I appreciate the hard work and effort they have shown in the Masterworks program over the last 2 years. I would like to see the sewn-binding glue issues resolved (though I have not had any problems yet), then perhaps focus efforts on a more consistent release of Golden Age volumes. I would also STRONGLY support increasing the number of Masterwork releases to 24 per year (16 Silver/Bronze Age, 4 Atlas, 4 Gold per year). If you print them, I will buy them!

I am quite pleased that Marvel has spent the last 5 years furthering the Masterworks program. In the next year or two, the entire Silver Age will have been completed for superheroes. But I fear that once we get to the early-1970's, the superhero books aren't quite as special as before. Many of the Marvel books suffer a decline in quality once the Silver Age Masters (Stan, Jack, John R. and others) begin to slow down. Many of the 1970's Marvel lines need reprinting, but maybe not in a hardcopy form. Take the Invaders or Champions lines that Marvel has reprinted in soft cover. This may be the way for Man-Thing, Black Panther and others.

Onward into the Bronze Age! And please don't stop doing the Omniboo. Ideally, I'd like to see more lines Omnibused, all the 'big' 60s superheroes but also Bronze age stuff like Tomb of Dracula, Master of Kung Fu, Conan (Damn! That isn't going to happen!) and also Atlas books like Tales to Astonish, Tales of Suspense, Strange Tales and Journey into Mystery.

You guys are doing an awesome job (don't let the whiners & purists bring you down). The only advice I would give is, stick to what worked for Marvel in the past: if westerns, humor and monsters were low-selling in their day, they're probably not going to pull their own weight now. On average, I purchase at least one Masterworks per month, but often more than that. I'm old enough to have bought the original comics, and I'm replacing a rather large comic collection with hardcover editions. What drew my eye as an eight-year-old is what draws my credit card today: wonderful art. So bring on more Kirby, Colan and Janson!

I generally don't buy Masteroworks due to the large number of them. However, I do appreciate that they are being produced. However I do collect classic material in Essential format and for proper masterpieces I go for the Omnibus, which I've taken quite a liking too. I would like to see further production on all lines as it appeals to different markets.

More Thor, or do all the tales of Asgard.

I love what I'm seeing and wish to have even more variety. I would ordinarily never seek out the Atlas Age "monster" books but have been enjoying them very much.

It is fun--fundamental to comics legacy--and always a fantastic blast into my past !


I really have no problems with the line, although the $59.99 price tag on the June masterwork is a little daunting.

Marvel has done a great job of nearly completing their Silver Age. Now they need to concentrate on completing their Golden Age and attacking their Atlas Era material. They need to step up production on both eras in order to maintain interest. If they commit to completing their Golden Age in 10-15 years, I think that the consumers will commit to buying them. But having to wait years between follow up volumes will discourage many buyers. Especially with long titles such as Marvel Mystery Comics and Captain America. They need to be fast-tracked ASAP.

I am very happy with the program and Marvel's commitment. I would like to see improvement in the quality of coloring, binding, and linework. Thank you.

I love being able to have a library of stories that otherwise would be impossible for me to collect individually. I also would love to eventually own the bronze era in a Masterworks format so please continue to deliver the good quality and the good work.

I only buy the variant issues. I would LOVE a second printing of X-Men vol 4 (issues #32-42).

stay the course

First off, thus far I only buy Golden Age Masterworks. Of these books that I own (with the exception of GA Marvel Mystery Vol. 1) I'm pleased with the the production value and overall quality of the books. As a primarily GA buyer, I would like to see an increase in the output of these volumes, but at the same time I understand that this may not be feasible from both a sales and production perspective. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the quality and variety of titles available in the format thus far.

I'm buying solely based on the strength of content. The packaging is over priced and low quality.

Before delving into post Silver age titles (Howard The Duck etc.), like to see more concentration on completing the core titles such as Spider-Man, Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America, Avengers etc.

The Masterworks and Omnibus books in the Cory era are doing excellent. I want to see Cory stay in his job for as long as possible. For the future, I want to see more emphasis put on releasing Atas Era science fiction and horror titles. Atlas war, jungle, weatern and romance should be subordinate to sci-fi / horror. Keep up the good work.

Slow down. I can't keep up with all of this material. Stay in chronological order. What about Atlas Strange Worlds and Worlds of Fantasy? (Good material!!!) I will not buy Uncanny Volume 6,7 because the material is too recent w/o having any significance.

Fix the glue problem!

Everything is fine; just keep the books coming is all! And more Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, please

Generally fine, although it's ridiculous that this glue issue on the binding/cover has gone on for this long. I have not yet had a cover ruined by it, but I have had to peel them off. I suspect it is only a matter of time. I'm also still disappointed by the line-quality issues and as we start getting into runs where the artwork becomes more deatiled and this becomes more of an may affect my purchase-plans.

Fast track Uncanny X-Men for however many volumes it takes to cover the Chris Claremont/Paul Smith era. Please finish up Jack Kirby's run of Thor as soon as possible! I would like to see many of the superhero lines go deep into the Bronze Age (Spider-Man, Avengers, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, etc.). Please ... more Bronze Age SF (Warlock, Captain Marvel, Killraven, Deathlok) and Bronze Age Horror (Tomb of Dracula, Werewolf by Night, Frankenstein, etc.) Masterworks! I *LOVE* western comics ... please add a few more to the schedule, even the Atlas era ones!

I wish they would fix the problem with the glue - that is a major turn off. Atlas Era has proved dissapointing so far but Golden age has made up for it. I didn't like the Western stories idea and am not sure about other vetures that don't tie in with the mainstream marvel universe (ROM/Micronauts did). I chose the option to include crossover titles in both Masterworks to be sure of having all the issues. If both issues will be published in their own Masterworks then it's not necessary. The Atlas era comics have just not appealed to me (the first Heroes one did because it was so outragously anti-red it was funny) but having stories that lack a central character from issue to issue doesn't grab me. I have heard rumours that DC are thinking of slowing down/stopping their archives run, which would be a shame but it would leave you as the only major publisher of archive material. As fas as I am concerned the Masterworks program isn't running out of steam - the 40s was an inspiration - and I have no problems with moving into the 70s. I would like some of the minor characters who only had short runs at that time to get the Masterworks treatment (like Shanna and the Black Widow). Is there any chance that the Masterworks could be released on DVD format. I can only go on my personal experience and say it couldn't damage sales (one idea would be to do it by year rather than character or title - no crossover problems and a reason to collect the set!).

what, an OCCASIONAL fast-tracked volume, once a twice a year would kill ya?!?!

Please continue to publish and expand new volumes for the old reliables (FF, IM, ASM, Hulk, Thor, etc.). If a particular volume runs out, please don't hesitate to publish a new batch. I would hate to see these OOP books get hijacked by people trying to sell them on e-Bay for outrageous amounts of money. Marvel Masterworks are considered by me to be a National Treasure and they should be available to all willing to pay a reasonable price. In addition, I was saddened to hear that Marvel pulled the plug on the DVD-ROMs. I hope they change their minds and realize that that decision was a mistake.

I love masterworks. They're my only automatic monthly comic purchase and I just can't get enough of them. I hope to see the line grow to include the greats of the bronze age and eventually up through the 80s and 90s. I'll be along for the ride.

It is very robust and I hope it stays that way!


Hope it will last forever, that's all...

Overall I'm happy

I'd like to see the Silver Age superhero material completed in the near future, however I would also like to see some new ongoing Bronze Age lines start up (Marvel Team-Up, Luke Cage, etc.). I'm not interested in western or war genre Masterworks in general, but I'd like to see Sgt. Fury continued and even fast-tracked, because Nick Fury is a key character in the Marvel super-hero universe. The number of variant editions in existence should be brought up to a nearly uniform level for all volumes after 27. Variant editions of Volumes 29-33 are still too expensive on the used market: back-to-press please! I would upgrade all volumes with BTP variants if they are printed, but the really expensive ones are my priority. I want the Captain Marvel line to continue past the Jim Starlin material. I'd also like a "Death of Captain Marvel" Marvel Premiere Classic edition. Finally, please fix the problem with dust-jackets sticking to the covers if possible.

Although this is not relevant here, I just have to say this. "I'm from Malaysia and I was disappointed that I could not select my country from the drop-down list. I've been buying comics for last 35 years". Hope this will be rectified in the 2009 survey.

It's hard to keep up with the rate they're being issued. But that's a lot better than the black years of dormancy. I am concerned that they're flooding the market to the point that it hurts sales across the board (not that Marvel would ever do such a thing hahahahaha!) I'm enjoying it while it lasts, and getting close to the whole Silver Age in hard cover is a dream come true.

no comments

Really happy and want to continue chronological releases. Be nice to see something like X Men Hidden Years get the Masterworks (or Premiere) treatment to fill that gap between X-Men and New X-Men. And Avengers Forever. And all thee Infinity Guantlet/War/Other One in one volume. I just prefer hardcover collections (I rarely buy paperbacks)

I think that Marvel should find some way to expand the customer base to libraries or mainstream bookstores, because it seems that the existing comicshop-only customer base may be shrinking since some are solely interested in the (nearly-complete) Silver Age.

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It's the most exciting time for me in all of my years of collecting.

I am quite happy with the program and would like to see more new editions of OOP MW's.

With the expansion of 68 looming, i would hope Marvel starts putting out more volumes or more into each volume. Otherwise we will never see Byrne, Sterne, Simonson, etc.

As soon as Masterworks solve their binding issues once and for all, it will be the best archival reprint series there is. Just get the book to lay open flat on a table so you don't have to rough house with it like you're wrestling a bear!

It seems to be going extremely well and hopefully will continue to do so.

Its really too late to change now, but... The coloring needs to be desaturated somehow and include the dot patterns of the original issues. The Kirby 4th World Omnibus books have the right idea. The color as its has been done in the Masterworks bares little resemblance to the original color. The color comes across as very flat.

I'm a little disappointed in getting the genre volumes of Rawhide and Sgt Fury this year instaed of more super-heroes. One volume of each was good enough to sample the material. I'd like to see Marvel step boldly into the Bronze age with Iron Fist Vol 1 or Defenders Vol 1. I think Uncanny X-Men is at a good stopping point and I would not want to see any new volumes anytime soon. Please don't waste time reprint stuff in Masterworks that was previously in Omnibus. Thanks once again for doing this great survey every year! Greg

I would love love love to see the miscellaneous Xmen appearance volumes from 70-75 mentioned above--all the appearances please!!!

More Omniboo please

Keep it going!

I think Marvel is doing a fantastic job with the Masterworks. The stiff bindings and glued dustjackets are definitely a problem, but I'm confident those issues will get cleared up. My biggest concern is that our nation's slowing economy and the saturation of the classic reprint market might have a detrimental effect on the Masterworks program. I hope this is not the case. I got my first Masterwork when I was a kid, and I hope I can keep getting them when I'm an old man! Thanks!

A little too much.

Love what Marvel is doing, I'd love 2 Super Heroes volumes per month

Marvel really needs to correct the glue problem - TODAY!


I'm still interested in the line. But, I really want the ASM line to be fast tracked. I also want the volumes to be at least 300 pages. The last ASM volume seemed thin. Basically, I would like to see two ASM volumes a year for the next two years. And then, you can go back to one a year. Silver Surfer vol. 3 can still wait. Perhaps appear in two years. FF should continue as is with one volume a year. And, my most anticipated line would have to be Tomb of Dracula. This is probably one of the best Bronze Age series that Marvel published. Marv Wolfman & Gene Colan did an incredable job. October 31st, 2008 would be the perfect time to release the first volume.

Carry on as you're going. I'm probably going to buy every new release anyway!!

In general I am very pleased with the program, especially because less heralded Silver Age heroes (and Atlas monster tales) are now being covered. I could be happier with the quality of some of the line work, but I realize you are limited by the availability of the original art. I also feel a better color balance could be formulated for the interior pages (less saturated, but not as pale or crude as the original comics), though this is a subjective opinion that could very well alienate some buyers.

It's been a mostly great run of Masterworks these past few years, but honestly, my interest in them is waning. Almost all of the Silver Age material I am interested in I already own and the Bronze Age doesn't hold much interest for me, a few titles aside. Plus, I bought the dvd-roms of Spider man and Iron Man so that automatically made the Masterworks I own obsolete and took me out of future purchases of those titles. So aside from a few titles like Thor and Avengers, I predict a big dropoff in my Masterworks purchases. Plus, the production values of these books is STILL not where it should be, especially compared to the DC and EC Archives. A lot of Masterworks on my shelf have wavy pages, glue seepage, stuck-on dustjackets and printing errors. At a $50 cover price, that's just not acceptable. But I'm done with railing against the system, I'll just let my wallet do the talking and only buy the ones I really want/need that I can't get anywhere else cheaply. Thanks for the survey. Interstate Shogun

1) Keep up the good work. 2) SEWN BINDING IS THE BEST__I WILL ALWAYS PAY EXTRA FOR IT. 3) Watch out for the glue please! 4) EC Archives are still a better quality product--Marvel should buy a few to see what they're doing. 5) The thicker paper is a big improvement--thank you!!! 6) Be careful not to lose artwork in the gutters (i.e., ETERNALS OMNI). 7) Splash pages should always begin on a Right-hand page, just as they do in the original comics. In many cases, doing otherwise spoils some of the storytelling suspense.

Need more!!!

I would say I am satisfied with the current state of the program. I would like to see more stories that were published during the 1970s.

Great improvements over the year! Thanks for getting more of the Jack Kirby material out!

I would actually like to see more paperbacks and fan favorites, such as Iron Fist, Nick Fury, Dr, Strange, and Moon Knight.

Ther is very little to complain about. On occasion a volume reproduces less material than what we've come to expect (Avengers #6).

I'm very happy with the state of the Masterworks - the glue issue has been, so far, only a minor annoyance. If it gets really bad I'll just simply exchange the book for another copy. However, paying an extra five dollars per volume for this 'annoyance' is unfair. I admit that this was the first year I actually passed on a book - Daring Mystery volume 1. Increasing competition from other publishers, particularly EC, and the sluggish economy in North America may force me to refrain from purchasing even more books this year. Other than Tomb of Dracula, I can't really think of any new Bronze Age lines I'd like to see established in the Masterworks this year. However, I would welcome the continuation of the main superhero titles into the 1970's (FF, Spider-Man, Avengers, etc.) I believe John Byrne's Fantastic Four, Captain America, and Avengers material from the late seventies/early eighties would be perfect in the Omnibus format. Once again, thank you for your efforts over the past year.

I love this title.

Finish off the silver age heroes, and then kick the Bronze age into high gear! (and thanks for all your hard work!)

Its great to have the program as it is. I remember the barren years waiting for the next after vol. 27 and do not take the program for granted. The quality and the variety appeals to a wide audience but I would rather the earliest silver age sets were completed before expanding too far ahead into the Bronze age. I'm here for the long haul. Thanks!

It's great! I'd like to note that, while I have no interest in Atlas or in specific Marvel Age lines that amount to a "month off" for superheroes, I absolutely think these should all continue as currently configured. These are an important part of the story and must be documented. And hey it makes other fans happy and gives me some months that are lighter on the wallet. More Westerns, more war comics, etc.!

I love it, want my favorites to come out, Spider-man, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Thor, Thanos, Punisher, (Wolverine too?).

More non superhero genre items. Also, Marvel should have TPBs on their Teen or Kids Comics (Millie the Model, etc). Either reprint this line or sell it to another comics company who will use it.

Annoyed at retyping this after it timed out the first time - so here's a terse anser before it times out again: Cory & Co doing a great job with quality and schedule. Looking forward to the higher quality bronze age stuff and core titles, but don't see a need to branch out to a zillion titles. War & Westerns are of some interest, but should not be taking superhero "slots" on the schedule. No interest or patience to wait for Drac in Masterworks format. It would take 10 years! Omniboo only, please. Same sentiment for Simonson THOR and Byrne FF - Omniboo. I probably wouldn't buy a Masterwork, EXPECTING omniboo. The Golden Age stuff that's not related to core characters like Cap, Subby, Torch. Is just dreadful -really! I can't even believe there's a market for this material. Daring Mystery? USA? Ugh! Who can even tell if it's restored?

I don't care about the Golden or Atlas Ages. I don't care about The Punisher or Wolverine or any of the mid- to late-80s stuff. I was raised on the material of the late seventies and early eighties. This is the material I want to see Masterworked. If I could own all of Marvel's run from 1975 to 1983 in Masterworks format, I would. Also, bring back the DVDs from GIT! Those things were awesome!

I wish DC Archives were as routinely published!

There are simply too many releases. I no longer buy any other Marvel hardcovers other than the MM series. I am not sure how much longer I will continue to buy these volumes. So far I have bought them all to keep the set complete. I find that many of the recent releases are not as 'classic' as those originally issued in the first few years. Marvel is going to kill this whole thing off by being greedy. Several issues released in the same month is rediculous. 4 to 6 volumes a year would be enoiugh. I think that all of the releases detract from the 'specialness' for the program that was there when this whole thing started out. The omnibus volumes make this even worse. Overall, this is a good program. I hope I can continue to keep up.

I would love to see more Omnibuses. Specifically: THE COMPLETE CIVIL WAR, in however many volumes it takes ... and a MARVEL CHRONOLOGY OMNIBUS series, featuring every book Marvel's ever published, in the exact chronological order they hit the stands. Like, MARVEL CHRONOLOGY OMNIBUS JANUARY 1991, as an example. A new volume for every month, or two volumes if necessary, simply because there's a lot of good stories out there that haven't been (and won't ever be reprinted) otherwise.

I love the Kirby stuff but I still buy other great run of other artists...

I prefer the Omnibus over Masterworks and will buy them instead if offered.

They really need to address the issues they have with pages glued together and dustjackets sticking to the books. For a product that's this expensive, these sorts of problems are inexcusable. On the editorial side, I really want them to finish the Silver Age. I have little interest in material published before or after the 1960s, and look forward to the day when I have the COMPLETE Silver Age collected in permanent hardcover editions on my bookshelves.

Happy with the program. Keep them going on current lines Don't introduce too many new lines No long waits (over 2 years) between volumes

Please keep the atlas era stuff rolling along at a FASTpace!!


Keep improving the quality of paper and binding. Do not inflate prices much more than current ones and keep producing "classic" silver age material (FF, Avengers, Daredevil, Thor, Iron Man) alongside more diverse offerings (just don't let the diverse offerings overwhelm the selection process).

At this point I beleive that we only need 12 Masterworks or less a year. With Omnibus volumes and deluxe reprints etc. there no need to push this material out that fast. Also the material that "demands" to be republished is getting less and less. After Volume #100 - I will no longer care about getting every volume. The completist in me made me buy three or four recent volumes just to get to #100.

I enjoy the Masterworks but I like the Omnibus more. Please continue making Omnibus of the Modern Era Masterworks already printed when enough volumes become available (such as FF, Spidey, Avengers, Dr. Strange, etc...).

I don't buy a lot of Masterworks anymore. I am able to read the material that I want in Essential format, and I am satisfied. I also would like to say how much I appreciate the fact that representatives from Marvel regularly participate on this board! It makes me feel that someone from Marvel really cares what we fans think (this does NOT apply to Joe Quesada!). I really think that DC should follow their lead on this.

Keep them coming! I need more 70's-80's era Spidey! Then I'll buy other titles' Masterworks.

The more published, the better. I'm not getting any younger!

Please follow continuity, fix glue issue.

I already stated my concern for the lack of adjustment to Canadian prices. Other than that, I still love the books even though we are coming close to the end of the period of my interest. I will continue to purchase Spider-Man, FF, Thor and Avengers for as long as they continue but I am done or almost done with most other series. Thank you.

I just wanted to clarify my no outside titles crossover opinion. That is only if you can publish both volumes including the crossover issues within the same month.

The art restoration on the Atlas era and Golden age books seems to be getting better after some rocky reproduction in some of the early volumes. Keep improving.

slow down on the Uncanny X-Men volumes! Once every 2-3 years is more than enough. The Claremont/Byrne stuff is complete and sales are healthy enough that we should let the other lines gain some ground


It would be interesting to see a series of books covering the 1970s magazine additions of Marvel comics such as Dracula Lives, Vampire Tales, Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction, and the Punisher. The EC Archives size/format might work well. Thanks!

If you have to have war and western volumes, don't take away a monthly spot from a super-hero volume. Release and war/western volumes in addition to the 12 super-hero volumes, not as part of that schedule.

These are great, but make sure to give the lesser-known (& reprinted) titles their fair share!

Don't change the black/silver or black/gold or black/red (as appropriate) of the covers!!

Great program. I am very, very, glad that these books are being printed as I started in the out of print days. It might be a good idea to try and get some of the titles more caught up so crossovers aren't a problem.

I like the Masterworks program in general, but it would be nice to see less repition of material between lines, particularly between the Masterworks and Omnibus. I bought the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer Omniboos because I did not already have the Masterworks, though I love the Omnibus. The inclusion of letters pages is a nice touch, as well. But, I already have the Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks, so I don't like the idea of putting out more money for material I already have, even though it's in a more desirable format. Either find a way to maybe "merge" the lines--include all features, or do away with a line, or drop certain titles from certain lines. I have a limited budget! It would also be nice to see an attempt to finish some series, even the softcover lines. I loved the recent Invaders vol. 1 softcover--make more!, as well as The Champions softcovers, for example. Certainly, not everything needs to be in a hardcover format.

As an expectant father, my disposable income is going to plummet. I am thankful for the Masterworks line keeping high-quality reprints of classic silver-age Marvel works (60's stuff mostly) available. As a fan who grew up in the 80's, I'd love to see some of that material in a Masterworks like format (Stern Avengers, Byrne FF, Simonson Thor, Gruenwald Cap). However, the wallet commands the purchasing and I don't know how I'll afford ANY books. Let me applaud the Masterworks crew for excellent work, and thanks to Gormuu for his work in putting the extremely customer friendly Survey together. Their work and dedication to the hobby and comics art is greatly appreciated.

For volumes which don't fit easily into the usual 220-300 page count, why not have thinner Masterworks at a lower retail price (like Hulk Vol 1 or Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 did) and also thicker volumes with a higher retail price (eg Not Brand Ecch, Amazing Fantasy)? This could also help avoid a volume finishing before a particular story arc is completed. In general, great job though.

I think the focus should always remain on advancing the major Marvel surperhero titles - Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Thor. There should be at least one volume of each of these titles published annually (that's 8) with another four volumes from other titles until all superhero material has reached a similar point. If titles haven't reached 1970 yet they should be fast tracked to complete that era, then roll out the 70's volumes based on the publishing years and expand the page counts to fit in one full publishing year per volume. I've been buying Masterworks for ten years and I'm still amazed that we don't have ten years worth of ASM reprinted in Masterworks in a program that's been around ~20 years.

Love the fact that marvel is "giving" us so many collected treasures.

I have little comment because I am so pleased - I hope that we can continue to be treated to such a vibrant and varied line in the future. There is something for everyone in the current line - War, Western, Horror, SF, and of course lots of super hero goodness from the endearingly clunky (GA Masterworks, SA Human Torch 1) to the sublimely cosmic (Warlock, Surfer, Cap Marvel). I also hope that we can continue to get Back-to-Press editions coming out on a monthly or near-monthly basis. I enjoy upgrading my editions and see it as a cost-neutral venture for me (factoring in the sale of previous editions). There is no lack of previous editions needing some love.

I would never buy any of the ones that are not colored, the black and white is not good enough, and the format you once used in putting them all on CD and DVD-roms was much better. I was able to buy the entire series of a comic for less than the price of two of the masterworks collections. although there are some titles which are much better as Masterworks titles, (spider-woman, Dazzler etc) I would still be willing to bet they oculd be released as DVD roms for less. The color omnibus's are far superior to the black and white masterworks collections, however the DVD-roms were FAR superior to them both, and I would be willing to spend more money on them, which offer the entire collection than I would for these collections which contain less, and cost less.

I enjoy both the Masterworks and Omnibus programs and think the folks responsible are doing a fine job.


I'd just like a few more available each year - it's time all of Kirby's work for Marvel saw print in this form.

Keep up the good work! I like 12 MA books a year, with 4-6 AE books, but as the SA ends and you get into more BA, I am more interested in the AE books, so perhaps up there yearly output - maybe even with the BA books.


Keep it up but lets get that SA finished so we can start on some other time periods or other genres I guess

non glossy paper and "old" coloring

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the quality and content. There's still some issue with slight pixelation in some line art, and the binding still seems to have some issues with glue and laying open, but the extra work tracking down original art and/or the best film possible has been noticed and is very, very, much appreciated. Colors have been perfect. I find I prefer the Omnibus format. I'm replacing older Masterworks volumes with them due to the new restoration and inclusion of letter pages. Adding in house ads from the original books would be a great plus for them. The binding is great on this line, just hope it holds up over the years. Please, please start the Defenders line and fast-track it at least through the Gerber era. Lines for Son of Satan/Satana and Guardians of the Galaxy would be most welcome, too. If any licensed book deserves going through the red tape, it's Micronauts. That initial Mantlo/Golden run is so good and deserves the Omnibus and/or Masterworks format.

It's all good.

I've been waiting for it to reach the 70s. I consider Man-Thing, Tomb of Dracula, Killraven, Black Panther in Jungle Action, Master of Kung Fu and Starlin's Warlock and Captain Marvel, Englehart's Dr. Strange (both by Brunner and Colan and also the Barry Smith issue done with Lee) to be the best comics of Marvel history. The old super-hero titles became stale after the early 70s. Only Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Thor (as long as Buscema was there), and Hulk maintained some quality. I think that later quality runs can be published in Classic tpb (Eternals saga in Thor, Omega the Unknown, Marvel Visionaries FF Perez).

I think the Omnibus format should work in tandem with the Masterworks. Reprinting the most popular titles, previously Masterworked is fine, but I think it could be expanded to handle the odd titles that don't break down well in the Masterworks 10 issue format. Like Not Brand Echh, Tomb of Dracula, etc. I would consider changing the dust jacket design of the Omnibus to be closer to the spines of Masterworks, perhaps even having a Marble variant. I think this would be a good marketing ploy and sell more books. Amazing Adventures, that was left off the survey.

I'm thrilled to see the sixties coming to a close ( in a good way) Cant wait to get into the seventies!!!

I'd like to see all of Kirby's Silver Age material in print ASAP.

I'm waiting for The New Mutants and romance/girl comics.

I love the Masterworks and am thankful to Cory and Company for all the fine work they do. Since I have been exposed to the Omnibus format, I LOVE it the BEST!!!! I would like to see many series published in this format (It'd be great for the 70 issues of Tomb of Dracula). The Omnibus format would also be good for the other Marvel Monsters and for the Marvel Black and White Magazines. More Omnibus format items, please!!!! Cory and Company. Thank you for all the excellent work you do.

Keep it going!

I would like to see a Romance genre added to the line up.

I think it is in good shape.

The regular cover design and color scheme is dull and bland. The variant cover design and color scheme draws the eye.

Marvel Masterworks is the highlight of my comic book collecting hobby. I love them and I hope my suggestions will be followed by Marvel Comics.

I am loving the diversity in the line. Glad to see the arrival of the Bronze Age material, and I'm a little baffled that it has taken this long to head toward the Steranko material. Still not all happy with the "coat of many covers" appearance of the dustjackets, but it's something I can live with.

Marvel has been doing a bang-up job on giving us variety (USA Comics 1, Rawhide Kid 1, etc) in our monthly offerings. They made vast improvements since the re-masterworks (ugg!) in the last couple years. I feel they should branch out into a couple new genres (Patsy and/or Millie, NBE) and give us bigger page counts for bronze age stuff. It's been a fantastic time for Collected Hardcover fans in general and Marvel has been amazing (even daring) with the product they have been publishing in the last 2 years.

They need to get the Golden Age back on track. I really want the late '40's stuff, but unless there is a paradigm shift, we won't see any of it soon. Atlas Age books can't get released fast enough for my taste. I'm pretty much done buying Marvel Age books, except maybe esoteric stuff like TWO-GUN KID, MY LOVE or PATSY WALKER.

I would welcome being able to buy the dust jackets separately so as to have uniform looks on the bookshelf and to replace worn jackets

I love it! More of the same, please.

I think I've covered most of it above, but I want to commend Marvel's reprint division for the job they do, the choices made in terms of content, and the dedication to presenting Marvel's history. I've addressed my only concern above.

lets see Tomb of Dracula!! Ghost Rider and complete Captain Marvel until issue #62! I still hate the death of captain marvel from when i was a kid collecting!!!

It is good, we love them! They are a great way to read this archive material!


I don't really care a lot about the Masterworks program. I think Marvel does a great job with its TPB program. I dislike the Premiere Hardcover format. I love oversized HCs and Omniboo. The Masterworks seem to meet a need that I don't have.

I would love the editors to keep these three things in mind for future releases: 1) Not too much reprinting of material from volume to volume, especially getting into the seventies. These books are too expensive to pay for material you already own in another volume. 2) Please keep mostly a chronological tact to the release schedule... finishing out the sixties, and then concentrating on the forties and fifties on one side, and then the complete seventies on the other. I am not looking forward to reprints from the eighties or nineties. These seem too commonplace for me and not deserving of hardcover collections. These should be for rare older books. 3) If you do make the occasional jump "into the future", such as with Uncanny X-Men which is welcome because the back issues are expensive and hard to find... please do not reprint titles that are not truly classic. There was mention of a Power Pack Masterworks. If I can go on ebay and buy Power Pack 1-28 for less than $15.00, I am hoping you would not reprint only 10 or 11 issues for $54.99. Please stay snooty, snobby and picky about what comics get reprinted in this line. Do not cater to whims or short-lived nostalgia. Keep the integrity of this line intact.

I just wish they'd finish the Silver Age. Catch up books that are lagging behind like Sgt. Fury, Human Torch, Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD, Sub-Mariner, Cap and Iron Man. While I'll continue buying Masterworks AFTER the Silver Age and have bought nearly all the volumes of Golden Age and Atlas Age (and will get all of 'em when I go shopping next month), I don't want to read a blurb in a "From the Editor" box about something that happened in another comic book that hasn't yet been Masterworked.

I think Masterwork production standards have slipped and this needs to be fixed. I do not like spending £35 ($70 almost) on a book with pages stuck together or damaged dust jacket.

Production standards have slipped - I no longer buy with confidence. I like the break out into other ages, even though I am cautions of the post golden age - pre FF issues. I would like to see the Black Widow get the masterworks treatment (she had her own series way back and the issues are hard to find). BTP sales may improve if you told us buyers of the original issues what improvements have been made to the issues.

no comment

Tone down the colors, they were meant to be printed on newsprint, on coated paper the colors are too bright - it has to be compensated. Better would be the paper DC is using on their archives ... short: COLORS ARE TOO BRIGHT 1

More volumes, more frequently. Especially if this also means that the Omnibus editions will be put out on more of a regular basis as well. Maybe I'm wrong, but the Omnibus editions collect only what has previously been printed as a Masterworks edition (with a few exceptions such as The Eternals and the Frank Miller Daredevil). If true, then it's going to be a while before we see something like a second omnibus for Uncanny X-Men. The last one ended right in the middle of the Dark Phoenix Saga, which I'm sure ticked off a lot of readers including myself.

Very happy...especially with regular Golden and Atlas age material appearing.Good mix with Silver and Bronze.

As I am primarily interested in early and mid 60's Masterworks, Lee & Kirby's Thor is the only current line that I am purchasing. Other than that, I pretty much have what I want. The one exception I would be interested in would be Master of Kung Fu from the beginning through Paul Gulacy's fine issue.

I've loved it, but I feel that the Silver age is where most of the stuff I love is and I can see myself slowing down a lot on what I purchase.

The Omnibus collection I'd most like to have is a Jim Steranko Omnibus, reprinting ALL of his Marvel Work.

Nothing but praise for the Masterworks and Omnibus lines!

Some quality control concerns (coloring/binding) but otherwise, a very enjoyable line of books.

Very happy with the quality and content, but would like to see more of the historically important Atlas and Golden Ages.

I would like for Mavel to release more Back to Print Masterworks. I intend to slowly build my Masterworks library. I probably won't get everything -- mainly Avengers, Spider-Man, and potentially Uncanny X-Men and Fantastic Four. I am interested in Iron Man and Doctor Strange as well.

I'd prefer to see color and reproduction that looks closer to the originals--even shot from the original pages. The stuff on the DVD sets was glorious!

The Marvel Masterworks program IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I LOOK FORWARD TO MOST RELEASES. THE REPRINT QUALITY IS USUALLY BETTER THAN THE ORIGINALS. The Marvel Masterworks Program should ALWAYS seek to use ALL the ORIGINAL ART as humanly possible for each release.

Better than Archives

This is a great way to relive my glory "comic buying" years. It is a dream come true.

The pace of release is so frustrating. Masterworks is just going to fall further and further behind the current year. If you look at Marvel as being up to @1968, I'll be dead before it hits 2008!

MORE HULK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And great work and thanks so much for the terrific fan communication! It is really nice to feel as if your voice is being heard. And I don't just mean in this survey,but at this wonderful website we all love. David and Cory stopping by from time to time means a lot! And if no one has mentioned it before, I am in favor of a Super-Sized Tales of Asgard Hardcover!(I'm glad I thought of that!)

i would love to see more bronze and modern age material. MOST ESPECIALLY , i'd love to see man-thing by gerber in some sort of HC (masterworks or otherwise) format.

I love the program, yet currently it's much easier to collect via Essentials ($ is the reason). The more Masterworks that are not Essentialized, the more likely I'll buy Masterworks.

Only reservations with Western releases, although each to their own, and will be happy to keep purchasing to re-live my childhood and just plain escapism. Many thanks, Neil Page

I think there are some small problems, but I'm overwhelmed by the Masterworks line. I love them and each month it seems like there's two or more that I need to buy. The turnaround from the original run is amazing.

My only problem is I find most of the Silver Age stuff to be sortof simplistic. While it's true I grew up on the stuff from the 70's and prefer the Bronze Age, it's the Modern Age in the 80's that holds the fondest memories for me. So, I guess Masterworks of the 80's would work best for me, but it might not be as cost effective and the Classic tpb's are satisfactory! So for me, I'm looking forward to wrapping up the Silver Age and getting into the Bronze Age already!

i appreciate them . it will give me something to pass along to my children from my youth


The chronological approach can be absurd. To plough through dozens of sub-par Keith Pollard FFs to get to Byrne (for example) is stupid. And there seems to be a blind spot for work that isn't primarily superhero. There are a lot of great books Marvel published in the early 70s (Beware; Our Love Story, etc.) that deserve, at the very least, to be cherry-picked for content from the great creators.

1) Fix the glue problem 2) Fast-track Atlas Era 3) Masterwork the Bronze Age verrrrryyyyy slowwwwwllllllyyyy... (or NOT at all)

The quality of reproduction has really improved; this is clear in both the Golden and the Marvel Age lines. I wish Marvel Comics vol. 1 would be reprinted; annoyed as I would be at having to buy a second copy, I would, to have better reproduction. I mainly buy the Golden Age and Atlas super-heroes. I'd like to see the Golden Age expand to at least six per year. In the main lines of GA (Human Torch, Cap, Sub-Mariner) the volumes will soon hit comparatively weaker material, although the end of the runs have better. There was a question in the survey about similar situations in the Marvel Age lines. I think it's important to continue and not skip around for the better material. From a collector's standpoint, I'd rather have the entirety of the run.

I would like to see the Back-To-Print editions back on the shelves a little sooner. I sold my first edition Iron Man vol.1 for a nice sum on eBay, but now I can't find a silver/black Regular edition!


Marvel Age: I am glad that it includes Western, War, Bronze Age titles and not only SA super heroes. When are we getting our first Romance masterwork? Gene Colan and John Romita did very nice issues!!! Atlas Era: We need to start rigth away with Journey into Mystery volume #1 and publish that title monthly at the same time as Strange Tales in order to reach the Monter Era starting in 1959! Golden Age: I am VERY worried about that line because of the fact that it is hard to come by with this kind of rare material. The fact that this line does not get the love it desirves bothers me A LOT! We need to catch up on those titles by having at least 6 books published per year!!!! It is more important than doing the entire Horror catalog! All I hear is: "where is my X-men, X-men, let finish the SA Marvel Super-heroes stuff so that I can dumb the masterwork line" I know someone "sitting like a king on his throne all day long" who is getting on my nerves sometimes!!! Grow up guys and enjoy what your forefathers had to read in the forties!!

I love Omnibus format and I own all of them, so I would like to see every masterwork "omnibusized". I only buy masterworks that I don't think will be published as an omnibus.

thank you .i was there for the originals .see my letter in x-men #20 .silly but it got me in print. thanx for the reprints and thanx especially for the atlas era reprints

1) I think it's good. The Marvel Masterworks of the "marvel age" (60s and 70s etc...) seem to be coming out at a good and relatively reliable pace. 2) Once the 60s are more or less complete, I believe Marvel should be more careful going into the 70s. I think that Marvel should concentrate on its main characters from this era for the foreseeable future, such as FF, spidey, Captain America, Hulk, thor, Iron Man, Daredevil etc ... 3) I think that reprints of well regarded runs of secondary characters such as Tomb of Dracula or, if Marvel ever got the rights, even Master of Kung-Fu, should be done in Omnibus format.

Keep 'em coming!

The state of the program as a whole is okay. I think the GA masterworks takes to much time and space. One every three months is enough. The including of Rawhide Kid was, as mentioned, a disappointment. With the state of the current spider-Man comics i would like to see more of these issues. Furthermore i would like to see the publication of a companion book (HC) with the history of Marvel and of the masterworks line. This could be issue 100B.

I am very pleased so far. Please do not disappoint us in the future. I have a lot of time and money invested and I'd like to have it all continue. Good Luck.

Healthy, but Ięd much rather the old, thinner volumes with the other paper stock. I was on the verge of quitting there.

More Super-Hero Masterworks! Love the format, keep them coming. More and faster!

I have no complaints about the current state of the Masterworks program. I would prefer more Atlas Age, but realise that such volumes are supported by the Marvel Age line, which should be the backbone of the line. The minor glue problems are a niggling annoyance which I hope to see cleared up.

If I were more certain Marvel was going to carry on the Masterworks program through the '70s (and '80s) I would feel more confident in buying all the volumes that are out now. With DC's recent re-evaluation of the Archives line, I am more worried Marvel will reduce or cease production on Masterworks and stop my attempts to collect all the printed Marvel material in chronological order. That is my biggest concern. I will continue collecting Masterworks up into the 1980s reprints because I believe it is feasible to keep the volumes as a collection until then. I'm not asking for a commitment of that length, but I want to be sure Marvel has a plan for the future that can keep me buying. Thank you for your excellent job in the previous year.

Proceeding very nicely - I am really enjoying the bookd being put out

Love the content and range, but the continuing issues with binding need to be addressed.

My actual recommendation for the Avengers-Defenders war is to offer a single Masterworks volume covering all issues of that crossover (I think you can roughly include AVENGERS 115-118, maybe 119 (don't recall), and DEFENDERS 7-11), possibly with the second Avengers/Defenders "war" story from annuals (again, don't recall details) if the page count would be small. Label it as Avengers Volume Z (whatever it would be - 12 or 13, I imagine)/Defenders Volume 2. We can shelf it wherever we like. That, or offer (for an extra fee, as the "variant" version) two dust jackets on the book, one with the Avengers trade dress, one with the Defenders trade dress.

I love it. Let's get all the superheroes going though. Iron Man, Hulk, Cap are lagging. Also more Spidey, more Avengers!! I'd keep buying FF too. So glad the publishers were aware of just how great Capt Marvel 3 will be and quickly followed vol 2 with vol 3. Do the same with Fury vol 2.

Keep up the great work ! As you can see above, I tend to have a greater, wider interest in the Golden Age and Altas Era books than Silver Age, primarily because those books are (currently) only available in this format, so please produce (much) more of the same ! And thank you for organising this survey - any chance of one covering Essentials in more detail ?

I really like the Masterworks program overall. The glue issues are kind of annoying and as I said earlier there are far too many volumes released per year now for me to purchase them all, but I am very happy with the content choices.


I think it's great. Keep up the good work.

This line is evolving great and has lots of classic material to present in the years to come.

Keep them coming! Give me at least one Dr Strange volume and at least one cosmic hero volume a year and I'll be happy. Also, I'd be all for having volumes of Byrne's X-Men: The Hidden Years fill in the gap between X-Men and Uncanny X-Men.

Don't do contemporary material, 1980-; that's what the Omnibus and TPB formats are for. Jump ahead on Strange Tales to where classic Marvel creators, Lee, Kirby, Ditko are working on them. Focus on the main core titles, Amazing Spider-man #100 should have been reprinted in volume #100. At least one per year of Amazing Spider-man, Thor, Avengers, Daredevil, Fantastic Four and Captain America. No more than three months of doubled-up Masterworks, due to delays, Feb had three! No more than two Golden Age Masterworks per year, they pale in comparison to the silver age. Enough with the 80's X-men.

I am very pleased in general with the Masterworks line. There are several reasons that I enjoy this line of books: - They contain material that is otherwise difficult or expensive to obtain. - They reprint exactly what I am interested in and nothing more: A relevant and enjoyable introduction to each volume; the story pages unedited and uncut save for when an annual reprints material from a former volume or the like; the covers in full-size and full-color inserted before the first page of the story; sometimes a page or three of interesting and relevant bonus material; no letters pages; no reproduced ads. - They are uniform and look very handsom in a diplayed collection. Also, I am fairly certain of what I can expect and feel no anxiety ordering a volume sight unseen. - They are reasonably priced. - The line appears to be continuing strongly and I don't fear too much that after investing a good amount of money in a title, I'll be left hanging. - The Back to Press program demonstrates a care for the consumers' wants over a desire to use inflated secondary market values on sold-out volumes to "create a buzz" about the product. My complaints and concerns are few: - The issues of excessive glue have yet to effect me personally, but I hope the problem is being addressed before it does. - As a purchaser of mostly mainstream superhero titles, I am concerned that as the line branches out to other titles, it will slow down the production of, say, Amazing Spider-Man or Fantastic Four. Thank you very much.

Love em....

Hoping it doesn't go the way of DC Archives or have a significant drop-off in sales with the US economy facing a slow-down.

I think the reproduction is very good. My only complaint would be when words are missing or misspelled in word balloons. This has happened a couple of times.


I want almost all Bronze Age material in color TPB, not Masterworks format. I would buy Masterworks of FF, Spidey & Avengers up until at least issue #150. Keep the Golden Age & Atlas Age coming.

I can only say that I hope it continues the way it has over the past 2-3 years, the program seems to have a real momentum and is already reprinting material that a few years back most of us would never imagined would happen. Hope it continues to dip into various genres even though some may not be to my tastes or others, and I hope that the major titles continue into the Bronze age & beyond. Even if those eras are not to the taste of some of the current audience, I'm sure there is a whole new audience for whom the 70s & 80s are their particular nostalgia era.

There really needs to be more chronological flexibility. Right now the Marvel Age program seems obsessed with the 1968-1972 period, which is a *very* narrow window and provides very little variety. There are great books in the mid-70s, the late 70s and even the 1980s that deserve to be Masterworked! Prime material like Alpha Flight, Wolverine, Punisher, New Mutants, Secret Wars and more needs to become a serious consideration for the Masterworks program going forward, as opposed to very strictly sticking to the very oldest Marvel Age material available. Let's have more of a mix for variety's sake!

Quality wise, please fix the glue problem. The most recent book I purchased (AH v3) was the worst example of this so far. Also in this category is the color/paper issue. Please go low or no gloss with muted tones to create a good facsimilie of the original comic appearance. With black line improving now, it is time to quit with the garish colors. Content-wise I am pleased to see the branching out in recent years. Please keep coming with surprises (NBE is still unexpected, and the "In Between" X-men would also be sort of a surprise. Go ahead and do stuff like Ka-Zar, Inhumans, Doc Doom and don't put them in a different category such as "classic trades". Put out something from left field (Pussycat!) too. Please pursue the licensed characters. There is great potential for Doc Savage, MOKF, 2001, John Carter, Unknown Worlds/Worlds Unknown. Do it for "history", as well as sales concerns. It would be wonderful to see you regain the Conan and Kull rights and do some definitive hardcovers. As always, thanks for listening. I appreciate it.

I am very pleased with the last year of MMs, I do regret having bought every issue when it came out during the last years though, because MMs are finally produced right and that leaves me with the option of upgrading the old ones. It would be nice to include letters pages and bullpen bulletins.

I think the children of the 80's have disposable income now and are looking to buy -- I feel the Masterworks program is ignoring this audience, with the exception of Uncanny X-men.

I just like it; very excited by the future of the line.

I Love It Just The Way It Is!!!!

I am new to Masterworks. I hope it moves into the 70's and 80's and maybe a focus more on arcs and runs.

Fantastic overall. Great strides have been made since the relaunch. Keep it up!!

Love it!

I'm pretty happy with the current Masterworks programme, but most titles are currently in the period that I have all the original superhero, horror and war comics for (1967-1972), so I'm not buying the Masterworks as well. I have a preference for the Omnibus series because they have included the letters pages, and I'd like to see the house ads included as well.

Eliminate the glue problem. Enough already. Add another introduction if you have one from Stan. Use Omnis for 'done-in-ones', (Devil Dinosaur - Eternal size), MMs for ongoing.

I really have no complaints they are getting to every genrea and all 3 periods of Masterworks line and have almost completed the Silver Age issues of all major Marvel titles. I also love the Golden Age and their choices on volumes has been excellent. I was very surprised at how much I liked the obscure material from USA and Daring Mystery volumes.

Program is in very good buying is starting to slow down as the silver age gets completed Omnibus program a great development for highly desired runs of simonson thor,peter parker etc many thanks for all your hard work.

You better not stop until you've got the Kree/Skrull war covered. C'mon, get to it.

My main interest is completing the runs of Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain Marvel. I started collecting in the late 70s and buying back issues of these comics from prior to my collection is very expensive and time consuming. I look at Masterworks as a way to complete my collection.

Good fun, great selections, and please go BTP on the Eternals omnibus!!!!!!!!!!

- More new #1's - More 70's / obscure material - More Omnibus reprints of masterworked, non-masterworked and modern material. The Omnibus line has rejuvenated my interest in classic comics.

I'm very satisfied, but would like to be certain that the Golden Age and Atlas lines continue to receive the care and attention that materials deserves. The Golden Age books are the reason I got into collecting the entire Masterworks series.

I love these, but too many come out per year. It's hard to afford the newer high prices. It's good to include as many releases as possible in the long run, but instead of collecting them all, I'll have to be selective in my favorite lines. Again... no reissues in the same book style!!!

Wonderful. Uplifting. Exciting. Stimulating. And I hope, ongoing.

I am thrilled that they are continuing and appreciate the hard work that Marvel is putting in to it. I plan to continue to support it by buying them all.

I haven't bought in a while and am moving away from comics into hardcovers. So I am excited by Marvel's production of these books

Anything I've had to say I've already said to Cory. Great program that keeps getting better. 20+ years now since I picked up volume 1... Oh yeah, a thanks should go to John/Rhett for keeping the interest up and alive with this site. Hope the rewards are worth the efforts provided by these two...

Keep them rolling out please, + as always, any chance on cutting prices? Some series though, i'm more than happy to collect as a TPB - X-Factor, Alpha Flight etc

I am not a completist for Masterworks by any means. I generally buy only the books that interest me, specifically books where I do not have the original issues or other reprints. Exception is the Fantastic Four and Thor. I love these characters and want the Lee/Kirby material in hardcover!

To be honest I haven't bought one in years, however I am going to look into it.

Love the work Cory et al. are doing in terms of restoration. Wish the binding/dust jackets were better. Wish my bank account was bigger. Bring on 2001/Machine Man!!!

great work!! stop sticking the dustjacket to the book cover !!

Love the books themselves, but priced too high and too hard to find.

You need to fix the problem with the dust jackets on the variant editions sticking to the leather. The binding since you sent the books to China has been very rough and very sloppy looking. You should have Roy Thomas write all of the introductions otherwise they're just not very good.

Not all questions have the right answers available, so here are some additional comments: I don't buy MMW content again in Omnibus format, BUT I think an Omnibus is perfect for a short classic series like Savage She-Hulk, Eternals, Ka-Zar etc. (12-25 issues). To sell such a run in MMW format seems more difficult. I like MMW in chronological order (more or less). Later material as mentioned in question #14 (add MoonKnight, Wolverine etc.) would be better in Omnibus format. There is the point of the price for material that is not so expensive compared to the original issues. An Omnibus should be less expensive overall (per page). Are 10 to 14 issues of the late 70s or 80s really worth $55? I wouldn't buy material in MMW which had good paper quality when it was published originally ( i.e. Black Widow or Spider-Man/X-Men of Marvel Fanfare).


Keep 'em coming!

Keep up the good work.

Let's close off the 1960s and be done with the decade. Get the last Torch & Fury stories out there; step up production of Thor & DD volumes. Publish the Not Brand Ecch Omnibus. It's time to get into the 1970s.

State of the union is great! I have no problem with the glue, the binding, etc.

Looking Good So Far ! ! !

You folks are doing a great job, I only wish we could get more books quicker and they not cost so much. ;>) As it is, I've been getting a very self-indulgent treat once and sometimes twice a month now for over 3 years now, and for that, I thank you. As the super hero Silver age titles fall off the board, I am excited to see more Golden, Atlas and Bronze Age (70's) titles in 2008 and beyond.

I think the masterworks should include a year's worth of material. 12 issues and an annual.

More Silver Age like Nick Fury, Sgt. Fury, Two-Gun Kid, Kid-Colt.. Less Bronze Age..

totally satisified

The Atlas Era Masterworks need to be published monthly along with the Marvel Age. The glue problems need corrected immediately. The binding needs to allow the books to lay open flatly. The colors need to be darkened to match the original spooky coloring. The covers should be full bleed like the EC Archives. The size of the artwork should be as large as or larger than the original books, never smaller. The line art reproduction still needs further improvement.

Keep up the good work!... The lines I would really like to see speeded up are the GA Big Three books (especially where either Everett Subby or Simon/Kirby Cap are involved)

Overall it's a very good program maybe they could speed up the Atlas Era program a bit. I also think that they should have released Ant-man 1 & 2 and Human Torch 1 & 2 in the same way that they released Silver Surfer in the 80's, released them with only a few issues between them. But very much support for Cory for continuing to release the Masterworks


You guys are doing a great job.I buy both the Masterworks and the Omnibus.I will continue to,but the bronze age will have its limits in my case.Alot of the material I own as comics,but I am selling my collection and replacing it with Masterworks and Omnibus books and most of the newer stuff that has been mentioned I already own in tpbs,Simonson Thor,Byrne FFthe Daredevil Omnibus. So the need for such Masterworks can wait until the Golden,Atlas and Silver Age content is completed.

I'm eager for the BTP program to get started up again. I need X-men 4 and Uncanny X-men 3 and 4.

I actualy would like to see "Marvel:The Lost Generation" in some format,be it a TPB or Marvel Masterwork.

I want Marvel to keep going on titles regardless of who the artist is. Marvel stopped Fantastic Four after the Kirby run. I want them to keep going on Fantastic Four! Don't end a title just because you have finished a "hot" artist! I want marvel to finish the 1960s and then focus on the 1970s. I especially want the "monster" titles.

Better than ever.

I really appreciate the effort in the past few years to reprint all the classic Marvel comics. These titles and stories are still the best comic books of all-time, and that includes right up through the mid-1980s. Because of this I would imagine Masterworks will continue to be good sellers -- as long as they show enough business savy and customer respect to solve the glued pages/dust cover problem! Thanks for asking for my opinions. Victor Shade

More Omnibus editions and info about plans as I regret buying Masterworks which I can get as Omnibus later and have to sell then (every time I loose maoney, but the Omnibus format is much more preferable to me (bigger reprints, more pages and super price level!

Since I've been buying the masterworks since the original 27 back in the early 1990's, I've been very pleased with the overall direction of the program since the "reboot" back in the early 2000's. I especially love the Atlas monster books, since they were basically published right around the time I was born, and have no recollection of them. Keep them coming, please. Now given my age, (50) I'm a "marvel age" fan through and through, and would really like to see the rest of that age "fast tracked" (e.g., Daredevil, Dr.Strange, S.H.I.E.L.D. Thor, Avengers,etc.) as opposed to the Golden Age stuff, which I have relatively little interest in. So, from my own selfish standpoint, I'd like to see the vast majority of the masterworks publishing schedule go to the Marvel Age superheroes, and the Atlas Age monsters. I also really like the omniboo, and wouldn't have an objection if Marvel decided to omnibus those Marvel Age titles I want fast tracked starting with the next issues due up in the series, but I know that would drive the "completists" crazy; I just don't like the idea of having to wait 4 years to finish Colan's Daredevil run or 3 years for Kirby's Thor run, or 4 years to get to the Adams/Palmer run on the Avengers "Kree-Skrull war",but I know Marvel can only produce so much in a given year. Overall, though, I give Marvel big kudos for continuing the program, I know from reading the boards I'm not alone! P.S. - If marvel ever wanted to do their "Omniboo" like those beautiful "Sandman" volumes produced by Vertigo, I'd pay for it! (to dream the impossible dream!)

I have received so mucg enjoyment out of my masterworks volumes. Thank you so much and keep up the good work

In general, the program is in fairly good shape, I feel, excpet where it comes to the apparent complete and under inability to deal with quality control issues such as the glue, which should have been dealt with long before now.


Please keep going. I'm buying all the superhero stuff and I read chronologically. I am DYING to get to some good Bronze Age stuff. Dying to see some Invaders, Defenders, Nova, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Power Man, Two in One, Team Up stuff. I remember it as a kid...the material only gets better during this time period. But you gotta keep putting the material out for us to buy.

I think the program is great. I had to suffer through the lean years of the 1990s when I didn't know if there was ever going to be another masterworks volume published. It's still overwhelming to me to see how many new volumes are created. I skip all of the Golden, Atlas and non-superhero volumes but even so I'm getting around eight new volumes a year. Also, continue the Omnibus program. I think that format is excellent as well. Here are the titles I'll continue to buy as long as you continue to create them: Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man (any title), Fantastic Four, Thor, Daredevil, Avengers, Captain America and X-Men.

I am very pleased with all of my Masterworks purchases and look forward to many hours of enjoyment both from new volumes and re-reading the ones I already have.


I'm very happy with the books that are chosen. Only problem is the glue sometimes.

Very good. But I do think that, as good as the Masterworks program is, there are some slight problems. DC's Jack Kirby Omnibuses have shown that the old style of coloring can be faithfully represented without sacrificing paper quality. Still, I'm glad I decided to pick all these books up. Marvel should be proud of this program.

Love these books!

I'm generally satisfied.

Being only a sporadic Masterworks buyer, I'll leave any further critique to the heavy duty collectors. I would love to see more lines begun that would collect - and complete - shorter series. But perhaps that marks me as an Omnibus man. Perhaps the next survey should be a Marvel Collected Editions survey, so that we might vote for how best to collect the Marvel Universe overall. The current survey does that to a certain extent, and I feel that most of my views have been expressed through the survey. Thanks for putting together the survey and running the board, Gormuu. My collecting has been enriched by your efforts. Yancy Boy

Don't go into overkill

Please consider the addition of letter pages -- you have them in Omnibus, why not Masterworks? I would love to see a change in the paper stock to something off-white and textured (as in DC Archives). The super-bright-white, shiny paper that is currently used is my biggest Masterworks complaint.


pretty much done

I love 'em!