Would like to see more Westerns from the Silver Age. Would love to see a Yellow Claw Masterwork. Also Tomb of Dracula

I'm still waiting on some crucial editions to fill in the remaining gaps. For instance, I would really like to see an X-MEN vol. 7 & 8 to bridge the era between the old X-men and the new Uncanny X-men.

not enough hooch

NO WESTERNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daredevil vol. 4 being so short

The limited amount of 1970s-era Masterworks, specifically the absence of a 2nd Warlock volume. I want to see the Jim Starlin material collected in their entirety.

Still no Golden Age Captain America vol. 2. Come on already.

Too many Atlas and Golden age books.


No announcement of Warlock volume 2

Finding glue between pages and on the dustjackets for the first time was majorly disappointing. So was finding out that Atlas Era Horror (Strange Tales Vol. 1) wasn't nearly as entertaining as I had expected it to be.

Increase in prices.

Captain Marvel V1. Very poor stories

Honestly? The weakness of a lot of the Golden Age material. As a fan of the Simon/Kirby work, I guess I was spoiled, but I can hardly make it through two consecutive stoiries in ALL-WINNERS, and they're only about eight pages!

The move to sewn binding - while I love the idea of sewn binding, marvel's binding is well below my quality standings. Pages either have too much glue or are too loose, and along with other shoddy binding flaws result in a product that does not meet the price charged or quality of the content.

I am anxious to get at least 1 more Iron Man book. This'll be on my favorite list as soon as it happens.

No Venus / Namora / Sun Girl releases as yet in the Atlas Heroes lineup nor some of the more obscure horror books of the Atlas era... still there is always 2009

Still seems to be some dragging of feet regarding certain series (minor really, I don't have much to complain about).

No Master of Kung Fu.

Don't know about the Masterworks lately, but the choice of paper for the Omnibus editions sure sucks. Uncanny X-Men 1 was great but it's been the only one so far. :(

Very disappointed with Amazing Spider-man Vol 9. The page count was just too low. It could have had an extra 5 issues added and not have an effect on the overarching storyline. I recall The Mighty Thor Vol 2 ended in a middle of a two-parter.

Excess glue in the bindings. The Binding quality should be top notch for books at this price.

The decision to go "Back to press" with some Masterwork editions. I spent a good eal of money on EBAy purchasing the Limited Edtion Remastered Fantastic Four and Spider-man and X-Men books. Your decision caused the value of my collection to drop dramatically!

I was a big fan of th 50's pre-code Atlas books, but was disappointed in the Strange Tales 1-10. I wish Marvel had decided to publish post-code books in the Atlas Age, especially the Ditko/Kirby/heck books from 1958-1962 instrad (e.g. Strange Tales 70 -100)

the fucking glue


It sounds crazy, but not enough X-Men content. You guys are great at releasing stuff that is newer that the other lines for X-Men, but I really can't get enough of that material till I have them all!

None in particular.

How long will it take to get Human Torch v2, Nick Fury v2, the rest of Kirby's Thor, and the rest of the 60s Marvel line completed?

Recoloring of the artwork detracts & takes away for the original content!

Price increase

The biggest disappointment had to be the Masterworks that I received where the cover was glued to the book itself.

Ongoing failure to reprint Marvel Comics vol. 1. Maybe it could be done in an Omnibus format? I would buy that.

X-Men Volume 7 and 8 not being published.

Placing Rawhide kid into the 12 Marvel Age Books put out each year.

The lack of a second volume of Golden Age Captain America. I already own the hardcover box set of the first 10 issues of Captain America ("The Classic Years") that was released a few years ago. So, I have elected to pass on the 1st volume of the GA Cap Masterworks. I really want to buy all of the Golden Age Cap stories I can get my hands on, but Marvel won't be getting beyond the issues already reprinted in the box set until GA Cap Masterworks Vol. 3. And I can't purchase Vol. 3 until Marvel publishes Vol.2. The focus Marvel has had on lackluster titles/heroes such as "Daring Mystery" and "USA" would be like DC's Archives line ignoring Golden Age Superman to rush out voulmes dedicated to Hourman, Mr. Terrific, and the Red Tornando. It makes no sense. Captain America was far and away the best title Timely published through the war years.

None, really, I just wish they would put out the Golden and Atlas age material at a faster clip. I would really love to see a reprint of some of the weird horror hybrids that they came up with like Captain America Weird Tales and Venus. That would be awesome, truly awesome.

Dustjackets glued to the covers.

Wish to see more titles fast tracked and more Bronze Age (Dracula, Defenders, Marvel Team up in particular)

I am content with all masterworks.

There were 2 Rawhide Kid editions published before we get Jim Steranko's Nick Fury.

Finding the dust jackets glued on and tearing a hole in my dust jacket when I was carefully trying to remove it. I mean, come on! Who glues on dustjackets EVER?

Can not think of a disappointment.

No new golden age Captain America material. I've seen numerous reprintings of 1-10, but I want 11-74! Any chance I'll live long enough to see this material reprinted? As I said above, if you'll print them, I'll but them.

No interesting Bronze Age Marvel Masterworks featuring characters such as Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Tomb of Dracula, or Werewolf By Night.

As much as I like the Strange Tales Masterworks, I would have rather you started with the Kirby monster issues and picked up the earlier issues later on. My biggest disappointment was seeing my name mis-spelled in an Omnibus.

atlas era heroes vol.1-marvel boy was a letdown.

Not knowing definitively if there will be an Uncanny X-Men Omnibus vol. 2. This means i have to find an Uncanny X-Men Masterwork, featuring the end of the Byrne run, and beyond. i MUST Own this, and i WILL upgrade, but i'd REALLY rather not have to buy this twice.

the glue problem - surely there is a solution to this!!

None, really. Getting caught up and not having any back issue volumes to chase down! I started 30+ volumes behind back about 5 years ago.

Captain Marvel Volume 3

NOt enough bronze age material. I'm done with the silver age, I own all that I need. Hence, my Masterworks buying has slowed down to next to nothing.


Having amazing fantasy released as an omnibus instead of masterworks format

The glued binding costs more and "feels" cheaper (i.e. books still won't stay open on their own, make annoying cracking sounds that wake my wife, and sometimes I turn the page on a signature and feel like the page is about to fall out, even though it isn't). Bindings should be even, silent, and pages should stay open. This has been a definite factor in my skipping such recent volumes as Rawhide Kid 2 and GA Daring 1. A comment from my sleep-deprived wife says it all: "Good. You're reading an Archive tonight."

Beyond a doubt it was Warlock. Most of the Masterworks equate to a time when things were simpler; i.e., Iron Man fighting Commies, or Captain America reliving his Nazi fights. Warlock took the Masterworks into a more 70's timeperiod when things became very sensitive and very complex. I suppose I am an old foggie, but I grew up with a very simple, good vs. bad storyline that was entertaining and not complex.

No particular disappointments, other than falling a bit behind.

No Volume 2 of Captain America or Volume 3 of Marvel Mystery.

Utter Boredom reading the early-50's non-Super-Hero stories from Strange Tales.

Uncanny X-Men vol 3 and 4 are still not available

None really. As opposed to DC archives I know that Marvel will release the titles I want, it is just a question of when they are released.


No real disappointments.

It's the glue issue. Having seen scans of Avengers Volume 7 and Sub-Mariner Volume 2 the glue has started to dull my enthusiasm for what are otherwise beautiful, lovingly crafted products. If this situation were addressed I'd definately purchase more books, but right now I'm cutting back on purchases because of it. It's like rebuilding a vintage Ferrarri and giving it a crap paint job.

Silver age is being completed; it's my favorite series of books

No collections of Two Gun Kid, Kid Colt (yet)

Amazing Fantasy came out as an Omnibus instead of as a Masterwork.


That we haven't been getting more Bronze Age Masterworks, and what appears to be a trend of putting Bronze Age material into Omniboo format instead of Masterworks.

The continuing problems with glue seeping to the pages. And the fact that Marvel Comics Vol.1 has not been remasterworked yet! The first printing is an abonomation!

I can't think of anything to mention that's been disappointing... I'm generally quite jazzed as a collector each month when I see the announcements, and when the books reach the store. My Masterworks library is the pride of my collection at home.

Amazing Fantasy in Omnibus instead of Masterworks

Nothing, really.


Last year the schedule seemed a little more unpredictable. While some masterworks seem to get the same continuation in roughly same spot every year or timed with certain events, like a movie, others got pushed around or didn't seem like they are keeping the same spot on the schedule.

Some of the recent choices don't interest me. More 70's Horror Titles (TOD, WWBN, MOF, etc)

Finding too much glue in the books.

Nothing to say.


Just 9 volumes of spider-man. I wan't more!

The movement towards printing Bronze Age Masterworks before the Silver age is done.

Too expensive, Omnibus and Essentials offer far better value for money.

Probably just the news that Marvel Mystery 3 and GA Cap 2 are delayed through to a lack of source material.

Putting out Bronze Age lines (Warlock) before finishing off most of the Silver Age lines.

No Young Allies for GA masterworks

No Human Torch Vol 2 (Silver Age)

none come to mind.

No Marvel Mystery v.3. In general, I would like more of the stuff that interests me, but I understand that the MA stuff has more appeal to most.

When Great Odin whispered in my ear one night and told me I wouldst not see the likes of OVERSIZED TALES OF ASGARD 'til my 120th year, I knew I had for one brief second traipsed 'pon the burning flames of Hela's breath! Ne'er since then hath my life been the same!

I was disappointed that Sub-Mariner #1 was included in the last Masterworks volume of Subby, which means the next volume will start with #2. I think all of Big John Buscema's sterling work on Subby should be contained in one volume, the only one incidently I am interested in buying.

Still no Iron Man v1 back to press. Would like to have seen the Vol 1's and 2's go BTP first before such volumes as FF and ASM v5's.

I really dislike the BTP books; especially the variant versions. The appeal of the variant books were the limited availability which gave them a more collectible feel. With the BTP on these I feel they have lost a little bit of collector value in my opinion.

A small matter, but the delays on some of the Golden Age volumes was a slight disappointment. I realize how difficult it is to track down the old issues, but I have this dream of getting all the Marvel comics that era in Masterworks format before I die.......


Gormuu not getting in touch with me about the prize for the last 'guess the Masterwork' competition!!! :-) Obviously, that's not too bad, so generally I'm very happy. But I am holding off buying that volume, so I would like to know one way or the other...

Issuing marginal titles like westerns, monsters, reprinting (BTP) old titles instead of newer ones.

Not enough Thor, really liked the ones made for Barnes and Noble at 9.99 each and paper back.

Would like more 70's bronze age and haven't seen many.

The upgrade that I made to Fantastic Four Omnibus /Variant (Vol 1) based on the great remastering in Omnibus (vol 2)--to see not much change in quality--I knew that issue 1 was 'it' --but still assumed that 'something'--somehow--there would be improvement overall.



None, really.

My biggest disappointment of the last year was the switch to sewn bindings. I was one of the most vociferous proponents of switching to the sewn bindings but the sewn bindings that Marvel uses are not up to the level of their competition. Additionally, the switch has apparently caused the glue problem. C'mon, Marvel, what's the problem? DC, EC and Dark Horse are all top notch. What's your excuse?

I believe that the format still is not equivalent to D.C.'s Archives or the Spirit. I would like to see a consistent state of excellence.

No Bronze age Masterworks like the Invaders, The Defenders, the Champions, Marvel team-up, Marvel two-in-one, What if? Those are the lines of books that i remember reading in my childhood and the ones that i would love to seen Masterwork this year.

My only disappointment is that I missed a few that are out of print, most importantly, X-Men #4, and I have to monitor ebay to get these. I'm on top of new issues now.

No jungle comics yet.

The fact that that we did not get GA CAPTAIN AMERICA vol. 2 or GA MARVEL MYSTERY vol. 3

I'm getting behind on my reading and quite frankly wonder how long I'm going to keep pouring money into Marvels coffers when they keep producing substandard products and charging premium rates. The latest Atlas Age Heroes is a total rip off at $60 for just over 200 pages.

Still no NOT BRAND ECCH! Also disappointed that Marvel let CONAN license go. Wanted to see CONAN MASTERWORKS voulmes.

Releasing thick Omnibus books like Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 with a crummy glued binding and then having to wait for the better sewn binding. Le'ts not see any more glued binding on hardcover books.

The addition of Atlas monsters and Marvel western material.

Conan not being done by Marvel. Fantastic Four not being fast-tracked.


Glued dust jackets.


Biggest dissappointment? Uncanny X-Men is not "Masterworked" through the Paul Smith era!

Continued use of high-gloss, white paper

Branching out to Westerns. The faulty dust jackets - MAJOR PROBLEM GET IT FIXED! I've bought the first volumes of all the Atlas era Masterworks but found them dissapointing in the main. Will not be buying second volumes of most of them.

seeming unwillingness to fast-track

None. I pretty much enjoy all of the stories I have read. I can't wait to see the next Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk Marvel Masterworks in the near future.

No real big disappointments.

I am overall very satisfied, I have no complaints. I guess if I have one it would be that Marvel Tales #1 gets reissued, it is poorly done.

not brand echh still waiting

With most of the Silver Age done, other than FF and Thor, I'm losing intrest in the line.

No Tomb of Dracula or other 70's Horror like Man-Thing of Son of Satan

beating a dead horse here, but the sewn binding quality is under par, especially with the price increase...

Move along the Avengers, I can't wait for the Kree Skrull war.

Marvel's failure to reprint marble variant editions of MM Vols. 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33.

Slow to continue the mainstream titles, like Avengers, XMen.

No vol. 2 of SA Human Torch.

the volume that reprints marvel mystery comics 1-4

Lack of Warlock Vol II

On two occasions I have bought new shrink-wrapped copies (1 masterwork and 1 omnibus) only to discover missing pages. In both cases this is extremely poor but in the case of an omnibus, given the price, it is totally unacceptable.

No BTP on Thor Volumes

The biggest disappointment was that as of the end of the year (2007) there were still only two late-Atlas monster books available. Sure, TTA Vol. 2 has been announced, and TOS V2 is about to be announced, but I'd really like to see more in this line.

The glued pages and the most returns for exchanges in 2007 that I have ever had in collecting Masterworks.

That I do not have enough money to buy them all

finish the 1960's before moving into the 1970's+

Any month a Western displaces a Silver Age Hero book.

I was hoping the binding problems would be solved. I appreciate the sewn binding quite a bit, that can't be overstated. But the glue seepage is very annoying and needs to be addressed. I would like my books to lay open flat like DC and Dark Horse Archives.

That Gormuu didn't include 2001: A Space Odyssey/Machine Man as one of the Omnibus choices.

I really want the sixties finished superhero-wise and some titles are lagging a bit.

No Golden Age Captain America vol 2 on the schedule.

The glue problem

Captain Marvel vol 3 not including Starlin's last issue

Not having more bronze age product available. we need Tomb of Dracula and Defenders ASAP

I don't think sewn binding has improved the books much. I barely notice the difference between them and the glued bindings; I still have to hold the books open. I think the culprit in the stiffness problem isn't so much the fault of the binding as it is that of the thick paper. I wouldn't mind seeing Marvel go back to the glossy paper they had before, though I know that will never happen.

Not going BTP on golden Age Vol 1

Some poor choices of reprint material. Not a big fan of Golden-Age.

Western and war Masterworks

No GA Captain America Vol.2


Every time I bring home a new Masterwork and the dust jacket is glued to the book. Really damn frustrating!!


My biggest disappointment is ongoing and is that the books are exactly the same except for the dust covers. The marbling of the frontpiece and the images of coming and past titles was cool. In the last year my biggest disappointment has been the rerelease of the variant covers. Those covers should be retired. If you didn't get them, tough. However to give full credit, they did a "II" on the back cover to denote a second edition.


Very Slow on ASM Masterworks. Need to speed up this line.


Feel the interior page coloring is too garish - would prefer a bit more subtlety, not unlike the original comics, but less crude.

Biggest disappointment was the lack of consistent improvement in the production values, despite the thicker paper and sewn binding. There is still glaring quality issues here that should have been taken care of long ago. That they are still around and that people still are bitching about the same thing year after year is very disappointing.

Artwork lost in gutters in ETERNALS, and failure to reprint ETERNALS.

I want the backup stories... The Inhumans, Tales of Asgard, Watcher's Tales, X-Men origins. I'd also like to see the letters pages and house ads. And the monthly checklists. With Bronze Age reprints, I'd like to see the advertising crawls that were at the bottom of the page.

Not enough masterworks


I have no disappointments other than the availability to price ratio. I'd like to buy Masterworks firsthand but when I can afford them it can often be hard to track down specific volumes.

Although I purchased the Amazing Fantasy Omnibus, I was disappointed the material was not Masterworked instead.

I can live with the glue 'seepage' - the book can always be exchanged for another copy if it's too much to deal with. However, being charged an extra five dollars doesn't make me very happy.

Dustjackets glued to covers

Still no GA Captain America volume

Marvel comics #1 was totally awful. The reproduction was non-existant - it would have been better to photograph the original comics.

Want more Spider-man Masterworks, and no 2nd Human Torch (Johnny Storm) Masterwork. Thanos Masterwork please?

the loss of Silver Age superhero volumes to titles such as Rawhide Kid and Sgt Fury.

the dely in moving into some excellent 70's material. The stalling of Fantastic Four since vol 62. Dustjackets glued to the book covers. Daring Mystery - ugh! I'll fitting dustjackets on variant vol 92. Long stretches of one volume after another that I find of low interest (the pre-1958 stuff).

I want more Bronze Age Masterworks. I don't care about all this old stuff.

That they haven't reprinted the Masterworks from #28-32 (?), especially Thor and Sub-Mariner.

Too many volumes, too quicky. A financial strain to keep up.

Seeing Omnibuses come out for far, far cheaper than what it would cost me to collect Masterworks with the same material -- exponentially less.

love masterworks

Not seeing a " Tales of Asgard " announcement Not seeing a " Kirby's Romance " announcement

Some of the colors interior and exterior are too bright and garish. Tone it down a little.

Continuing sub-standard production values: pages glued together; dustjacket stuck to the covers of the book. I buy a lot of hardcover books (not just comic-related) and no one else has this problem. Why are the Masterworks so consistently defective?

The release of non-superhero (and unrelated Marvel Universe) Masterworks that takes up a Marvel Age monthly slot such as Rawhide Kid.



No Inhuman Masterworks!!!!!!!!!!

The Golden Age material does not seem to have the same reproduction quality as DC Archives of Golden Age material.

Not discovering Masterworks sooner. I love the variants because of the covers and the collectibility but the past issues are difficult to find for a decent price.

I was disappointed that the Ant-Man/Giant-Man Masterworks were released AFTER the Ant-Man/Giant-Man Essential. I had not read very many Ant-Man/Giant-Man stories, and I wasn't sure how soon the stories would appear in Masterworks form. Therefore, I went ahead and bought the Essential. Now that I've read the stories, it's unlikely that I will every buy the Masterworks. Had the Masterworks came out first, I would have bought them.

Spider-Man Masterworks aren't coming out fast enough! I would like to see Marvel's Spider-Man Masterworks print as far into Amazing Spider-Man as the early 200s. Either that, or Omnibus editions. I did not pick up the Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1 simply because I already have those issues in the Masterworks format, but for issues beyond Vol. 9, I would prefer the Omnibus format simply due to affordability. I would also like to see the soft cover Masterworks available again. My first 4 volumes of the Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks are the softcover versions, and the lower price was what drove the purchase of these versions over the hardcovers. Either way, please keep these collected volumes of expensive, hard-to-find Spider-Man stories coming (whether that be in HC/Softcover Masterworks or Omnibus formats) as this is my preferred method in completing my collection. I'd also like to note that I've considered purchasing various other Masterworks (mostly X-Men) but have been holding out for a second Uncanny X-Men Omnibus volume. I've been thoroughly enjoying my X-Men, Daredevil, New X-Men, Captain America, and Daredevil Companion Omniboo very much. Had I not recently purchased all volumes of the Alias TPB, and my collection did not already contain 3 oversized HC volumes of Bendis's Daredevil run, I would have bought both the upcoming Bendis Daredevil Omnibus and a BTP version of the Alias Omnibus. The demand for these is out there, but Marvel simply does not bring these back often enough. Thanks.

The slow pace of Marvel Age releases and other genres than than Superheroes being included in the releases we do get.

Finding glue in the binding of my Uncanny X-men volume 6 causing the pages to stick together.

Canadian prices are still a ridiculous 60% higher than U.S. prices when the dollar is now more or less at par. This is an absolute insult to Canadian customers!

Need more GA Captain America, stat! Other than that, just glue issues. I mostly love the series.

Waiting for older Marvel Age series to appear

That they aren't focusing on getting more caught up. I'd like them to be more focused on staying closer to even on production. If, for example most of the lines (FF, Thor, Amazing) are done thru 1969, and Sub-Mariner is still working on issues from 1967, then the Sub-Mariner volume should be a higher priority until it is caught up. I know they have to get the heavy hitters out to keep the sales up but I want to be able to read the stories that are referenced in other volumes (like when Iron Man and Sub-Mariner crossed over?). You have no idea how hard I hunted for that back issue just to know what happened.

No "Uncanny X-Man" v7 (i.e., the years b/w the old X-Men ending and the new X-Men starting.)

Choosing Warlock as the first "modern" release. I was hoping for "Tomb of Dracula".

No completion of Silver Age Human Torch yet and too long between Daredevil volumes.

Too many Masterworks that are available in other formats already

Number one was the release of the Amazing Fantasy OMNIBUS. A huge disappointment. My feelings on the "Omnibi" are simple. I have no problem with them so long as I don't see them encroaching in any way on the Masterworks. IMO, Amazing Fantasy should have been released as a Masterwork. It's essential material, as essential and worth as ANYthing Mastworked thus far. Now it's uncertain if I'll ever have it. Number two was the fact that Human Torch (and Nick Fury/S.H.I.E.L.D.) haven't had their second volumes out yet, and that we haven't had volume ones of Two-Gun, Kid Colt, Inhumans, Defenders, and Not Brand Ech.

Splitting of Sub-Mariner/Iron Man #1 into half and put into both books--forced to buy two books to get one full comic.

Haven't yet seen a Black Widow volume.


Just a continuing frustration with the costs of the line. I think the books are worth it, but fiscal reality prevents me from buying all that I'd like! This is more personal economic disappointment than with the line.

Hulk Vol 4 could have been bigger to finish off the last story arc.

That ASM is still not past reprinting issue 100.

Still no Silver Age X-Men #7 - This is now my most most wanted book by a mile and I am really really anticipating its announcement. I still feel like it's certain to be done eventually, but I kind of expected it to have happened by now.

Some of the choices for early BTP releases such as Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 coming out, but not Vol. 6. Avengers 2 & 3, X-Men Vol. 4 weren't in reprint(as yet), but Uncanny X-Men Vols., which are in Omnibus form now, are.

With the publication of Omniboo, and the BTP volumes, the annoying tendency for Marvel to 're-master the color' to reflect the omniboo content and/or the original color schemes. DO the color right the first time!!! I find it really aggravating....

I would've liked to have seen more of the Atlas and Marvel Age work of John Busema, Herb Trimpe, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott in print.

This is not a huge gripe, but there was a little too much Bronze age volumes too close together. I count Uncanny X-Men as BA, along with Warlock and Captain Marvel. But as you can see from my checked volumes above, I skip very little. I did not like seeing books like Hulk getting a 4th volume while ones like Nick Fury had none - but now that's being corrected!

I have no disappoinment!


Rawhide Kid

bad coloring on too glossy paper

That Golden Age Captain America Volume 2 still has not shown up yet (although it is reportedly on the way for 2008).

No FF 11

Some of the reproduction on the Thor volumes

Biggest disappointment is when some books run out. I've ordered Silver Surfer Omnibus but apparently I'll never receive it. My biggest disappointment is that I can't afford all of them so I buy a lot of second hand but not exclusively, I also buy a lot by on-line distributors.

No Not Brand Echh

I dont care so much for the golden age stuff when it strays too far from the big three ( Capt. America, The Human Torch, and Sub-Mariner ).

Not enough Silver and early Bronze Age material issued.

No romance/girl comics.

Not seeing all eras of the Western Ghost Rider collected as an Omnibus or Masterwork.

Not a lot of my favorites were offered last year, but the ones I picked up I am happy with.

Low page counts. Should be as close to 300 as possible.


I really do NOT like the regular cover choice design which is why I choose the variant cover. I don't collect variant covers of any comics or collected editions. It's just the Masterworks' design and color (dull looking silver) scheme is really bland and this is the only reason I choose the variant cover.

I expected either MM Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD Volume 2 or MM Warlock Volume 2 to be scheduled for release by JUNE 2008. Sadly, that did not happen. I want these volumes to be released as soon as possible

Not continuing the original X-Men with a volume encompassing the solo appearance period. No NOT BRAND ECCH??? Come on! Would dearly love an Inhumans volume with the solo series (and the origin from Thor) Ditto Ka-Zar and Black Widow.

That sales might be (have been??) bringing my beloved Archives to a screeching halt! and diminishing page counts with a price hike to boot


My original dust jackets are splitting on the folds.

It would be nit-picking to claim that I have any. Really, I love the Masterworks program about as much as is possible right now. My only complaint, I suppose, would be the doubling-up of material in Omnibus format. I'd prefer to see it printed right in Masterworks the first time (i.e., letters pages included, etc.), and save the Omnibus format for more modern material or for material that wouldn't otherwise be Masterworked (i.e., Devil Dinosaur or the Eternals). I have purchased the Omniboo that overlap the Masterworks -- Spider-Man, FF, X-Men -- but I do so a bit reluctantly, feeling I'm getting gouged a bit for being a completist (wanting the letters pages, for instance, or getting better reproduction than some of the earliest Masterworks offered). So I have no complaints about the Masterworks per se, but I wish they would be as complete as the Omniboo are currently, with the Omniboo instead offering more modern material.



Deleting the Silver Surfer Omnibus! :(

not enough Avengers and X-men masterworks being published. It should be more often. Very dissapointed that many masterworks (e.g. X-men) are out of print so soon.

Content starting to get repeated more frequently.

The glue thing is really annoying. My copy of Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD, a volume I was looking forward to more than others, had glue on the cover so badly that it tore the inside of the dustjacket.

The damaged dust jackets. Pages been stuck together by ink/glue. Atlas Era issues on the whole Yet another Thor masterwork (I like Thor but he seems to be getting more Masterworks than others) Warlock and Captain Marvel masterworks (surely there are better contenders for Masterwork treatment than these) Use of Masterwork sales to pull plug on DVD reprints by Gitcorp.

The glue problem - its happening too often The Warlock Masterworks - poor stories/poor choice Finding my BTP Fantastic Four Vol 28 had its pages stuck together (nice for such a limited edition)

Glue problem. DC never seems to have these problems. Why do Marvel's products always look shoddy in comparison to DC's?

golde age, art mostly - too simple, grude, not of my liking - I do like DC golde Age books ...

No back to press version of X-Men volume 4. Sellers on Ebay are making a fortune off this one and it's the only volume of the original X-Men that I'm missing. Also, where in heck are the Defenders Masterworks? I've held off on buying the Defenders Essentials because I'd really prefer to have them in color and in hardcover.

Too many GA collections.

Too many books in the same month; hard to purchase books becaues of the cost of 2-3 books comming out every month.

Still no re-issued Marvel Mystery Vol 1 - the first print is a mess!

Price hike.


Still cannot understand why there are still coloring errors in these books. Things like blue or yellow hands should NOT be happening!!! For the price I'm paying, I at least expect the books to be appropriatly colored. The glue problem (dust jacket and interior pages) is starting to be highly annoying...

Not enough Atlas era Masterworks.

Nothing with what Marvel has done -- only that I have yet to get a Golden Age Masterwork.

No GA CA 2

Biggest disappointment is that Captain Marvel Vol 3 will not contain Avengers #125, which is a crossover with the Thanos war. The comic has never been in the reprints of the Thanos war.

I would like to see Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange Volumes 4 and 5 very soon, although it does not seem like they will be published this year.

USA & Daring were kind of hokey

I like reading chronologically, so I supose there are older volumes I would love to see reprinted, although, I understand the program must be sales oriented.

Lack of Avengers, Genre books (western and war) taking up slots, slow pace of follow ups to short anthologies such as Human Torch.

Not enough Hulk! And NO Tomb of Dracula!

Canadian pricing was ridiculous. Before the price adjustment due to exchange rate parity- the prices did not accurately reflect exchange rates. Volumes went out of print before I could afford them.

Where is Golden Age Captain America #2?

No Masterworks disappointment, but there is an Essentials disappointment; because the newly reprinted Spider-Man volumes did not include Spectacular Spider-Man 1-2 or Marvel Super-Heroes 14, I'm looking to Masterworks to fill the gap.

None really, I just purcase whatever is coming out (excluding Rawhide Kid)

The glue issue. It's not stopping me from buying, but I have at least two volumes where the dust jacket is completely stuck on on both sides of the book.

Not enough Spider-Man

I picked up Masterworks after buying several EC Archive editions, so Masterworks didn't appear as good in comparison. Took a bit of getting used to, but I'm hooked now!

The Fantastic Four Masterworks seems to have stalled. There is life after Kirby and I'm a bit disappointed as I started buying FF as a kid AFTER Kirby had left the book! Better be a FF Masterworks this year or I'll ummm be very sad!

The relatively low page count of actual comics material. As the actual comic books themselves had less panels and less pages, the Masterworks take less and less time to read. I'm starting to feel ripped off. Also, since when is the Rawhide Kid a Superhero? Thats a money saver for me right there. No superheroes, no $$$$$$!

The Atlas Era Strange Tales collection. Frankly, a bit dull and padded with sub-par material. Excellent introduction though.

The glue is a real problem.


Not enough advancement to the Bronze Age ("lesser" 60's titles like Rawhide kid vol.2 take priority to '70s titles).

No Marvel Mystery 3 or Captain American (GA) 2.

I am looking forward to seeing Golden Age Captain America 2 in the future. The TPB of that material still seems to be in a state of extreme overstock at all of the comic shops I frequent, so I can certainly understand a hesitance on Marvel's part to reissue the material in a pricier format. However, I suspect I am not alone in giving the trade a pass due to a greater interest in seeing it Masterworked.

Reproduction of Vince Colletta inking on Jack Kirby's Thor and the fact that the first issue cover reprinted for FF 1 was not as the original cover was.

3 of the last 10 Masterworks I've bought had major printing defects ( missing black plates on pages, etc... ). The quality control is slipping - never had these problems before in over 25+ years of collecting.

The fact that we could have got a fourth GA masterwork. No Cap America #2 and no Marvel Comics #3 We need to publish those two books once a year in order to finish those two line in less than 20 years! I am happy with the fact that SA Subby will be published every two years the same as for DD! We need those titles on a yearly basis! I don't care what the sales figures are!!!! We need Sgt Fury on a yearly basis too! I worry about the GA program because I rember that in the last survey, 40% of people did not give a flip about those titles. No romance title yet!

If the decision to go BTP with Variants occurred in the last year, then this is by far my biggest disappointment in my entire Masterworks collecting experience. Shame on them. If it occurred more than a year ago, than it's the frustration that it's taking so long for all of the Silver Age to be Masterworked--and that it feels like it's being dragged out while Marvel tries to ply us with Bronze Age titles (as well as Golden and Atlas titles).

strange tales starting at#1 instead of 70 or 73

Going back-to-print on the marble variants, thereby making the "limited edition" aspect of this version MEANINGLESS!!!

The glue problems! There should be some sort of quality control on the printer's part. The dustjackets being glued on annoys the heck out of me! A $55-60 book should not have these problems. These are the only gripes that I have with the line. I am completely satisfied with every other aspect.

the publication of Rawhide Kid. I bought this issue to continue the numbering of my masterworks but it is a waste of time and money.

I just wish I could afford more. I also feel that the DC Archives are slightly better in quality.

Still Waiting for the Black Knight.

The change from the old, flat,shiny paper to the coarser new one.

Slow pace for the Silver Age stuff. And it seems like the page count has gone down.

I liked the fast tracking of the FF Masterworks but was annoyed that they were then stopped for a long time

None really - except I would have liked to have seen the last Dr Strange finish the original run

Glue, glue every where, I cannot understand why this issue has not been addressed. Marvel are normally first class communicators, but on this sticky issue they are silent. Pleae, please sort this out. The last two dustjackets were so badly stuck to the cover that they tore whilst removing them.

Got Iron Man 4 and it had glue all over the edges of the pages so that the pages all stuck together. Had to use sandpaper to get rid of it. :(

That the Avengers Masterworks is not a monthly publication (I was struggling with this question !).

Perhaps not a down side for Marvel, but the Masterworks are being released at too frequent of a pace for me to keep up with and I cannot purchase them all as I used to.


Still no Defenders Archives.

NO new characters like maybe Ghost Rider or Werewolf by Night would make great Masterworks. We just need something new.

No Golden Age Captain America Volume 2.

Not many Bronze Age editions

Howard the Duck Omnibus delay and no Dracula Omnibus

Thor comes out too often for my liking. Not a fan of seeing new volumes coming out of the non-spandex titles such as "Sgt. Fury" and "Rawhide Kid". I still haven't committed to having an entire set because of those books and hate to see more, but I know people have other tastes than I do.

Starting Strange Tales at issue #1 instead of around issue #60; continuing the Sgt Fury series

Unfortunately, the sold out volumes of The Avengers (volumes 2 and 3) have yet to go back to press. I'm eagerly awaiting these two volumes more than any others.

No complaints.

$59.99 is pretty steep for some of these books.

No real disappointment!

Too much focus on Golden Age & Atlas Age releases have slowed down catching up with Marvel Age output.

Still no Nick Fury Agent of Shield #2

I wish the Human Torch V. 2 and Submariner V. 3 would be released along with annual releases of Daredevil.

There weren't more volumes of Amazing Spider-Man.

i would page 272 not 220 page not enough read look more 272 pages more enjoy ok thank you

Price hikes

I really don't think there has been a disappointment over the past year, the Marvel Age volumes appear to be continuing all the lines at a reasonable rate and the Atlas & Golden Age volumes are also coming out regularly.

The long wait for Uncanny X-Men and the low amount of Bronze Age material. Runner-up: Amazing Fantasy coming out as an Omnibus instead of a Masterwork. Now it will look mismatched beside TtA, ToS, JIM and ST. PLEASE don't make the same mistake with Not Brand Ecch! Shelf consistency is important!

This glue of the dust jacket to the book edges. The last one was so bad that no matter how I tried to slowly seperate the jacket from the book, there was still ripping with bits of the jacket adhering to the book edges.

Golden Age Captain America Volume 2 has not been released yet.

Opening the highly anticipated Thor # 6 MM and being disappointed AGAIN with the linework reproduction, especially the Everett inks were poorly done. And it is always on Thor Volumes that we get big problems, not one Thor Masterwork has satisfied 100% yet!!!

We need a faster pace on X-Men, Spider-Man, and FF.

No Amazing Adventures/Amazing Adult Fantasy Masterworks (for now, hopefully).

I think one of my biggest disappointments is the discontinuation of the dvd-roms. I like collecting the Masterworks, but due to price and storage space I cannot get as many as I would like. The dvds solved both of those problems. I prefer to read the comics in physical form, but the dvds allow a person to enjoy the stories and the art in at least some form.

Still needing 20 masterworks to have them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finding out that not all the extra content found in modern oversized hardcovers are in masterworks. I had hoped for a reproduction of the covers for reprints (trade covers and such) to be included. For example I purchased the Neal Adams X-Men run Masterwork and hoped the covers from the 3 Classic X-Men issues (that were 80's reprints) were included. Also the John Byrne intro from those reprints about that specific run.

None that I can recall.

Too many non-Marvel Age Masterworks.

There's still no sign of Golden Age Marvel Comics Volume 4 and Golden Age Captain America Vol 2

Poor coloring choices and color editing (e.g. Galactus in Fantastic Four). Accelerated Golden Age / Atlas / Western product at the expense of the regular Marvel line.

The glue, holy god, the glue! Now that DC Archives is ramping down, find out where they printed their books? Those were great; sewn binding, paper, nice colors and no glue !! If they could do it, you can too!! Repectfully, if Stan writes the introduction, then you should have two intoductions. Stan's for sentimentality, the other to recognize the thoughtful adults that just spent $50.

My only disappointment is that there was no GA Captain America Volume 2 or Two-Gun Kid Volume 1 as of yet.


Still no GA Captain America v2? What's going on there?

The price increase on the Atlas era material. This will keep me from pre-ordering the follow-up volumes of Tales of Suspense and Tales to Astonish.

That the GA Captain America series hasn't progressed further than volume 1 as of yet.

I only collect the super hero silver age collections. I don't care for the Rawhide Kid or Sgt. Fury editions. As I remember from being a kid, you couldn't give these away! Most of the kids liked super heroes. Also, the golden age books: there's too many of them and as a collector, I'd love to have them but they are saturating the market by coming out too quickly. The stories and artwork from the silver age are the most important to me. I am also horrified by the reissues of the popular editions like FF#5 and Spidey #5. Just when I thought my collection was growing in value, the reissues come out and my collection is only worth what I paid for it. If someone didn't buy this when it came out originally, too bad!

The new binnding was pretty disappionting and not enough BTP content avaliable.

Nothing about the programme has disappointed me.


I haven't bought in a while, I am tempted. Interested in what hasn't been produced yet, Like Tomb of Dracula and Project Pegasus.


Continued problems getting workable GA material for Masterworks to keep that line on time and with variety (only 3 books last year).

YES! - When one of the new X-Men volumes was re-issued with the closing story arc that introduced Alpha Flight! (Vol 3, 4?) I had the original Masterwork, & had to staple in the Classic X-Men issue to complete it - i'm not going to pay out for a duplicate Masterwork that corrects this "error".

The amount of glue seepage for a top-end priced product


The issues announced as being in Captain Marvel Volume 3. I think there are a few other issues that should have been included. I would have paid a higher price to see them included.

The continued binding and dust jacket problems with Ant-Man/Giant-Man volume 2 were vexing. The gutter to pages 274-275 was notably glued, and although it didn't creep all the way into the printed area of the page, I still was left wondering why this problem hadn't been fixed already. Also, the binding, although sewn now, didn't seem to be really top-notch. Page 2-3 seem to be cracking apart from each other--although this might just be an illusion, it still decreases my impression of the quality of the overall finished product. Much more of a problem was the stuck-on dust jacket. I've been reading the book for a couple weeks now, and it STILL hasn't worked itself loose. I like to put Broadart covers on my books, and this problem is preventing me from doing so. I might be forced to take rubbing alcohol to the offending areas, and that worries me in terms of damaging the finish, paper, or printing. The binding and dust jacket on the back-to-press Omniboo were PERFECT--why can't we have the same level of quality on Masterworks?

Ease up on the Golden Age. They are of no interest.

glue sticking the dustjacket to the book

I would love it if current Marvel Masterworks would be stocked in depth at major Book retailers such as Amazon,, Deepdiscount and They carry a very spotty selection, but seem to carry all the other recent Marvel hardcovers.

Atlas Era Masterworks price of $59.99

It get's more seldom, but art reconstruction (linework) leaves some poor moments for a $55 book.

Thinner volumes should not be a substitute for the price hike (especially when duplicating material from other Masterworks series.)

the neal Adams coloring in X-Men vol. 6. The colors seem dull, the Neal Adams visionary tpb was better.

That we never saw a subsequent volume of FF after Lee/Kirby.

Slow BTP for Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man titles

Dissappointed that the second Volume of Adam Warlock has yet to be printed.

I don't have any disappointments per se. I own all Masterworks except for Daring Mystery. I just can justify spending $60 on that book. The only other disappointment was not winning the Masterworks contest when I guessed the correct book but accidentally put the wrong cover issue on (typo) >:(

how bad they screwed up the end of the claremont/byrne run. Instead of finishing it up in one volume, they added unnecassary crap like duplicating #137 and reprinting the black and white bizarre adventure stories. The repo on the b & w stories were horrible and completely destroyed continuity. Now I have to decide if I want to buy the next uncanny masterworks for only a couple claremont/Byrne issues. I also think they should reprint 12 issues not 10.

Not being able to find certain volumes

More westerns PLEASE.. Two-Gun Kid is begging for a Masterworks presentation!!!

were not more golden age masterworks

One of the things that made Marvel really cool in the silver age was the dark spooky coloring. The colors in the Masterworks are far too bright. Blue is one of the worst offenders. Costumes that were a dark navy blue in the original comic books are frequently colored a light robin's-egg blue in the Masterworks.

The delay in getting Marvel Mystery Masterworks out. There are 92 Marvel Mystery Superhero comics and only 8 comics have been reprinted in two volumes up to this point. It's going to be a long time before we see Everett's late 40s Subby work at this rate.

How they can publish Bronze age, still good though, Warlock 1 and Captain Marvel 3 before the "missing" Human Torch 2 and Nick Fury 2.

Not enough AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Masterworks or Essentials! Where is Marvel Team-Up? Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man?

Not enough silver and bronze age volumes

Reprint the Silver Age before you get to any newer material.The rest of the Human Torch Strange Tales,Sgt. Fury need to be finished.The western material can wait for that.Other than that,I have no complaints.

The coloring does NOT match the original comic! Look at the cover of Spider-man #1 in an older version of MM:Spider-man Vol. 1 and look at the new version. The "NEW" version does not match the original comic! Also the line work is terrible on the new generation of masterworks. Look at the cover of Spider-man 1. There is no "shadow" behind the THING. Overall the line work on the new masterworks is terrible! Thick lines are thin, and thin lines dissapear! Look at the cover of Fantastic Four #1. The cover does not match the original comic! I thought that the purpose of the "new" line was to make the accurately copy the original comics!

Thor volume 6 repro not looking as good as a story reprinted in my 70s era copy of Origins of Marvel Comics.

Dust jackets glued to the book: very annoying.

The long years without MW's and the much too slow reprint of Amazing Spider-Man stories

Even though not technically a "masterworks" moment,the dropping of Marvel Visionaries in the standard oversize volume format before getting to Gene Colan, Jim Steranko, and Neal Adams. (Yes I realize that Steranko and Adams did have small softbound "visionaries" volumes, but not in the standard oversize format). But not doing Gene Colan, I mean, really! Immensely disappointed!

The fact that the Thor Volume with Journy Into Mystery Annual # 1 (Volume 2?) hasn't yet been remasterworked, and the damn glue problems, which for somebody living overseas like me makes replacing the problem volumes either (a) prohibitively expensive, or (b) impossible (when the volumes sell out).


No Bronze Age material.

The Incredible Hulk volume 4. I felt it should have included issues 111 and 112. Also, there was a variant cover to 110 that wasn't included. This marvel masterworks volume ended up like a marriage: my greatest joy and greatest pain.

No disappointments.

The apparent manufacturing hitch with extra glue seepage in the gutters and causing the dustjacket to sometimes stick to the hardcover, so hopefully I'll get lucky when I get around to buying some more Masterworks and get the ones with less of a problem.

The price is too high.

Glue problems

The refusal of Marvel to pay royalties to Kirby's estate. DC doesn't do the same. Marvel has treated Kirby poorly in the past. Let's end the bad history and pay his family royalties on the work we all love so much.

No disappointments.

Not enough 70s material

My disappointment with Masterworks is the same as in previous years - production. 1) Color is garish 2) paper is too white and shiny, 3) bindings are tight, glue leaks, jackets stick to covers. Premium edition which command premium prices should deliver premium craftsmanship. Also, art "restoration" is a highly controversial practice to me. In my view, these are obvious imitations of the original art. I understand the difficulties in producing these volumes and I appreciate the efforts involved. But it ain't a Marvel Masterwork if it ain't Joe Sinnott.

Masterworks still do not contain letter pages, and seem unlikely to do so in the near future.

Western Ghost Rider not being published


price increase