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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Maybe I'll pull the Matt Murdock story out of my files once in a while, and think about that Pulitzer. But I won't blow his cover. It's worth too much to know that in this city where crime and corruption are as thick as roaches in last week's garbage, there's one man like Daredevil."

- Ben Urich, banging away on his typewriter, pg. 5

Ben Urich shares a lethal encounter with Elektra...and lives to tell about it!

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Daredevil #179
February 1982 22 pages

Script: Frank Miller Letters: Joe Rosen
Pencils: Frank Miller Inks: Klaus Janson

Title: Spiked!

Villain: Kingpin, Cherryh, Flint

Guest Appearance: Elektra, Ben Urich, Doris Urich, Vanessa

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Synopsis: While Ben Urich meets a man willing to give him inside dirt on the Kingpin's connection with Cherryh in a crowded movie theater, Elektra sneaks up behind them and calmly thrusts her sai through the man's chest, killing him instantly. She whisper to Urich that he is to quash his story and forget all about Cherryh, or he will be murdered, too. Later, Ben meets with Darededvil and relates the incident. Daredevil realizes that it is Elektra that committed this crime, and she must be brought to justice.

Cherryh calls Urich down to the gym where he is working out and offers up veiled threats to Urich to drop his reporting. Cherryh's entourage of tough guys back him up on this, and almost kill Urich beneath a 450 pound seat of weights. Daredevil is there to back up his friend, however, and picks up the weights off his neck and tossing them into the arms of Cherryh. On their way out, DD overhears Cherryh's frantic call to the Kingpin to set up a meeting at a cafe in Little Italy the next day. Unfortunately, DD realizes Matt Murdock has to be in court at that time, and he tells Urich to forget about it and lie low; there will be other opportunities to nail these guys.

But Urich the reporter can't help himself, and he stakes out the cafe, set up taking pictures from a dark alleyway. He spots the Kingpin arrive and enter the restaurant. When Cherryh arrives a few minutes later, he notes a beggar lady giving the Kingpin's agent a hard time. It is as if she's trying to contact the Kingpin, but when she's rebuffed, she wanders down into the subway. Urich senses there might be something to this, so he follows her down into the decrepit subway area and snaps a picture of her. Creeped out by his surroundings, he heads back up to the cafe, and the story at seemingly a dead end, he heads home. His wife, straining to accommodate her always-gone husband, is further miffed when he has to head away when a tip comes in over the telephone.

He races off to meet a stoolie who tells him that Cherryh has a mistress that's willing to talk about all she knows. He identifies the hotel she's staying at, but Daredevil shows up and tells his friend that it's probably a trap. DD takes it upon himself to enter the hotel room, and as Urich watches from across the street, he hears all kinds of commotion from inside. A huge fight takes place over a matter of minutes, but shortly, there is a dead silence, and then Daredevil comes crashing through the window, thrown out by Elektra. Ben snaps pictures of their epic battle, as he senses there is far more to this drama than a simple fight between a good guy trying to nab a bad girl.

Elektra draws DD into a nearby construction site, where she leads him to a trap- a bear trap! The device snaps shut around his ankle. She tells him she didn't want to sever his foot, merely leave him immobile, and next, she kicks in a brick wall and tons of brick come falling down over DD, which cause the floor he rests on to crumble out from beneath him, as he falls to the dark depths below. Urich is spotted on a nearby rooftop by Elektra snapping pictures. She sizes his distance from her and throws her sai at him, impaling him through his side.

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

--letter pages provided by Aussie Stu

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