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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Be silent, Cherryh. You may well become the next mayor of this city. But, in truth, you are no more than a simpering slave - - in the service of the Kingpin."

- Kingpin, p. 10

Matt Murdock sees "the light", but is it too late?

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Daredevil #177
December 1981 • 21 pages

Script: Frank Miller • Letters: Joe Rosen
Pencils: Frank Miller • Inks: Klaus Janson

Title: “Where Angels Fear to Tread”

First Appearance: Randolph Winston Cherryh

Villain: Kingpin, Cherryh, Flint

Guest Appearance: Stick, Battlin' Jack (in flashback), Heather Glenn, J. Jonah Jameson, Ben Urich, Foggy Nelson, Becky Blake, Rico

Cameo: Elektra, the Hand (on video tape)

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Synopsis: Daredevil reunites with his old mentor Stick, the blind man who helped him hone his radar sense as a young boy. Stick promises that regaining his radar will not be easy, and may cost him his life, as he will have to dig deep inside himself to tackle the problem. The irascible Stick sets up an archery target, and insists the blind Murdock try and hit the bullseye. He fails the first time. Stick whacks him on the back with a rod and tells him to clear his mind and try again; to focus on the target. Matt does and a bright light enters his field of vision. He can see, from his mind's eye, that he's holding a baseball bat. Then he sees his father, Battlin' Jack Murdock, lecturing him on putting the sporting goods down and studying to be as smart as he can be. His dad chains him to a stack of books, which causes neighborhood kids to speak of him derisively and call him "Daredevil". While he continues this internal struggle, he fires another arrow at the target, and misses. Stick explains there's more digging to do.

Heather Glenn is righteously angry once again at Matt disappearing for days at a time for her life. She decides to give Rico another call. At the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson goes over a bombshell story with ace reporter Ben Urich, making sure that before it goes to press, he's airtight on all his facts. For the story alleges that a local councilman and mayoral favorite- Randolph Winston Cherryh- is connected with organized crime.

Matt continues his fight to pierce the bullseye, reliving the moment when he came into contact with the radioactive isotope and following through with his rage against the old man he had to save.

Cherryh calls on the Kingpin and dares to read him the riot act, telling him it is past time he does something about his exposure in the press. Kingpin breaks his hand, reminding him who controls whom. Becky Blake and Foggy try and put together the storefront after the bomb that had gone off there days previously tore it apart (see DD #174.) He gets a phone call from Jameson, who decides that they need representation to defend the Bugle in light of a suit lodged by Cherryh.

Stick is displeased with Matt's progress after days of trying to regain his radar sense. He whacks him upside the head with his stick and keeps pressuring Matt to continue. He finds himself in a boxing ring, seeing his father in the center. He instinctively heads to embrace his father, but Battlin' Jack punches him. He tells his son he's betrayed him by living a life of violence, just like he did. Suddenly, an arrow flies from out of nowhere, piercing Battlin' Jack and laying him low. Matt looks up at the creature that killed his father and taunts him once again; a giant beast on cloven hooves, with a bow and arrow and seven giant eyes. He tells Matt that he is the devil, and he has come to reclaim Matt's soul.

Foggy and Becky meet with Jameson and declare their fee- he has to pay the expenses to help them set their office back up. Jameson resists, but realizes he needs the best representation he can get, and that means Nelson and Murdock. Heather Glenn tries to enjoy her night out with Rico, but can't bear overhearing him ridicule her blind boyfriend. She spills her drink over his head and goes home.

The beast enters the ring with Daredevil, taunting him to reach deep inside and tap the anger and resentment that powers him. Daredevil defends himself, as the beast continues taunting and goading him, and it dawns on Matt that the key to defeating him is surrendering all fear. He does so, and fires an arrow free of the anger and pain that has weighed him down and blocked his radar sense. He fires the arrow directly into the brain of the beast, killing it dead. In reality, he has sent an arrow straight through the bullseye. Stick challenges him to do it again. The next arrow splits the first one down the middle. Several more arrows repeat the same process. As Matt pulls the arrows from the target, Stick raises a bow and aims an arrow at Matt's head, letting it fly. Matt senses it coming and turns his forearm at the precise moment necessary to bat it away. He smiles at Stick; his radar sense is back.

Flint shows the Kingpin film footage of Elektra's efficient rampage through the Hand assassins, and says she's better at the assassin game than even Bullseye. The Kingpin directs him to find her.

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