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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Strange must die!! Somehow, without violating my oath, I must destroy him! And destroy him I shall!! For I am truly - - the Dread Dormammu!"

-- Dormammu, page 8

Weary after fighting the good fight, Doc Strange closes this volume of Masterworks with honor.


Doctor Strange from Strange Tales #141
February 1966 10 pages

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: Steve Ditko Inks: Steve Ditko

Title: "Let There Be Victory!

Villain: Baron Mordo, Dormammu, the Demon

Guest Appearance: Clea, Ancient One, Hamir

Innovations: First named appearance of Ancient One's manservant, Hamir; First mention of Sanctum Sanctorum

Letters Page: Page One

Synopsis: (continued from ST #140)

Dormammu flies into a rage at Baron Mordo, telling him in no uncertain terms that his help against Dr. Strange was not welcome. He ships him off to a distant dimension as punishment. Dr. Strange rouses himself from the ground and challenges Dormammu once again, with the dread one suggesting they continue their battle with the pincers of power. As the Ancient One and Clea look on, the duo once again perry and feint each other, with the pincers stabbing and grabbing at the other. And just as soon as Dormammu arrogantly thinks he has the human mystic beaten, Dr. Strange pulls on a reserve strength that enables him to totally dominate his opponent. The onlookers cheer, and Dr. Strange dictates the terms of his victory: Dormammu is to swear never to turn his power against Earth.

The evil one departs in a maniacal rage, promising to get revenge somehow, someway. Dr. Strange and the Ancient One return to his Tibetan home and are greeted by the Ancient One's loyal servant Hamir the Hermit. Suddenly, Dormammu sends a mystic communication to Dr. Strange, showing that he has Clea in his prison, and bellowing that he is going to send her off to a dimensional exile where Dr. Strange will never find her! He cackles that he has gotten a fitting revenge against the human Dr. Strange.

The Ancient One advises that this must be a trap by Dormammu, and that after his great victory against the villain, Dr. Strange should find it easy to find help to get Clea back. But first, they must wrap up the dormant evil left behind by Baron Mordo. The Ancient One urges Dr. Strange to be aggressive against the evil residue of Mordo. Meanwhile, some of Mordo's minions plot against Dr. Strange, and they surreptitiously plant a black magic bomb inside Dr. Strange's "Sanctum Sanctorum."

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

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