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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"I could care less, Ororo. You've all been misjudging me since the day I joined this turkey outfit!

-- Wolverine, pg. 9

Wolverine and Weapon Alpha work out their disagreement over who is the biggest Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan.

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X-Men #109
February 1978 17 pages

Script: Chris Claremont Letters: Joe Rosen
Pencils: John Byrne Inks: Terry Austin

Title: "Home Are the Heroes!"

Villain: Weapon Alpha/James MacDonald Hudson

First Appearance: Araki (in flashback), Weapon Alpha/James MacDonald Hudson

Guest Appearance: Lilandra, Moira MacTaggert, Mr. & Mrs. John Grey

Cameo: Gladiator, Star-Bolt, Nightside, Araki, Starjammers (all in flashback)

Letters Page: Letters page coming soon!

Synopsis: The X-Men return home from their outer space escapade, Banshee greeting Moira MacTaggart with a solid kiss on the lips. Storm heads upstairs to her attic refuge and starts a light rain that waters her plants she has had to neglect. Downstairs, Mr. and Mrs. Grey struggle to reconcile what they've now learned about their daughter, and Jean reflects on the life-altering last few days: after her success at restoring the neutron galaxy inside the M'Kraan Crystal, Lilandra was told by her advisor Akari to exile herself until royal order is restored in her kingdom. Corsair told Jean it wasn't the time or place to tell Scott about his parentage, and asked her to hold his secret for him. Only Storm knows of Jean's secret, and they head back to Earth via the stargate.

At the mansion, Mr. & Mrs. John Grey demand to know more of what's going on from their daughter. She takes them outside and explains everything about her mutant powers and her new Phoenix powers. As Nightcrawler scores a date with Amanda, and Moira, Banshee, Colossus and Storm prepare to take a picnic out to a nearby lake, little do the X-Men know they are being monitored by an outside force. Nightcrawler manages to have a conversation with Cyclops about bottling up his feelings of loneliness and isolation, and Wolverine decides to tag along with the picnickers so he can get a ride out to do some hunting. As he explains to Storm, he doesn't want to kill the animals, only sneak up and touch them!

Inside a high-tech craft, a team of Canadian special forces ready to launch an attack on "Weapon X," using Weapon Alpha, a costumed super-hero. In fact, Weapon Alpha makes a surprise attack on Wolverine as he is about to sneak up on a doe. He introduces himself as James MacDonald Hudson, a former associate of Wolverine's in the top secret Canadian super-human project, and tells him that Canadian control wants Wolverine to return, and he's there to bring him back. His specially designed power-suit gives Weapon Alpha super-human strength and allows him to fly, and he lays into Wolverine with an incredible punch that sends him flying.

The foursome of Moira, Banshee, Peter and Ororo are enjoying their picnic when Wolverine comes crashing down beside them. Colossus and Storm power up to defend their teammate, but Weapon Alpha's energy-bolt bounces off of Colossus' metallic hide and glances off of Moira's head, knocking her out nearly causing her to drown. After rescuing her, Banshee flies into a rage at Weapon Alpha, sending him into a brazen screaming attack, but the Canadian super-hero decides to make his evacuation sooner rather than later, knowing he probably couldn't take on all four X-Men at once. He says to himself that he will return, though, and next time he will bring Alpha Flight! Wolverine does his best to explain the turn of events to his teammates before they head back to the mansion.

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