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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"So that's the famous Sub-Mariner! He's just a man in swimming trunks! What a disappointment!

-- Mastermind, pg. 11

Magneto? Sorry, Prof, it's just a big red octopus...and he's RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!!

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X-Men #6
July 1964 22 pages + Cyclops pin-up

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Sam Rosen
Pencils: Jack Kirby Inks: Chic Stone

Title: "Sub-Mariner! Joins the Evil Mutants"

Villain: Magneto & The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: Toad, Mastermind, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver

Guest Appearance: Namor, the Sub-Mariner

Gadgets & Technology: Super-Magnet

Letters Page: Page One

Synopsis: As the teenage mutants enjoy a meal with their Professor, discussion turns to the mysterious Sub-Mariner. It is posited that perhaps the sea monarch is a mutant, and a sense of urgency to locate him before Magneto develops quickly. At the same time, Magneto is hatching his own plan to locate Namor, and, after calming down his rambunctious group of discontented evil mutants, he projects a mental image of himself to go and search out the Sub-Mariner.

Charles Xavier sets out on a similar task, leaving his body to walk through the oceans looking for Prince Namor. When he senses the presence of Magneto nearby, he begs off his quest, not wanting the evil mutant to be tipped off to his search. Moments later, Magneto has discovered the undersea kingdom of the Sub-Mariner! Inside, Namor is stewing about his lack of respect from over-worlders and the spurned romantic attention of Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four. As he barks orders and instills fear in his subjects, the mental image of Magneto sidles up behind one particularly loathsome looking Atlantean and cajoles him into doing his bidding, suggesting that if he simply tells Namor what Magneto wants him to, he could drive the undersea king away and take over his throne!

Back at the mansion, the Professor gathers his students and informs them of their next mission, which surrounds the mysterious disappearance of a ship in the ocean that sighted an island with a massive magnetic device on it. They set sail in a schooner to the nearby location in the hopes of finding Magneto's island base. Meanwhile, the Atlantean whispers in the ear of Namor that perhaps he was a mutant, and that he might find aid from the most powerful mutant on Earth- Magneto! Somehow, Namor is swayed by this information, and he sets out to learn of Magneto's power. He arrives at Magneto's island base and the two meet for the first time! Upon greeting Magneto in his typical haughty manner, Namor inspects the island for traps. Seeking to influence him to his side, Magneto pushes Scarlet Witch out to attract him with her beauty. There is nearly an accident involving Namor and her hex power, but Namor is not above being entranced by her. All of a sudden, the Angel swoops from the sky, knocking Toad and Mastermind off their feet! The X-Men have discovered Magneto's isle! The Angel announces he has a message from Xavier, but Magneto doesn't wait for any message, and hurls boulders at him. Namor takes the fray, announcing he is about to show them "what REAL power is!" He flies up to the swift Angel, grabs him and hurls him across the sea.

From the schooner, Iceman and Beast rescue their hurtling comrade, bringing him safely to the ship. But only moments later, the giant super-magnet casts a force beam which disintegrates the sailing vessel to bits. Iceman creates an ice platform that gives the mutant team sure footing over the ocean, and they walk to the island to continue the battle. They wander through some of Mastermind's illusions before reaching the giant magnet. As Cyclops prepares to destroy the weapon, he is set upon by Quicksilver, who gets in a few licks before being upended and disoriented by Marvel Girl. Scarlet Witch views this, and begins to worry about her captive brother, and Magneto decides to take advantage of the confusion to launch an attack with the full force of his super magnet, despite Quicksilver being in the way! Wanda cries out for Magneto to stop, and Namor comes to her defense, destroying the control panels of the giant magnet.

Realizing Namor is too powerful not to remain in his sway, he attacks him, wrapping him up with the metal wreckage of the control panel. But just then, the whole room is rocked by the force of Cyclops optic beam. The evil mutants become disoriented, and Mastermind and the Toad fend off the X-Men as Magneto flees. The three of them manage to escape, leaving the X-Men to confront Namor and Scarlet Witch, who demands to know what has happened to her brother. A brief melee ensues between Namor and the Beast, and soon enough Cyclops and the Angel are brought into the fray. The whole battle is stopped, however, when Professor X comes on the scene with Quicksilver, safe and sound but under his mental command.

Frustrated by the whole sequence of events, Namor leaves in a destructive huff, declaring his indifference to humanity, despite the attractions to women like Wanda and Sue Storm, and leaving the question open whether or not he really is a mutant. While the Sub-Mariner leaves the island, Magneto decides he must destroy his powerful foe since he won't ally with him. He climbs upon the giant magnet and fires a magnetic ray at the Sub-Mariner which would destroy any normal man, but the Prince is able to resist the powerful force field and in so doing create a shattering impact which destroys the super weapon and sends Magneto and the Brotherhood fleeing in the Magno-Ship.

Pin-up: "An X-Men Xtra Special Pin-Up Page" features Cyclops standing on the precipice of a rock, firing his optic beams. The pin-up is signed "Sincerely Yours, Scott Summers."

--synopsis and panel images by Gormuu

-- scanned letters page provided by Karl Mattson

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