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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"You shoulda never come back, grampa! It was your biggest mistake!"

- - Vulture II (Blackie Drago), to Vulture I (Adrian Toomes), page 16

Grampa Vulture takes care of business!


Amazing Spider-Man #63
August 1968 • 20 pages

Publication Date: May 1968

Letters Page: Page One

I: Feature Story: "Wings in the Night!"

Pages: 20

Script: Stan Lee
Layouts: John Romita
Pencils: Don Heck
Inks: Mike Esposito (credited as Mickey Demeo)
Letters: Sam Rosen

Villain: Vulture I, Vulture II

Guest Appearance: Gwen Stacy, J. Jonah Jameson, Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn

Cameo Appearance: Dr. Warren, Capt. Stacy, Betty Brant

Flashback Appearance: Green Goblin, Kraven

Synopsis: Adrian Toomes, the original Vulture, has busted out of prison and out for revenge! One of those on his list is Blackie Drago, the bad guy who usurped his status as the Vulture in a previous encounter (see ASM #48). At the same time, in a driving rainstorm, Spider-Man becomes disoriented from the downpour and fumbles around the rooftops, eventually falling and seriously bruising his arm.

The Vulture heads to a museum exhibit that has the costume worn by Blackie Drago on display. He breaks the casing and steals back the costume he designed. When Spider-Man arrives home, he is haunted by his recent troubles with Gwen, and the next day there is a tension in the air between them as Gwen keeps her distance. The Vulture flies to the prison holding Blackie Drago and spots him walking in the prison yard. Blackie thinks he is seeing a ghost, and is stunned when Toomes throws him a set of Vulture wings and helps him bust out of jail!

Peter tries to call Gwen at her home, but she is not in; instead, Capt. Stacy asks Peter to lunch the next day. Norman Osborn makes a call to see his son at his apartment and has a rude exchange with Peter. Suddenly, Norman feels faint and Harry helps him steady himself.

Adrian Toomes explains to Drago how he survived, purely on the willpower to seek revenge, and he challenges the second Vulture to a fight to see who is the greatest Vulture once and for all. Their fight catches the attention of J. Jonah Jameson, who tells Peter to start shooting pictures of the battle. Peter attends to his duties as a photographer while Jameson is standing over his shoulder until he sees a small child caught in the crossfire of the two battling Vultures. This forces him into action as Spider-Man! He saves the kid, but right after, the first Vulture knocks out the second and spots Spider-Man, ready to take on his ultimate quarry!

(continued in ASM #64)

--synopsis by Gormuu

--letters pages provided by Debricazar

Issues Reprinted
Amazing Spider-Man #62-67, Annual #5, Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1-2

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