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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Wait! What's happening to me?? The tension -- the fear -- is changing me -- but -- it musn't happen now! I can't -- I can't become -- the Hulk!"

- - Bruce Banner, changing into the Hulk, page 19

Ka-Zar reigns supreme in the Savage Land!


Incredible Hulk #109
November 1968 • 20 pages

Letters Page: Page 1

I: Feature Story: "The Monster and the Man-Beast!"

Pages: 20

Writer: Stan Lee
Layouts: Frank Giacoia
Pencils: Herb Trimpe
Inks: John Severin
Letters: Artie Simek

Villain: Swamp Men

Guest Appearance: Thunderbolt Ross, Glenn Talbot, Ka-Zar, Zabu

Setting: Savage Land, China

Synopsis: The Hulk wanders through Red China, rampaging through the Red Army guard that attacks him. As he enters a restricted area where the Reds are launching a missile, he spots the rocket blasting off. Hulk grabs the rocket, hoping it will take him to a safe place away from those who shoot at him, but his extra weight knocks the rocket off course, taking him into the Savage Land, hidden deep in the Antarctic wastelands.

Meanwhile, General Ross and Major Talbot deal with a worldwide weather emergency, wondering if Bruce Banner or the Hulk has anything to do with it!

In the Savage Land, Ka-Zar and Zabu look for the downed rocket, when they discover the Swamp Men carrying an unconscious Bruce Banner away. He overpowers them and scares them away, and when Bruce wakens, Ka-Zar tells him that he must help him "solve the mysteries of the glowing cave."

They enter a nearby cave with a pulsing force of energy emanating from it. Bruce realizes that inside is a machine set up to destroy the planet by changing the rotation of its axis. Before he can destroy it, the Swamp Men launch a surprise attack, which turns him into the Hulk. He knocks Ka-Zar aside and scares the Swamp Men away, but he has no idea what to do.

Continued in HULK #110)

--synopsis by Gormuu

Issues Reprinted
Incredible Hulk #103-110 and King-Size Special #1


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