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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Man! I never thought even Quicksilver could move so fast! When his sister's in danger, he doesn't kid around!

-- Hawkeye, page 15

Lost command? Must be those kooky rabbit ears.

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Avengers #27
April 1966 20 pages

Script: Stan Lee Letters: Artie Simek
Pencils: Don Heck Inks: Frank Giacoia

Lineup: Captain America Hawkeye Quicksilver Scarlet Witch

Title: "Four Against the Flood-Tide!

Villain: Attuma, the Beetle

Cameo: "Chet Brinkley"

Gadgets & Technology: Aero-Sub, Y-Ray Tank

Letters Page: Page One Page Two

House Ad: Page One

Synopsis: (continued from AVENGERS #26)

Hawkeye rests in the Subliminal Recall-Inducer, where he finally has the access code flicker on in his head like a light bulb- it's 1313! But all of a sudden, he's ambushed by none other than the Beetle! The armored villain with flying wings tries to pummel Hawkeye, but the arrowsmith makes it into the command room behind a steel door, and is able to finally access the Avengers secret message. He gets the full scoop on where they went to face Attume, but again, the Beetle is on top of him. The two scuffle for a time before Hawkeye is able to bind him together with a bolo arrow, making his escape to join his teammates.

His three fellow Avengers tussle underwater with Attuma, their oxygen supply rapidly running out of their helmets. They try gamely to take out Attuma, but in the water, he is supreme. To their rescue, Hawkeye pilot's an Aero-Sub, on loan from the Fantastic Four, while the rest of the world begins to realize that the tides are getting higher and all coastlines are at risk. Inside Attuma's command craft, Quicksilver is ejected to the outside through a vacuum tube, and he floats to the top of the ocean's surface, where he is miraculously rescued by Hawkeye. He revives Quicksilver and then together they head to the bottom in the Aero-Sub to rejoin their friends in battle. They are chased down by some of Attuma's attack ships, and must make it past a giant octopus, but they finally arrive.

Cap uses reverse psychology on Attuma to get him to show off the Tidal-Expander, thus finding out its location. As they plot their next move, Hawkeye and Quicksilver have busted inside Attuma's attack craft and dispatch a cadre of his soldiers. Once Attuma hears that his ship is under attack, he leaves Cap and Wanda to face them himself. The two Avengers manage to overpower the weaker guards and head to destroy the environmental machine. Hawkeye and Quicksilver are pinned down behind a wall as dozens of armed attack guards fire upon them. Attuma moves his Y-Ray tank to deliver the lethal blow, but Cap commandeers the tank's controls and turns it on Attuma! The team, now reunited, heads back to the Aero-Sub and escape. With no trace of Wanda, they shove off, with only the open question of the Tidal-Expander in the minds of Cap's fellow Avengers. But Cap has set a trap, and once Attuma takes the controls of the deadly machine, it feeds back and explodes!

The Avengers are now back at their headquarters, with a new message on their alarm system...an urgent communique about the Wasp!

--synopsis by Gormuu

--panel images provided by Avengers Assemble

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Avengers #21-30

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