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There are a lot of great comics sites out there. Here are a few of my favorites- you might like them too!


Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index

If you have a love for Marvel's Silver Age, and you have never been to this site, get your butt over there. WARNING: Do not go to this site unless you have a few hours to spend! It is addictive!!!! Cover upon cover from the 50's and 60's, stretching across every genre of Marvel, from the horror/sci-fi anthologies, superhero, war, superhero, and even Millie the Model!

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DC Archives Home Page

A complete rundown of the DC Archives series and the home of the annual DC Archives survey!

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The Grand Comics Database

The GCD is a indispensable resource for comics history. Enjoy the search engine and get an idea of what is in any particular comic book. Got a question about the date of Strange Tales #67 and what stories were in there? This is the place.

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Trade Paperback List

You might know Medieval Guy from posting frequently on my message boards and the Quesada boards. Well, he's taken matters into his own hands to put together the definitive trade paperback list, which is growing to this day!

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The Golden Years

There's tons of great information here about Golden Age comics, and a bunch of public domain comics to read. If you like the Golden Age, you gotta check this place out.

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Marvel Monster MicroHeroes Site

I love giant monsters. And so do you. But so does the guy that developed this website...this awesome, amazing, wonderful website!

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Marvel Comics Group 1939-1980

Longtime message board contributor Joe Marek has a site with tons of detailed information about Marvel Comics of yore, including circulation numbers, actual publication dates, and other arcana.


Marvel Comics Official Webpage

Of course, this is where you can find news about the goings-on at the House of Ideas, including information about upcoming monthlies, trades and Masterworks!

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Joe Quesada Collected Editions Message Board

Marvel has no official message boards anymore, but Joe Quesada has one, and most Marvel talk takes part here. (Note: You need to register to surf the threads.)

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DC Comics Official Webpage

DC's official website, with a growing lineup of Archives information, including a sample pages library!

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DC Archives Message Board

I host a message board devoted to DC Archives and collected editions, but here is the official one at the DC Comics Message Boards.

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Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse is up to a lot of great stuff, like reprinting Marvel's Star Wars and Conan comics. Here's there official site, with links to their message boards.



This is where I get most of the news from the world of comics.

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Comics Continuum

The Pulse

Comic Book Resources

Here are three more sites that update comics news daily!



Don't go to this website if you are politically correct and afraid of vulgarity. Do go to this website if you want to see a hilarious deconstruction of Hostess Fruit Pie ads. And other funny stuff.

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Tom Brevoort History of Comics

Silver Bullet Comics hosts Tom Brevoort's semi-regular column where he takes us on a walk through the spinner racks of his youth.

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Homestar Runner

The best 'toon site on the internet. Visit Homestar, Strong Bad, Marzipan and the rest of this kooky gang- perhaps the Peanuts of the 21st century?

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Apropos of Something

Jess has a blog, he likes comics, and he's funny!

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Notes From a Final Frontiersman

Your friend and mine, Bob Greenberger, has his own blog. Here, the editor of DC's Archives and collected editions, Star Trek novelist, and (unfortunately) avowed Mets fan talks about anything he's interested in. Sometimes, that means insider information about the DC books you love!

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Digital Priest

Christopher Priest, one of comicdom's top writers, keeps a blog at this page. He discusses in detail his writing projects, and will often break out into a rant of one kind or another. Go Priest!

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Ragged Thots

Want a little political discussion to go with your comics talk? Journalist Robert A. George is a smart cookie when talking politics and world issues, and it just so happens he's a comics geek like you and me!

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News From Me

Longtime comics and television professional Mark Evanier lends his hand to the documenting historical record of comics, comedy, Broadway, movies and TV, from the perspective of an insider. Plus, the guy sure knows how to write an obituary. Mark's the guy that will one day get around to writing the definitive Jack Kirby biography, but until then, his blog is entertaining and informative in its own right.

All cover images are courtesy of the Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Gallery.

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