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"Man...An honest to goodness snapshot of the sentry! No one's ever been able to photo him so close. Jonah's gonna pay me a fortune for this one!"

-- Peter Parker


The Sentry faces his comrades and friends.

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Featured Characters:

  • The Sentry/Bob Reynolds
  • Fantastic Four
  • Doctor Strange
  • The Hulk
  • The X-Men
  • Spider-Man
  • The Void
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man

About This Book:

The Sentry was a beloved hero, fighting crime before the Fantastic Four took their fateful trip to the stars. He fought all manner of costumed villainy, making the notion of costumed crimefighting accepted by New York's citizenry. He fought alongside the Fantastic Four, Hulk, and Spider-Man, the ideal they tried to measure up to. But today, no one remembers who he was. Bob Reynolds, teetering on the edge of both alcoholism and a failed marriage, wakes up to discover his true nature. He does so in time to begin rebuilding his life. The evil entity known as the Void is returning to Earth. Reynolds dons his Sentry uniform once more and has to unravel the conspiracy to erase his memory from mankind before the Void arrives. Ready for the final battle, Marvel's premier hero is backed up by his closest friends, Mr. Fantastic, X-Men's Angel, the Hulk and Spider-Man. Could they be enough to stop an evil as powerful as the Void?


  The Sentry


The Sentry #1-5
The Sentry/Fantastic Four One-Shot
The Sentry/Hulk One-Shot
The Sentry/Spider-Man One-Shot
The Sentry/X-Men One-Shot
The Sentry vs. The Void One-Shot

List price: $24.95 (US) • $37.95 (Canada)
ISBN: 0-7851-0799-1
240 pages

Most Recent Print Edition: Second Print
First Print Release Date: 10/17/01

Second Print Release Date: 2005

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURES: (10 pages total)

  • Interviews with Stan Lee by Joe Quesada from Wizard Magazine
  • Afterword by Chris Lawrence of Wizard Magazine
  • Afterword by Stan Lee

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SENTRY #1-5:

Script: Paul Jenkins
Pencils/Inks: Jae Lee
Colors: Jose Villarrubia

Sentry #1: "The Suit"
22 pages • September 2000

Bob Reynolds awakes from his sleep during a lightning storm. A series of memories begin flooding his mind. He senses that he had a past in which he was a super-hero named the Sentry, who fought a world menace called the Void. It is a difficult struggle for him to remember his past, but it comes to him in small snatches- he drank a serum that gave him his powers, but also led to dangerous addiction, he wore a costume with a cape, he crafted a weapon called the Confluctor to fight off the Void, and more....

His wife, Lindy, catches Bob downstairs in the middle of his reverie (the last scene of which involved the Void taking the form of his pet dog.) She gets extremely angry that Bob appears to have fallen off the wagon of alcoholism, and leaves him to go stay with her friend Judy. Bob doesn't try to stop her. He goes to his closet to don his costume once again. He sees it hanging in the form of an ordinary windbreaker with a cape attached with clothespins. He puts the jacket on and finds himself flying into the sky.

* * *

Sentry #2: "The Unicorn"
22 pages • October 2000

The Sentry balances on top of a crane stretching high over the construction site of the Fantastic Four headquarters. As he reflects on memories of the day his partner, Billy, was brutally wounded by the Void, he is greeted by Reed Richards, who stretches up to ask him how he got to this location and who he is. Reed suggests Bob is crazy, but that changes when Bob tells him that he will soon need his help, and reminds him of a wedding he attended where he gave him a unicorn. Bob leaves, and Reed is transfixed in the moment, as if remembering something he had succeeded in forgetting.

Reed goes back home and talks to Sue, asking her is she remembers anything about a wedding where there was a unicorn. They realize at that moment they have a unicorn statue sitting on a shelf, with a video tape underneath it. They get a creepy feeling of deja vu and start to remember a time when they attended a wedding, with Reed as the best man to the Sentry. They still can't put their finger on things, so they put the video tape in the player. Finally, on the screen, they see Reed himself, warning the Fantastic Four that if they are watching the video, then "we're all as good as dead."

* * *

Sentry #3: "The Photograph"
22 pages • November 2000

The Sentry pays a visit to the Hulk, who warmly greets him as an old friend- the "Golden Man!" He tells the Hulk that it's important that he keep remembering him as the Sentry, because the Void is coming back and they will need to fight him together. Meanwhile, the FF absorb the video tape warning from the past, with Reed Richards taping himself saying that a man named Bob Reynolds will show up, claiming to be the Sentry. He also portends that a great threat called the Void may return as well, but before any more information can be gleaned from the tape, the VCR explodes and destroys it.

Elsewhere, an interior minister and an army captain discover the dead body of an elephant near an area where a cataclysmic event has just occured.

As Reed works on solving the mystery of the Sentry, the man in question has gotten an audience with Spider-Man. Even though the Sentry appears to know his secret identity, Spider-Man continues to think the Sentry is a lunatic. As he parts, the Sentry leaves Spidey with an exotic question: why are certain copies of magazines like Clarion, Life and Time misnumbered? He tells Peter to check why the magazines don't run in sequence.

Reed finds a bunch of old files in a cabinet he had forgotten existed. Suddenly, Dr. Strange appears and tells him that the Sentry is indeed a real person, and the two try and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

* * *

Sentry #4: "The Conspiracy"
22 pages • December 2000

Unfortunately for Reed, it seems as if Dr. Strange is permitted to speak only in riddles. In a bid to help Reed understand why the Sentry should not be spoken of, he opens up an image of a past experience they shared, in which Reed commands Dr. Strange to cast a spell to make everyone forget the Sentry ever existed. He discovers that it was Dr. Strange who destroyed the video tape in a bid to continue keeping that spell intact. Dr. Strange ominously suggests they must keep on forgetting about the Sentry, or else something bad will happen....

The Sentry contacts Professor Xavier, who seems to slowly recall common memories with the Sentry. At the same time, a supergroup of European origin seems to be being dismantled by an unknown enemy, much to their confusion. And Peter, back at the Bugle offices, goes through old magazine collections and finds that, sure enough, many magazines skip issues, as if certain editions never saw print. He asks Robbie Robertson about this, and is told that he's not allowed to discuss it. Peter starts to remember that he took pictures of the Sentry to sell to Jameson for his Clarion magazine.

Tony Stark immediately recognizes Bob Reynolds as the Sentry. They both share feelings that they're not supposed to remember for some reason, and Bob reacts angrily that there was a concerted effort made to forget he ever existed. They recall the day when the Sentry was met by a united force of Avengers, Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange, with only Iron Man speaking on his behalf and supporting him. They say that despite all the good that he's done, but in light of new information that has been revealed, he must quit and they must forget he existed. For all intents and purposes, they decide the Sentry must die.

Bob warns Tony that the Void is coming back. Meanwhile, his old partner Billy wakes up from a nightmare where he's being seriously injured by the Void. The Sentry feels an inner compulsion to reclaim his old headquarters, a fortress called the Watchtower.

* * *

Sentry #5: "The Betrayal"
22 pages • January 2001

The Sentry meets up with his old computer compadre, the Cloc, which informs him that he's been commanded to not cooperate with him by a virus that has taken over his system- a virus that the Sentry himself put into him in the past, on orders from Reed Richards. He realizes now through the memories that flood his mind what happened- his addiction to the super serum compromised his integrity as a hero. His fellow heroes realized it was too risky to allow him to continue on, though he knew their reasons were built on lies. He had been betrayed by his friends, he thought.

As Billy dons his costume to rejoin his former mentor, the Sentry returns back to his home, where his wife Lindy waits. She apologizes to him for forgetting all about his heroic past, and they make amends, until suddenly, the Void arrives and picks up his wife, threatening him and all he loves before leaving. He drops Lindy, and she tells him the message the Void wanted to leave with him: "You know the answer. Look inside."

The next step for the Sentry is to try and convince all his superhero friends to join him in fighting the Void, who is now creating atmospheric disturbances all over the planet. They join each other to face the coming storm: the Sentry, his partner, Billy, the Hulk, the X-Men, the Avengers, Spider-Man, and his best friend- Reed Richards- and the Fantastic Four. And they nervously await what comes, in the form of the Void, and that which they had sworn to forget- the Sentry.

* * *

COVER GALLERY: #2-5 (single page)

* * *

Sentry & Fantastic Four
22 pages + cover • February 2001

Script: Paul Jenkins
Pencils/: Phil Winslow
Inks: Tom Palmer
Colors: Tom Chu

As the collection of heroes waits at the statue of liberty for the oncoming Void, Reed Richards reflects back on his friendship with the Sentry, especially in one particular battle in which they took on the Android Pirates of Dimension Nine. And then, in another tight situation in which they tried to synthesize the power of the Cosmic Cube, but found it taking over the Sentry's Cloc computer. The team had to band together to reclaim the Cloc from the the power of the Cube, and they did it with a joy and love for the fight that Reed senses he no longer has. He recalls the friendlier days when he and Bob were best friends, back in the days of innocence.

* * *

Sentry & Spider-Man
22 pages + cover • February 2001

Script: Paul Jenkins
Pencils: Rick Leonardi
Inks: Terry Austin
Colors: Jeromy Cox

Spider-Man reflects back on the day when he met the Sentry. After fighting Dr. Octopus, who the Sentry had been tracking as well, he meets the hero up close. Strangely, the Sentry seems to know Spidey's true identity. Peter realizes that all of the world loves the Sentry as a golden hero, while he always gets grief, even from his own Aunt May. One night, Spidey web-swings his way home and finds the Sentry waiting for him in his bedroom. He tells him he needs his help working on a case against the Kingpin, who is currently tied up with the Void. The duo race off to the Kingpin's lair, where they find him being assaulted by the Void and his vicious serrated tendrils.

Spider-Man is impaled with one of the Void's tendrils himself, and his mind id filled with memories of his past- the big events that transformed his life, like Gwen Stacy, the Burglar killing his Uncle Ben, the Green Goblin harassing him throughout his life. They manage to save the Kingpin and drive the Void away, but Spider-Man is forever changed, until he is forced to forget the experience.

Later, the Sentry realizes that it's time he quit hiding from public view, and he asks Peter to take a picture of him to sell to the papers. The picture becomes iconic, and sells millions of magazines and papers. Peter eventually wins the Pulitzer Prize for photography, and becomes an essential pose in the onslaught of Sentry merchandising that takes flight in the wake of the hero's popularity. And now, he just waits for the Void to come, but in the back of his mind he cannot dismiss the fear conjured up by these memories that had been erased from his mind.

* * *

Sentry & Hulk
22 pages + cover • February 2001

Script: Paul Jenkins
Pencils/Inks: Bill Sienkiewicz
Colors: Jose Villarubia

The Hulk waits with the assembled heroes for the Void to arrive, remembering the time in the past when he met the Sentry. The Hulk tried to bust through Fort Knox and the Sentry was there to stop him. They had a tussle that ended with the Sentry exerting a calming effect on him, and soothing the beast inside of him simply by being in the same proximity. They went on to form a duo, and the Hulk lived with the Sentry inside the Watchtower, being looked after by the hero and his wife. Together, they battled the Lobster People, a misunderstood race of mutants that threatened the world, but the Hulk was able to empathize with them and stop their threat by proving they could co-exist peacefully with man.

After diminishing the crisis of the Lobster People, the Hulk became a nationwide hero, just like the Sentry. He was given a ticker-tape parade and finally recognition as a force for good. But then the Void came and attacked once again. The Hulk sprang to the defense of the Sentry, but the Void stabbed at him with his tendrils, bringing back a debilitating flood of bad memories. The Hulk got confused and went on a rampage, and the Sentry disappeared later on, leaving the Hulk all alone with his vague memories of the past.

* * *

Sentry & X-Men
22 pages + cover • February 2001

Script: Paul Jenkins
Pencils/Inks: Mark Teixeira
Colors: Jose Villarubia

Archangel waits for the Void to arrive, and reflects back on the innocent days when he was just starting out in the X-Men. He had flubbed a training excercise by flexing his egomania and showoff tendencies instead of working selflessly to achieve the desired goal. This drew the ire of Charles Xavier, and caused the Angel to lash back in an immature fashion. Xavier sent Angel to meet with the Sentry, who he hoped could talk sense into the young man.

Indeed, the Sentry saw a video of the training mishap, and explains to the Angel that he was just like him as a young man, scared to fail. They find a common ground that allows the Angel to see examples of himself in his all-time hero, the Sentry. But quickly, the Sentry is called to battle against the General, a maniacal baddie who was trying to blow up France. The Angel tags along, meeting up with the X-Men and Namor, but they are all subdued by the wily General. Angel, though, realizes he can do some good by sacrificing himself; as it turns out, he doesn't die when he lays the final blow on the General, stopping him from killing millions with a nuclear blast, but he is seriously injured. Still, he showed self-lessness and resolve, following the perfect example of the Sentry. And now, he awaits the coming of the Void.

* * *

Sentry vs. The Void: "The Truth"
22 pages + cover • February 2001

Script: Paul Jenkins
Pencils: Jae Lee
Inks: Terry Austin
Colors: Jeromy Cox

The all-out battle begins. The Sentry watches as the Void lashes out at the assembled heroes. Doctor Octopus and other villains join the fight, as they know it is their time to stand against the unspeakable power of the Void. Some die under fire while the battle rages on.

Dr. Strange visits Reed Richards and stops time long enough to try and remind him of the true nature of what they're fighting. He helps Reed remember that the Void is actually a dark part of the Sentry himself. The last time it lashed out it claimed the lives of a million people, and they decided it was time to put the Sentry to rest. It was the Sentry's idea to banish all memories so he could continue living, but in order to do that, they had to invent many new facts, like the story about the Sentry being involved in organized crime, in order to help bury him completely.

And again, they are forced to repeat the same thing. They meet with the Sentry and remind him of what he already knows- that the Void is simply a manifestation of himself. They readminister the Cloc's functions to help forget the Sentry's presence on Earth, and within a matter of minutes, the Sentry is once again shut down. In the form of Bob Reynolds, he is reunited with his unknowing wife, Lindy, and they are reunited with the previous bland life they led. The fight with the Void is chalked up to a freak hurricane that hit New York, and all the heroes have their minds wiped clean again.

-- synopsis by Gormuu


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