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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Now let's see if we can make these monstrosities mutants again!”

-- Reed Richards, X-Men/Fantastic Four #5


Sue Storm says "hello" to Emma Frost.

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Featured Characters:

  • Reed Richards
  • Sue Storm
  • Johnny Storm
  • Ben Grimm
  • Cyclops
  • Emma Frost
  • Wolverine
  • Gambit
  • Beast
  • Storm
  • Nightcrawler
  • The Brood

From the Inside Dustflap:

A mysterious disaster on the Space Station Simulcra has cut off all communication, and left the fate of all aboard in question. With the astronauts dead or dying and time rapidly running out, the Fantastic Four must join forces with the X-Men to carry out a dangerous rescue mission into outer space.

Racing into space, six members of the FF and X-Men- Thing, Invisible Woman, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Gambit- soon learn that the creeping menace lurking aboard the Simulcra is far more dangerous than even their worst nightmares, threatening to turn Marvel's two greatest hero teams against each other!

Boasting the cosmic adventure of the Fantastic Four combined with the dark drama of the X-Men, X4 is an action-packed read for any fan of these two legendary Marvel Comcis series.


  X-Men/Fantastic Four

Reprints: X-Men/Fantastic Four #1-14

List price: $19.99 (US) • $32.00 (Canada)
ISBN: 0-7851-1520-X
120 pages

Original Release Date: 6/8/05
Current In-Print Edition: First Print


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Script: Akira Yoshida
Pencils: Pat Lee
Backgrounds: Edwin Garcia
Inks: Rob Armstrong
Colors: Rob Ruffolo, Stu Ng, Alan Wang, Ramil Sunga & Pierre Theriault
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Collection Editor: Mark Beazley


X-Men/Fantastic Four #1
24 pages • February 2005

The X-Men and the Fantastic Four team up with the help of Pat Lee and Dreamwave Studios in this heart-pounding limited series! Can the X-Men and the Fantastic Four put their differences aside to stop a creeping menace from outer space that threatens our planet’s very existence?!

* * *

X-Men/Fantastic Four #2
22 pages • March 2005

The X-Men and the Fantastic Four have gone into space, and found some very scary stuff. But the real threat to their mission might just be among themselves!

* * *

X-Men/Fantastic Four #3
22 pages • April 2005

It’s the X-Men and Fantastic Four versus...the X-Men and Fantastic Four?! An unexpected adversary turns Marvel’s two greatest hero families against one another.

* * *

X-Men/Fantastic Four #4
22 pages • May 2005

The Brood attack! It’s an alien invasion as the Brood crash-land in the middle of Times Square, and only the combined might of the X-Men and Fantastic Four have any chance of stopping them!

* * *

X-Men/Fantastic Four #5
23 pages • June 2005

The climactic battle — will the combined might of the Earth’s two greatest super hero families be enough to save Manhattan — and the world — from total annihilation? The X-Men and FF do their final face-off against the alien Brood!

-- synopsis gathered from Marvel solicits









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