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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"Human being's an animal, bub - - though most animals probably wouldn't take that as a much of a compliment.?

-- Wolverine, to Steve Rogers, Uncanny X-Men #268


John Byrne and Terry Austin help Chris Claremont tell the B+W space opera story of Star-Lord.

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The X-Men prepare to make their final stand in the classic Uncanny X-Men #137.

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Rogue gets a chokehold on Spider-Woman- and a pulsar blast from Iron Man- during her first Marvel appearance in Avengers Annual #10!

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From the Inside Dustflap:


When a young writer named Chris Claremont took over X-Men in 1976, few fans could predict the incredible impact he would have on the Marvel Comics series. With a flair for realistic dialogue, heartfelt storylines and hard-hitting action, Claremont's writing breathed life into the characters. Under Claremont's direction, X-Men became more than just another super-hero title: This diverse cast of mutants fighting against prejudice and intolerance has resonated in the hearts of millions of devoted readers. For the past three decades, Claremont has been the most visible writer on the X-Men titles, with an unparalleled run of popularity and creative success. Claremont's work ranks among the legends in Marvel Comics history; he is an icon truly deserving of the title "Marvel Visionary."

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of his first X-Men story, Marvel Visionaries: Chris Claremont presents a selection of this famed writer's work, created in collaboration with the industry's very best artists. These tales include some of the X-Men's greatest moments and most memorable events:

  • Iron Fist #14- The debut of Wolverine's fiercest enemy- Sabretooth!

  • X-Men #137- The tragic death of a founding member of the X-Men!

  • Avengers Annual #10- The first appearance of Rogue!

  • Uncanny X-Men #268- Wolverine and Captain America in a WWII flashback!

  • Classic X-Men #12- A rare untold story of Jean Grey and the Phoenix!

  • X-Men Unlimited #6- A touching tale of Kitty Pryde!

From the comic-book page to TV animation to two blockbuster motion pictures, the X-Men have become a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. In this book, fans of any age can now enjoy a cream-of-the-crop selection of this writer's timeless stories, which have been a driving force behind the X-Men's ongoing popularity.


Barry Windsor-Smith's Wolverine rampages through X-Men #205.

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  Marvel Visionaries: Chris Claremont

  • Daredevil #102, Starlord from Marvel Preview #11, Iron Fist #14
  • Uncanny X-Men #137, 153, 205, 268, Annual #12
  • Avengers Annual #10, Wolverine #3, New Mutants #21, Classic X-Men #12
  • Excalibur #16, X-Men Unlimited #36
List price: $29.99 (US) • $48.00 (Canada)
ISBN: 0-7851-1887-X
372 pages

Original Release Date: 8/24/05
Current In-Print Edition: First Print


  • Introduction by C.B. Cebulski

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Daredevil #102: "Stilt-Man Stalks the City"
20 pages + cover • August 1973

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by Syd Shores, inks by Frank Giacoia

Synopsis: Daredevil and Black Widow team up to track down the villainous Wilbur Day, aka Stiltman, who has kidnaped the inventor of the Molecular Condenser, Karl Klaxton, and his daughter Barbara. Will he finalize his plan to destroy San Francisco with his newly developed weapon, or will he be brought to justice by the Man and Woman Without Fear?

Star Lord from Marvel Preview #11: "Star-Lord"
54 pages + cover • Summer 1977

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by John Byrne, inks by Terry Austin

Iron Fist #14: "Snowfire"
17 pages + cover • August 1977

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by John Byrne, inks by Dan Green

X-Men #137: "The Fate of the Phoenix!"
35 pages + cover • September 1980

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by John Byrne, inks by Terry Austin

Synopsis: The X-Men are forced to make a last stand on behalf of their friend Jean Grey against the Shi'ar Empire, who demand final justice for the crimes of the Dark Phoenix. The battle to end all battles takes place on the Blue Area of the Moon, but who will win? And will any survive?

For more details on this story, see the feature page for X-Men #137.

Avengers Annual #10: "By Friends- Betrayed!"
37 pages + cover • 1981

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Armando Gil

Synopsis: Mystique brings a new chess piece into play in her maniacal pursuit of Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel, and that new piece has a name- Rogue! When the Avengers and Spider-Woman get in her way, she sends Rogue up against the big three: Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. But the final dust-up occurs when Mystique, Rogue and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants face down the remaining Avengers and Spider-Woman in a jail break for the ages!

And even though the Avengers might be up to facing their villainous foes, will they have what it takes to face one of their best friends?

Uncanny X-Men #153: "Kitty's Fairy Tale"
23 pages + cover • January 1982

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by Dave Cockrum, inks by Josef Rubenstein

Wolverine #3: "Loss"
22 pages + cover • November 1982

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Josef Rubenstein

Synopsis: Wolverine and Yukio have to fight their way through relentless bands of Hand warriors. The outcome of the battles leaves Wolverine more sure than ever where final battle will take place: against the father of his lover, Mariko Yashida.

New Mutants #21: "Slumber Party!"
35 pages/3 pini-ups + cover • November 1984

written by Chris Claremont, art by Bill Sienkiewicz

Uncanny X-Men #205: "Wounded Wolf"
22 pages + cover • May 1986

written by Chris Claremont, art by Barry Windsor-Smith

Synopsis: Spiral transforms Yuriko Oyama into Lady Deathstrike, a cybernetically altered being with adamantium laced claws. She pursues Wolverine through the wintry streets of New York, and only the intervention of young Katie Power helps save Wolverine from her deadly mission.

Classic X-Men #12: "A Fire in the Night!"
12 pages + cover • September 1987

written by Chris Claremont, art by John Bolton

Synopsis: Magneto recalls his life's journey through Nazi death camps, his escape and relocation to Ukraine with his wife Magda, and the travails there that led to the death of their daughter, Anya. The bitter memories of this timeline influence are the prism through which he sees the world in the present.

X-Men Annual #12: "I Want My X-Men!"
14 pages + cover • June 1988

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by Art Adams, inks by Bob Wiacek

Synopsis: Mojo conjures up the X-Babies in a bid to increase ratings. Nuttiness ensues!

Excalibur #16: "Warlord"
22 pages + cover • December 1989

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by Alan Davis, inks by Paul Neary

Uncanny X-Men #268: "Madripoor Knights"
23 pages + cover • September 1990

written by Chris Claremont, pencils by Jim Lee, inks by Scott Williams

Synopsis: A story told in two times: in World War II, Wolverine teams up with Captain America to rescue the young Natasha Romanov from the clutches of a Nazi death cult associated with the Hand!

And in present day Madripoor, Wolverine leads a band of X-Men into Madripoor to rescue Black Widow and then lead a retaliatory strike against her attackers...just like old times!

X-Men Unlimited #36: "This One's For You!"
15 pages • July 2002

written by Chris Claremont, art by Salvador LaRocca

Synopsis: Kitty Pryde has settled into life as an ex-X-Man. Tending bar at a local rock club while attending university classes, she struggles with her sense of identity as a mutant seeking normalcy amongst humans. After the Sentinel attack that ravaged the mutant land of Genosha, Kitty tries to find out what happened to her father. In so doing, she finds herself.

-- synopsis by Gormuu


















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