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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

“In almost 28 years since that landmark event (the introduction of Wolverine in Incredible Hulk #181), the X-Men have stood unchallenged atop the comic book world, becoming arguably comics' most popular title of all time. Their universe has grown into a world of myth and legend even more vast and fantastic than Tolkein's Middle Earth, and more magical and whimsical than Hogwart's Academy, yet as real as today's headlines or what lies beyond our kitchen windows."

-- Joe Quesada, from the introduction


From the Inside Dustflap:

In 1963, a revolutionary new breed of hero emerged in the pages of X-Men #1. These strange men and women each possessed a special "mutant" gene, granting them incredible powers and abilities. Feared and hunted by humanity, five of these mutants were drawn to a unique school, run by the powerful Professor X. There, they would learn to use their special abilities for the good of all- humanity and mutantkind alike. Since those early years, Marvel's mutants have exploded into a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. From a single comic book, the X-Men went on to star in a diverse line of titles featuring mutants of every type imaginable, as well as a pair of top-rated animated series and two hit movies.

The X-Men Encyclopedia is a comprehensive guide to these world-famous Marvel comics characters- their mysterious origins, their incredible powers, their titanic struggles and their hidden tragedies.

Cyclops and Phoenix: Otherwise known as Scott Summers and Jean Grey, they are two of the original X-Men, the heart and soul of the team. As they grew from teens to adulthood, so did their love for each other- forging an unbreakable bond. Once the students, they are now the teachers for a new generation of mutants.

Wolverine: the most popular X-Man of all time, and yet the most mysterious. His origins shrouded in secrecy, he came to the X-Men as a savage killer, only to become one of their greatest members.

Rogue, Nightcrawler and Gambit: Each one an outsider, each one hated and hunted by those who feared them. Yet each of these mutants found a home and family with the X-Men.

Storm: With just a thought, Storm can summon the softest breeze or the most torrential hurricane. Her life torn by pain and tragedy, she represents the backbone of the X-Men's power and passion.

Magneto: The Master of Magnetism, Magneto dreams of a dark future in which mutants rule over their human subjects. He is the X-Men's ultimate enemy, standing against their goals of peace and brotherhood with mankind.

Plus, get the latest scoop on the newest X-Men phenomenon:

The Ultimate X-Men: Presenting the X-Men for the new millennium, dramatically re-envisioned and re-imagined for the 21st century. A bold, critically acclaimed new slant on a classic concept, Ultimate X-Men features a core group of mutants stripped down to the bare essentials of action and adventure.

Enhancing each character's entry is full-color artwork by the very best illustrators in comics- renowned names like Frank Quitely, Leinil Francis Yu, Joe Madureira, Ron Garney, Kia Asamiya, Alan Davis and dozens more. Never before has one volume assembled such an awesome array of X-Men artwork.

For 40 years, the X-Men have captured the imaginations of readers worldwide with their best-selling adventures. Now, discover for yourself the excitement and wonder of the X-Men!


  Marvel Encyclopedia, Vol. 2:
The X-Men

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ISBN: 0-7851-1199-9 • Original Release Date: 3/26/03
240 pages

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Writers/Editors: Mark Beazley and Jeff Youngquist with Jen Grunwald
Writers: Syd Barney-Hawke and Eric J. Moreels
Cover Art: Gabriel Dell'Otto
Interior Art: dozens of Marvel artists, from Phil Noto, Ethan Van Sciver, Joe Madureira, Josh Middleton, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Lee, Phil Jimenez, Salvador Larocca, Alan Davis, and many more
Copy Editor: Sarah Fan
Art Director: Matty Ryan
Designers: Patrick McGrath, Victor Gonzalez and Tim Smith


Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 2: The X-Men is broken down into several sections, covering the thematic sections of the X-Men Universe, including the main team, the spinoff teams, supporting characters and villains. Within each section, the major characters and supporting characters are ordered alphabetically, with their corresponding villains following, also in alphabetical order. Each section carries a brief two-page introduction. Each character with an entry is granted either two pages or one, or is included in a section of mini-biographies. The information includes a basic history of the character; biographical information such as real name, first appearance, height, weight, eye color and hair color; a breakdown on powers and weapons used by the character; and a power ratings grid that measures their intelligence, strength, speed, durability, energy projection and fighting skills. There is also a box that directs readers to essential collections that feature the character's most significant moments. Interspersed with the text material are heavy doses of previously released artwork from today's hottest Marvel artists.


    • by Joe Quesada (2 pages)
  • X-MEN
    • 2 page entries:
      • Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, Storm, Wolverine

    • 1 page entries:
      • Archangel, Banshee, Beast, Bishop, Cannonball, Chamber, Colossus, Dazzler, Forge, Emma Frost, Gambit, Havok, Husk, Iceman, Jubilee, Juggernaut, Longshot, Nightcrawler, Northstar, Polaris, Psylocke, Rogue, Rogue, Sage, Shadowcat, Stacy X, Nathan Summers, Sunfire, Thunderbird II, Xorn

    • Mini-bios:
      • Changeling, Dust, Gateway, Joseph, Lifeguard, Lockheed, Maggot, Mimic, Cecilia Reyes, Slipstream, Rachel Summers, Thunderbird

    • 1 page entry:
      • Fabian Cortez

    • Mini-bios:
      • Amelia Voght, Rusty Collins, Joanna Cargill, Chrome, Anne-Marie Cortez, Decay, Harry Delgado, Exodus, Katu, Kleinstocks, Neophyte,Rem-Ram, Scanner, Senyaka, Barnacle, Gargouille, JAvitz, Kamal, Seamus Mellencamp, Milan, Orator, Projector, Spoor, Static, Carmella Unuscione, Vindaloo

    • 1 page entries:
      • Guardian, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, Vindicator

    • Mini-bios:
      • Box, Diamond Lil, Earthmover, Flex, Manbot, Marrina, Murmur, Talisman, Windshear

    • 2 page entry:
      • Magneto

    • 1 page entries:
      • Blob, Mystique, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad

    • Mini-bios:
      • Avalanche, Destiny, Phantazia, Post, Pyro, Unus

    • 1 page entries:
      • Blink, Mimic, Morph, Nocturne

    • Mini-bios:
      • Sasquatch, Sunfire

    • Mini-bios:
      • Magnus, Thunderbird, Timebroker

    • 1 page entry:
      • Sebastian Shaw

    • Mini-bios:
      • Emmanuel DaCosta, Harry Leland, Mastermind, Donald Pierce, Selene, Shinobi Shaw, Friedrich von Roehm

    • Mini-bios:
      • Catseye, Empath, Jetstream, Beef, Bevatron, Roulette, Tarot

    • 1 page entry:
      • Mr. Sinister

    • Mini-bios:
      • Malice, Vertigo, Arclight, Harpoon, Riptide, Blockbuster, Prism, Scalphunter, Scrambler

    • 1 page entry:
      • Callisto

    • Mini-bios:
      • Angel Dust, Artie, Caliban, Cell, Electric Eve, Leech, Litterbug, Masque, Postman, Mikhail Rasputin, Shatter, Trader, Annalee, Ape, Beautiful Dreamer, Blowhard, Cybelle, Erg, Healer, Hemingway, Piper, Plague, Sack, Scaleface, Sunder, Tar Baby, Tommy, Vessel

    • 1 page entries:
      • Karma, Magma, Meltdown, Moonstar, Sunspot, Warlock, Wolfsbane

    • Mini-bios:
      • Cypher, Magik

    • 1 page entry:
      • Lady Deathstrike

    • Mini-bios:
      • Cole, Macon & Reese, Bonebreaker, Pretty Boy, Skullbuster, Skullbuster II

    • Mini-bios:
      • Brainchild, Lupa, Zaladane, Amphibius, Barbarus, Equilibrius, Gaza, Leash, Lorelei, Lupo, Piper

  • SHI'AR
    • 1 page entries:
      • Lilandra, Deathbird, Gladiator

    • Mini-bios:
      • Araki, Cerise, Arc, Delphos, Fang, Flashfire, G-Type, Neosaurus, Oracle, Plutonia, Stuff, Astra, Blackthorn, Blimp, Commando, Earthquake, Electron, Fader, Hardball, Hobgoblin, Hussar, Impulse, Magique, Manta, Mentor, Monstra, Neutron, Nightside, Scintilla, Smasher, Squorm, Starbolt, Warstar, Webwing

    • 1 page entry:
      • Corsair

    • Mini-bios:
      • Ch'Od, Hepzibah, Raza, Sikorsky

    • 1 page entries:
      • Director, Aurora, Kane, Marrow, Mesmero, Sabretooth, Sauron, Wild Child

    • Mini-bios:
      • Agent Jackson, Agent Zero, Madison Jeffries, Washout, Dr. Windsor

    • Mini-bios:
      • Angel, Beak, Annie Ghazikhanian, Carter Ghazikhanian, Kid Omega, Martha, Slick, Squid-Boy, Stepford Cuckoos, Basilisk, Dummy, Ernst, Glob Herman, No-Girl, Radian, Redneck, Tattoo

    • Layout blueprints
    • Danger Room
    • Cerebro
    • Blackbird
    • Danger Room

    • Mini-bios:
      • Abyss, Darkstar, Feral, Fever Pitch, M, Multiple Man, Radius, Rictor, Sabra, Siryn, Sunpyre, Thornn, Warpath

    • 1 page entries:
      • Anarchist, Dead Girl, Orphan, Phat, U-Go Girl, Venus Dee Milo, Vivisector

    • Mini-bios:
      • Coach, Doop, Spike Freeman, Lacuna, Mysterious Fan Boy, O-Force, Saint Anna, The Spike, Zeitgeist, Battering Ram, Bloke, Gin Genie, La Nuit, Plazm, Sluk, Smoke, Succubus

    • 1 page entries:
      • Apocalypse, Apocalypse's Horsemen, Arcade, Black Tom Cassidy, Brood, Captain Britain, Domino, Senator Robert Kelly, Moira MacTaggart, Cassandra Nova, Sentinels, William Stryker, John Sublime, Wendigo

    • Mini-bios:
      • Bastion, Belasco, Onslaught, Phalanx, Adversary, Agent X, Ahab, Amiko, Bedlam, Belladonna, Blaquesmith, Lila Cheney, Valerie Cooper, Graydon Creed, Cyber, Emplate, Fantomex, Trevor Fitzroy, Gamesmaster, Genesis, Goblin Queen, Henry Gyrich, HAven, High Evolutionary, Cameron Hodge, Stevie Hunter, Charlotte Jones, Ka-Zar, Khan, Krakoa, Lady Mastermind, Legion, Living Monolith, Maximus Lobo, Magik II, Mastermind II, Maverick, Meggan, Irene Merryweather, Mojo, N'Astirh, Ogun, Omega Red, Penance, Proteus, Roma, Shadow King, Shatterstar, Silver Samurai, Skids, Skin, Spiral, Stryfe, Supreme Pontiff, S'ym, Synch, Margali Szardos, Trish Tilby, Vanisher, Vargas, Viper, Pete Wisdom, John Wraith, X-Man, Mariko Yashida, Yukio, Zero

  • ULTIMATE X-MEN (4 pages)
  • INDEX (2 pages)
  • POWER RATINGS (1 page)

  • -- synopsis by Gormuu


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