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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

“I hadn't had much experience with super-villains. And I didn't think of The Owl as anyone other than a lumbering businessman. He could fly, Karen. Like, well, a bird. A big. Fat. Bird. And while I was getting my bearings, he was going to beat my brains in. Right in front of my gal.”

-- Matt Murdock, reminiscing about his first battle to save Karen from the Owl, from Daredevil: Yellow #5


From the corner of her eye...

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Featured Characters:

  • Daredevil/Matt Murdock
  • Karen Page
  • Franklin "Foggy" Nelson
  • Battlin' Jack Murdock
  • The Fixer
  • Slade
  • The Owl
  • Electro
  • Killgrave, the Purple Man
  • The Fantastic Four

From the Inside Dustflap:

She would call him "The Man Without Fear." ut the one thing he would come to be afraid of was living in a world without her.

This is the story of the blind super hero Daredevil- who, in the early days of his career, donned a yellow costume and sought justice where the law had failed him. But one thing more than any would give him hope for a brighter tomorrow- his love for Karen Page.

The Eisner Award-winning creators of Superman For All Seasons, Batman: The Long Halloween, and Daredevil: Yellow bring their unique storytelling skills to the early career of Daredevil.



Daredevil: Yellow

Reprints: Daredevil: Yellow #1-6

List price: $29.95 (US) • $47.95 (Canada)
ISBN: 0-7851-0840-8
160 pages

Original Release Date: 5/30/02
Current In-Print Edition: First Print

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURES: (16 pages total)

  • Introduction by Stan Lee (2 pages)
  • The Sketchbook: Loeb and Sale discuss cover Daredevil's character design, scripting, the supporting cast, and the construction of the action sequences (8 pages)
  • Each chapter also is offset by pages showing Tim Sale's original cover sketches for that issue (6 pages)


Script: Jeph Loeb
Pencils/Inks: Tim Sale
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth
Letters: Richard Starkings and Wes Abbott

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Chapter 1: The Championship Season
(Inspired by events from Daredevil #1)
24 pages + cover • August 2001

Daredevil composes his thoughts to recently deceased lover Karen Page in a series of letters to her. He strives to make sense of her place in his life by looking back in time, to their earliest days together. He visits Fogwell's Gym, where he finds it easy to let his memory take him back. His father drove him to pursue academics instead of a life spent working with one's hands, to be different from him- a boxer. Battlin' Jack Murdock is ordered to take a dive by his boss, the Fixer, but Murdock doesn't want to let his son Matt down, so he knocks out his opponent. Later, Battlin' Jack is murdered in the alley behind the gym by the Fixer and his assassin, Slade. Matt hears the gunshots with his heightened sense of hearing and races off to find his father's dead body. Slade and the Fixer are brought to trial, but the case is dismissed by the judge for lack of evidence. Matthew graduates from law school as valedictorian with getting revenge for his dad his top priority. He has trained to peak athletic capacity so he can put his immense powers over his senses to good use: he will exact justice as Daredevil.

* * *

Chapter 2: The Measure of a Man
(Inspired by events from Daredevil #1)
22 pages + cover • September 2001

Daredevil wages a campaign against the Fixer's hoodlums to get information from them. He finally nails Slade and gets him to admit he killed his father. Next, he chases down the Fixer in the city subways, where he falls down and is stricken by a heart attack. The Fixer is dead, and Daredevil turns his body over to the police, along with the evidence that proves he and Slade killed Battlin' Jack Murdock. Later, Matt returns to his office, where his partner, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, is interviewing secretaries. His final interview is with Karen Page.

* * *

Chapter 3: Stepping Into The Ring
(Inspired by events from Daredevil #2-3)
24 pages + cover • October 2001

Ben Grimm and the rest of the Fantastic Four cause a ruckus when they show up at Nelson & Murdock to hire Matt to act as their attorney. The team celebrates the hiring of their first clients by deciding to go play some pool. That evening, Daredevil decides to go to the pool hall by continue his super-hero ways, bouncing across the rooftops in a joyous excercise of his powers. Once there, a group of roughnecks poke fun at Matt for being blind. Turns out, Matt sharks them in a game of pool. Karen is mighty impressed, but Foggy steers it so he can take her home that night. Alone, Matt is confronted in a back alley by the roughnecks he pool-sharked. He dispatches them cleanly and efficiently.

Matt visits Slade in jail, asking him who it is that gave orders to the Fixer. Slade refuses to give up the information, saying he had kids he wanted to live. A woman arrives at Nelson & Murdock, claiming to seek help from a man who is threatening her with blackmail. Matt senses she is lying, and soon after she leaves, a large, hulking man called the Owl arrives, seeking counsel against the woman who claimed was threatening her.

* * *

Chapter 4: Never Lead With Your Left
(Inspired by events from Daredevil #3, 5)
22 pages + cover • November 2001

Daredevil and Electro are fighting, after DD stopped him from ransacking the Baxter Building. Their fight takes them to Radio City Music Hall, where the blind super-hero finally overwhelms Electro, much to the admiration and adulation of some Rockette dancers. Returning to his office as Daredevil, Karen spots the heroic figure slicing through the air. The trio of Matt, Karen and Foggy all go bowling, where Karen's flirting with Matt throws Foggy off balance.

The next day, Matt attends the execution of Slade. He reflects on the final chapter of his father's justice, and the following day, Foggy asks Matt for advice on how he should propose to Karen.

* * *

Chapter 5: Against the Ropes
(Inspired by events from Daredevil #3)
22 pages + cover • December 2001

Karen has been kidnaped, and Daredevil stands atop the Empire State Building to use his super-powerful hearing to pick up her voice. He finally weeds through all the competing sound images and finds Karen- she has been kidnaped by the Owl. He races to rescue her, arriving at the Owl's office building, where he busts in and finds Karen stuck in a huge birdcage. He breaks her out, but not before the Owl arrives. The Owl swoops down and knocks Daredevil to the ground. The fight continues out into the streets and then over the river, where the two foes crash headlong into the water and pummel each other underwater. The Owl disappears.

The next day, Karen is regaling Matt with stories of her new hero, Daredevil. Matt and Karen accidentally embrace, which Foggy sees when he walks to the door. He is bringing flowers for his "girl," but when he sees the embrace, he glumly walks to the streets and tosses the flowers into the trash can. Karen and Matt continue to flirt with each other.

* * *

Chapter 6: The Final Bell
(Inspired by events from Daredevil #4)
22 pages + cover • January 2002

Karen reads a news article about how Daredevil beat the Matador, and she plays with Matt about him possibly being jealous of Daredevil's masculinity and heroism. Foggy comes in upset about being appointed to be Killgrave, the Purple Man's attorney, but he's also flustered that Karen seems to be giving Matt so much attention. Matt and Karen go to visit their client, Killgrave, who is in jail. Once there, the Purple Man tells the guard to release him- he mysteriously complies. It is obvious that the Purple Man has the power to command anyone who is in his vicinity, and indeed he tells Karen to accompany him and she does willingly and happily. Matt is unaffected, presumably because he cannot see the Purple Man. He changes into Daredevil and pursues the Purple Man and Karen to a luxury hotel, where Killgrave is coercing her into a romantic relationship. Daredevil punches him in the face when he reaches the room, and Killgrave sends Karen out to the ledge and tells her to jump. Daredevil leaps after her falling body and saves her. When he sets her down on the ground, she suggests he change to a red costume and also asks him out on a date. The Purple Man has followed them down, and Daredevil covers him up with a flag and turns him over to the police. Later, Karen tells Matt and Foggy that she has a date with Daredevil. Both men seem to know they can't possibly compete with Daredevil, which helps them overcome the tension that has been thick over Karen's affections. Daredevil concludes his letters to Karen by talking about how he bought old Fogwell's Gym and rechristened it "Battlin' Jack's Gym."

-- synopsis by Gormuu


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