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From the Mouths of the Marvels:

"No time to wait for official clearance! Conditions are right tonight! Let's go!"

-- Reed Richards, Fantastic Four #1


The foursome gathers for the fantastic first time!

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Jack Kirby casts a heroic light on the Thing from FF #40.

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One of the bounties of the Fantastic Four comic book is the wondrous landscapes imagined by Jack Kirby.

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Thing vs. Thing from John Byrne's Marvel Two-In-One #50!

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From the Inside Dustflap:


On the eve of the Fantastic Four motion picture, Marvel Comics presents the very best of its First Family! More than four decades ago, writer Stan Lee and Jack Kirby envisioned a brand-new kind of super-team. Unlike traditional heroes of the past, the Fantastic Four bickered, argued and even fought amongst themselves - just like a real family. Rather than living in a mythical city, the FF resided in the heart of New York- frequently crossing paths with Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Avengers. The series' innovative realism quickly caught the interest of readers worldwide, and the Four's exploits continue to captivate comic-book fans to this day.

Since their debut, the FF have battled the likes of Dr. Doom and Galactus, charted the far reaches of the Marvel Universe, and even explored other dimensions. Creatively, the series has boarsted soome of the greatest talents ever to grace the comic-book page. Drawing on a vast archive of more than five hundred issues, Best of the Fantastic Four features an unparalleled collection of timeless tales, presented together for the first time in one volume. Highlights include:

Fantastic Four #1: The team's historic debut!

Fantastic Four #39-40: The FF battles Dr. Doom with the aid of Daredevil!

Fantastic Four #267: Death strikes the Fantastic Four in this touching, tragic tale.

Marvel Fanfare #15: A solo story of the ever-lovin', blue-eyed Thing!

Marvel Knights 4 #4: A "Day-in-the-life" look at Reed Richards' personal struggles.


  Best of the Fantastic Four, Vol. 1

  • 1960s: Fantastic Four #1, 39-40, 51, Annual #2
  • 1970s: Fantastic Four #100, 116, 176, Marvel Two-In-One #50
  • 1980s: Fantastic Four #236, 267, Marvel Fanfare #15
  • 2000s: Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #56, 60, Marvel Knights 4 #4

List price: $29.99 (US) • $48.00 (Canada)
ISBN: 0-7851-1782-2
361 pages

Original Release Date: 5/11/05
Current In-Print Edition: First Print

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURES: (10 pages total)

  • Introduction by Tom Brevoort (2 pages)
  • FF #176: "Baxter Building Bulletins" Letters Page
  • Homage to cover of FF #1 by Alex Ross
  • Cover to FF Visionaries: George Perez Vol. 1 TPB by George Perez
  • Cover to FF: Heroes Reborn TPB by Jim Lee
  • Pin-Up from FF (Vol. 3) #1 by Alan Davis
  • Cover to FF (Vol. 3) #50 by Barry Windsor-Smith
  • Cover to Marvel Double-Shot #3 by Joe Jusko
  • Cover to Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: FF 2005 by Tom Grummett and Morry Hollowell

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Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby

"The Fantastic Four!"
25 pages + cover • November 1961

Synopsis: The origin of the FF and their first public battle against the Mole Man is told.

For more details on this story, see the feature page for FF #1.


Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Chic Stone

"Origin of Doctor Doom!"
12 pages + cover • 1964

Synopsis: The origin of Victor von Doom's journey from a young gypsy boy in Latveria to the obsessive villainy of Doctor Doom.

For more details on this story, see the feature page for FF Ann. #1.


Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Frank Giacoia and Vince Colletta

#39: "A Blind Man Shall Lead Them!"
#40: "The Battle of the Baxter Building"

20 pages each issue + covers • June/July 1965

Synopsis: Dr. Doom takes over the Baxter Building, and only the combined might of the Fantastic Four and Daredevil can stop him!

For more details on this story, see the feature pages for FF #39 and FF #40.


Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Joe Sinnott

"This Man...This Monster!"

20 pages + cover • June 1966

Synopsis: The Thing's identity is stolen by an enemy of Reed Richards, which puts the FF leader's life in mortal danger as he journeys into the sub-space of Negative Zone!

For more details on this story, see the feature page for FF #51.


Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Jack Kirby
Inks: Joe Sinnott

"The Long Journey Home!"

20 pages + cover • July 1970


Script: Archie Goodwin
Pencils: John Buscema
Inks: Joe Sinnott

"The Alien, the Ally, and...Armageddon!"

34 pages + cover • November 1971

Synopsis: The Fantastic Four must take on the overpowering villainy of the Overmind, but to do it, they must add a new member to the team. And that member is...Dr. Doom!


Script: Roy Thomas
Pencils: George Perez
Inks: Joe Sinnott

"The Improbable As It May Seem...The Impossible Man Is Back In Town!"

17 pages + cover • November 1976

Synopsis: The Fantastic Four must go into action to help stop the Impossible Man's assault on...the Marvel Bullpen?!?!?


Script/Pencils: John Byrne
Inks: Joe Sinnott

"Remembrance of Things Past!"

17 pages + cover • April 1979

Synopsis: With a cure for his condition in hand, The Thing goes back in time to his very first incarnation after getting his powers. But will he be welcomed by his former self?


Script/Art: John Byrne

"Terror In A Tiny Town"

40 pages + cover • November 1981


Script/Art: John Byrne

"A Small Loss"

22 pages + cover • June 1984

Synopsis: While the lives of Sue Richards and her unborn child hang in the balance, Reed must persuade the mentally disturbed Otto Octavius to help cure her.


Script/Art: Barry Windsor-Smith

"April Fool!"

19 pages + cover • July 1984

Synopsis: It's not your typical April Fool's Day when Johnny Storm sets his sights on Ben Grimm in the Baxter Building.


Script: Karl Kesel
Pencils: Stuart Immonen
Inks: Scott Koblish

"Remembrance of Things Past"

22 pages + cover • August 2002

Synopsis: The Thing returns to his old Yancy Street neighborhood, where he finds himself in a battle with his infamous adversaries, the Yancy Street Gang; an old shopkeep who he haunted as a rambunctious youth; and a new super-villain menace, Powderkeg!


Script: Mark Waid
Pencils: Mike Wieringo
Inks: Karl Kesel

"Inside Out"

22 pages + cover • October 2002

Synopsis: A session with a public relations staffer, hoping to restore the FF's image to the public, is all a part of Reed's dealing with his hidden shame over his past.


Script: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Pencils: Steve McNiven
Inks: Mark Morales

"Wolf at the Door- Part 4"

22 pages + cover • April 2004

Synopsis: Reed Richards reflects on the wisdom passed down to him by his grandfather, a WWII Army jumper, which helps him deal with the dire financial straits his family is in, confront the menace of gangster Hammerhead, and help a suicidal man.

-- synopsis by Gormuu


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