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WHAT IF: Avengers Masterworks Vol. 17

Map by GaryUK: reprints Avengers #169 - #178, Annual #8 (216 pages)

3/78: Avengers #169 (18 pages plus cover)

  • "If We Should Fail, the World Dies Tonight" (5 pages)
  • Chapter 2: "The Temple of Winged Death" (4 pages)
  • Chapter 3: "Black Prowler, White Death" (3 pages)
  • Chapter 4: "Madness Over Moscow" (4 pages)
  • Chapter 5: "A Fateful Decision" (2 pages)
  • Credits: Marv Wolfman (writer); Sal Buscema (penciller); Dave Hunt (inker)
4/78: Avengers #170 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "Though Hell Should Bar the Way"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter and George Perez (writers); George Perez (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
5/78: Avengers #171 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "Where Angels Fear to Tread"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter (writer); George Perez (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
6/78: Avengers #172 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "Holocaust in New York Harbor"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter (writer); Sal Buscema (penciller); Klaus Janson (inker)
7/78: Avengers #173 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "Threshold of Oblivion"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter and David Michelinie (writers); Sal Buscema (penciller); Pablo Marcos, Winslow Mortimer, Bob McLeod, Josef Rubinstein, Dan Green, Rick Bryant, and Klaus Janson (inkers)
8/78: Avengers #174 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "Captives of the Collector"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter and Bill Mantlo (writers); David Wenzel (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
9/78: Avengers #175 (18 pages plus cover)
  • "The End, and Beginning"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter (writer); David Wenzel (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
10/78: Avengers #176 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "Destiny Hunt"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter and David Michelinie (writers); David Wenzel (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
11/78: Avengers #177 (18 pages plus cover)
  • "The Hope, and the Slaughter"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter (writer); David Wenzel (penciller); Pablo Marcos and Ricardo Villamonte (inkers)
1978: Avengers Annual #8 (32 pages plus cover)
  • "Spectrums of Deceit"
  • Credits: Roger Slifer (writer); George Perez (penciller); Pablo Marcos and Ricardo Villamonte (inkers)
12/78: Avengers #178 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "The Martyr Perplex"
  • Credits: Steve Gerber (writer); Carmine Infantino (penciller); Rudy Nebres (inker)

A gallery of covers from Marvel Triple Action #5-47 and Giant Size Marvel Triple Action #1-2 would be an ideal fit for this volume.

Mockup image by: David Juell


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