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WHAT IF: Avengers Masterworks Vol. 15

Map by GaryUK: reprints Avengers #150 - #159, Avengers Annual #6, Super-Villain Team-Up #9 (236 pages)

8/76: Avengers #150 (18 pages plus cover)

  • "Avengers Assemble"
  • Credits: Steve Englehart (writer); George Perez (penciller); John Tartaglione and Duffy Vohland (inkers)
  • Pages 7 - 18 of story reprinted from Avengers #16, some dialogue and coloring in reprinted pages altered
9/76: Avengers #151 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "At Last: the Decision"
  • Credits: Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, and Jim Shooter (writers); George Perez (penciller); John Tartaglione (inker)
10/76: Avengers #152 (18 pages plus cover)
  • "Nightmare in New Orleans"
  • Credits: Steve Englehart and Gerry Conway (writers); John Buscema (penciller); Joe Sinnott (inker)
11/76: Avengers #153 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "Home is the Hero"
  • Credits: Gerry Conway (writer); John Buscema (penciller); Joe Sinnott (inker)
1976: Avengers Annual #6 (35 pages plus cover)
  • "No Final Victory" (27 pages)
  • Credits: Gerry Conway (writer); George Perez (penciller); Mike Esposito, John Tartaglione, and Duffy Vohland (inkers)
  • "Night Vision" (8 pages)
  • Credits: Scott Edelman (writer); Herb Trimpe (penciller/inker)
12/76: Avengers #154 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "When Strikes Attuma?"
  • Credits: Gerry Conway and George Perez (writers); George Perez (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
12/76: Super-Villain Team-Up #9 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "Pawns of Attuma"
  • Credits: Bill Mantlo (writer); George Perez (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
1/77: Avengers #155 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "To Stand Alone"
  • Credits: Gerry Conway (writer); George Perez (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
2/77: Avengers #156 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "The Private War of Doctor Doom"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter and Gerry Conway (writers); Sal Buscema (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
3/77: Avengers #157 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "A Ghost of Stone"
  • Credits: Gerry Conway (writer); Don Heck (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
4/77: Avengers #158 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "When Avengers Clash"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter (writer); Sal Buscema (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)
5/77: Avengers #159 (17 pages plus cover)
  • "Siege By Stealth and Storm"
  • Credits: Jim Shooter (writer); Sal Buscema (penciller); Pablo Marcos (inker)

Mockup image by: David Juell


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