The inclusion of the Sgt. Fury and Rawhide Kid Masterworks. Also love the Nick Fury Agent of Shield masterworks!

I was glad to see that old out-of-print editions were brought back for those who didn't get them originally.


The wider range of choices.

Lots of volumes from all eras.

Atlas Era Masterworks

It's a toss-up between the release of the Rawhide Kid, Tales of Suspense and Tales to Astonish volumes. I've said before that EVERYTHING that Jack Kirby ever drew for Marvel should be published in either Masterwork or Omnibus formats. Bring on the Two-Gun Kid and Yellow Claw Masterworks! And cheesy though they may be by today's standards, I love the old pre-Marvel Age monster stories, with the Kirby and Ditko art. Every one of those should be published in either Masterwork or Omnibus formats, also.

The announcement of Tales to Astonish vol. 2 and Tales of Suspense vol. 2, featuring the type of stories that really defines this era for me.

Beginning of Nick Fury and more Thor in an effort to finish out the silver age of superheroes.


Announcement of Captain Marvel volume 3

Seeing Masterworks coming back to print gave me the hope of someday having a complete collection. That was great.

A move towards more landmark series from slightly later in Marvel's history, such as Warlock.

Seeing that old Tales of Suspense and Strange Tales types of Masterworks are being offered.

Bringing out the 1st volumes of Sgt Fury & Atlas Era heroes.

The bonus material, from character sketches to uninked pages to unused covers. These little gems are what seperate the Masterworks from their closest competitive line at DC.

Each and every announcement of a new masterworks is my favorite momemt!

Atlas Heroes as well as the Atlas Era, definitely my favourite. Re-discovering all the old Captain America / Sub Mariner / Human Torch / Marvel Boy / etc stories.

Expansion into more non-superhero genres: westerns, war, horror, sci-fi, espionage (Agent of SHIELD).

More Uncanny X-men!

Haven't bought any new Masterworks in a while but sewn binding is a step in the right direction.

Was pleasantly surprised with Atlas Era Heroes Vol 1 especially the page count.

Sewn Bindings and the forthcoming Starlin Captin Marvel Masterwork

Release of the lastest Spider-man Masterwork

the BTP masterworks

Daring Mystery and USA volumes.

I love the freakin X Men. I love collected editions way more than comics, because there are no ads, it is more durable, and the stock is better. Because I have never bought comics for this reason, I am discovering all these stories that I only saw in cartoons. It's great fun. Howabout some x-factor masterworks, or why not release the cartoon series already? Get the rights back from disney. Same with Silver Surfer, SS and X Men are why I buy masterworks.

No moment more or less favorite in particular.

All the progress made towards reprinting all the Marvel Heroes titles of the 1960s.

My favorite moment was when I read my first masterworks :) (I only recently started buying masterworks)

Atlas Heroes

My favorite moment was the release of Warlock Vol. 1 because for me it was the first true foray into 70's Marvel and gave me the first real indication that Marvel truly intends to carry the Masterworks program into the bronze age.

Attention to quality of linework and coloring.

Sewn binding.

The BTP of out of print Masterworks.

That would be the publication of the Atlas Heroes Revival volumes.

Discovering that the Atlas-era material is being reprinted. I collect the original pre-code horror comics of the early 1950's, which includes a large volume of material produced by Atlas, so this is potentially very good news for me. I just need the Marvel Masterworks people to reproduce more of the horror material like Journey Into Mystery, Menace, Mystic, Astonishing, Marvel Tales, Journey Into Unknown Worlds, etc. Tales of Suspense was a great start! This way, I can read the Masterworks copy and leave the original book in the mylar sleeve! Man, I am such a fanboy...

Upcoming Starlin content in Captain Marvel. Continuation of Captain America volumes.

I love the new paper. I HATED the thin , slick paper

Nick Fury Agent of Shield vol 83

The rise in number of volumes per year. Now we're getting to the more obscure stuff! Yay!

The announcement that Jim Starlin's Captain Marvel will be punlished in Masterworks format.

Finally getting to Iron Man #1 and seeing my name in print in the special thanks section.

Favorite development was the beginning of Pre code Atlas Horror with Strange Tales Volume 1.

When I received Golden Age Masterworks, Human Torch Vol 2. I thought that maybe, finally, Marvel was really going to reprint all the incredibel Timely comics! However, here I sit looking at soliciations through June 2008 and see no cap, no Marvel Mystery, no Young Allies, etc. If you'll print them I'll buy them!!!!

The introduction of the Atlas Era material, especially "Captain America: Commie Smasher." I thought I'd never ever see those issues.

I like that you have gotten around to printing the Kirby monster books. My favorite moment was seeing my name in print in a Masterwork and an Omnibus that I contributed copies of art.

Addition of rarer, hard-to-find golden age material.

Nick Fury: Agent of Shield

Being completely caught up on reading every released volume at one point! Getting Roy Thomas to autograph a couple of volumes at San Diego Comic Con. Roy's intro's are great and catching up with him made me feel closer to the program. I also got Dick Ayers on Sgt. Fury and Gene Colan on Daredevil volumes - being able to actually chat with the original creators really brings me closer to the program. I was also happy to get Spider-Man released up to where I had been buying it long enough to have some continuity as a kid. I started buying around issue 66 and the last couple of volumes really took me back.

Thor Volume 7

The opening of the bronze age area with Warlock.


Release of uncanny x-men latest volume

When Nick Fury Vol. 1 was announced. More, please!

The publication of Nick Fury. SHIELD had always been a 2d hand production for Marvel and never was allowed to live up to the standards Marvel had for its other books. This brought SHIELD and Nick Fury to the forefront and made the book more of a standard with Spider-Man and Avengers. GREAT WORK!!!

The release of the Adam Warlock MMW, vol 1.

I really enjoyed [re Golden Age Masterworks] the printing of the Daring Mystery volume.....far out, not well known stuff, but enjoyable none the less.

Continuation of late-50's Atlas non-Super-Hero stories in Tales of Suspense and Tales to Astonish.

Fantastic Four volumes 5 and 6 are back in print.

I do not have all of the masterworks that i want so I appreciate the BTP policy.

Strange Tales Vol 1

Despite not yet having purchased it, my favourite development would be the addition of Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD to the Masterworks line.

Like the variety

the expansion of the line into collections of the Rawhide Kid, Sgt Fury, Antman & Wasp

The beautiful variant cover to GA USA Comics Vol 1 still amazes me to this day.


The start of the Atlas Era Masterworks! Keep 'em coming!

The diversity of westerns, Sgt Fury, Atlas Age... I am really enjoying these non-superhero books!! Keep them coming!!!

I'm trying to think what volumes exactly came out this year, but the ones I was most thankful to see were the ones I didn't think there was much interest in, like Rawhide Kid and Sgt Fury. I hope to see more genre Masterworks, the Atlas volumes and Golden Age volumes are awesome too! I love Marvel's Silver/Bronze Age super-hero books but this kind of stuff is just too cool, but this other stuff that hasn't ever had any reprint attention before really is amazing!

Warlock Vol. 1

Entry into Bronze Age with Starlin Captain Marvel.

The BTP program. When I can afford it, I will get the Thor's I have missed.

Captain Marvel vol 3 on the way!

Nick Fury, Agent of Shield

Closing in on complete runs of Kirby/Ditko/Lee works!

The addition of the so-called Bronze Age Material!!!

Nothing to say.

The recent Thor volume had some great Lee/Kirby magic!

Nick Fury!!!!

Commitment towards completing the Silver Age Super Hero Lines. I especially appreciate the completion of Ant Man/Giant Man and look forward to the completion of the Human Torch and Shield.

Seeing more genre material such as early Strange Tales, Rawhide Kid and Sgt. Fury in print.

Nick Fury Vol.1

The introduction of the Atlas heroes line.

Finally getting Nick Fury Agent of Shield.

Thor Masterworks on accelerated schedule, now let's get going with Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D.

Several... Buscema Avengers... Captain America vol.3 Captain Marvel Vol.2 Improved reproductions... Encrease in page/issue count. Extra materials.

Always happy to see more Golden Age and Atlas Masterworks.

BTP editions for volumes that are sold out.

When Great Odin whispered in my ear one night and left Thor Masterworks 7 by my bedside that morning, I knew I had for one brief second traipsed 'pon the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard! Ne'er since then hath my life been the same!

News of the continuation of the Uncanny X-Men line. I feared they would not reappear until bronze age Masterworks began some years from now. The anticipation of Uncanny X-Men vol. 6 was the most excited I've been about Masterworks in some time.

I really like the dicersity of titles coming out now compared to just the mainstream titles that were coming out prior.

My favorite development is the blistering pace of release for new Masterworks. Over 20 per year, counting BTP. This is simply fantastic and I don't honestly know how they get it done. The fact that they were able to increase the number of releases, AND improve the binding and reproduction quality at thew same time speaks volumes about their dedication and commitment to the Masterworks line. Kudos!

Nick Fury - Agent of Shield, Vol. 1 coming out. I hadn't collected all of these issues before so it was nice to see.

When I was sure that Marvel are going to Masterwork the entirety of their 60s superhero titles, and Omnibus the 'big' titles (FF, S-M, AV, TH, IM, CA, HU, DS?, XM?, DD?). Hopefully this will continue well into the 70s too.

Completion of Lee/Kirby storylines, and addressing later Silver Age titles like Warlock.

Thor and Silver Surfer

When they started collecting the Atlas Age Masterworks.

Seeing Sgt Fury and Nick Fury/SHIELD Masterworks show up--and knowing that Starlin's Captain Marvel is on the way and hopefully seeing his Warlock Masterworks is imminent.



Geting more and more Golden Age volumes plus the Atlas Age Heroes too.

My favorite development of the last year was the switch to sewn bindings.

I am pleased with the diversity in the line in the Silver Age.

Coming out with Nick Fury agent of shield. I love the spy stories with the 60's feel ala James Bond movies.

My favorite moment is whenever I get some content that I don't have the original comics for. For instance, Sgt. Fury vol. 1 gave me 13 stories I don't already have. That's great because there's no way I could afford to buy the originals.

Atlas era editions

Avengers vol 5, the Atlas titles coming out.

Reading and enjoying GA USA COMICS vol. 1. Wonderful book.

Nothing really.

Release of NICK FURY AGENT OF SHIELD and ATLAS Monster Titles.

I was glad to see the switch to a sewed bindng. Glue bindings on the thicker books (especailly the Omnibus books) pulls some of the artwork on the pages into the gutter. I also like the move into Atlas Era books. I am about finished collecting the Silver Age books and wanted to see more emphasis on the Atlas Era.

I like the way they have redone them with the Pin-Ups included and done so many new volumes. I also like the way they do all crossover issues included.

Move into Starlin's Warlock and Capt Marvel Bronze Age Work.

discovering the joy of reading my first masterworks

The announcements that we will see the publication of Bronze Age Jim Starlin material, such as Captain MArvel and Warlock!


I can't remember if it was last year but I liked getting the 100 editions of the FF. A return of Avengers. Commitment to 40s comics.

attention to the quote lesser endquote titles

Reading the Silver Surfer masterwork Volume 1 and enjoying the beautiful artwork of John Buscema. I took him for granted while collecting Savage Sword of Conan back in the early to mid-80's.

Two words, Nick Fury. Great to see the one-eyed cigar chomper finally get his due.

I am really enjoying the quantity of books coming out, and I think the choices by Marvel have kept things interesting, Warlock one month and Rawhide Kid #2 another. Hard to predict what is coming next, and that is fun. Also, the repro and coloring on the books has improved so much from the original books and the first remasters! Other than the glued on covers, the state of the MW program is great! I especially appreciated the release of Strange Tales #1, which started with #1, not the Kirby era stuff. Thanks!

nick fury shield spiderman omnibus

Have only bought a couple volumes recently.

Seing volumes like Captain Marvel vol. 3 AND Ant-man vol. 2 or Nick Fury vol. 1 being published (ie early silver age being completed AND Bronze age being explored)

Bronze age masterworks!

The announcement that the back-to-press program would reprint marble variant covers, allowing me to fill in my variant edition collection by reprinting prohibitively expensive out-of-print books. I'm especially hoping that new variant printings of volumes 28-32 will become available.

New paper quality is much better than the old one.

The second volume of Ant Man finally coming. Now we just need the second volume of SA Human Torch......

atlas heroes vol. 1

The arrival of SHIELD, Captain Marvel and Warlock

BTP on Uncanny Omnibus

There are several: the introduction, at long last, of the Nick Fury line. The expansion of the Atlas Era line, especially the late fifties monster books. The leap forward into the Bronze Age with Warlock and Captain Marvel Vol. 3. The release of Amazing Adventures/Amazing Adult Fantasy in Omnibus form. The sign that short runs will be concluded, as evidenced by Ant-Man/Giant-Man Vol. 2. Shall I go on?

The diversity of the GA, Atlas and Marvel Age books that came out in 2007.

The fast track on Captain marvel Archives

hioping to finish the 1960's.


Continued and methodical progress through the Cosmic Era of '70s Marvel as represented by Warlock Vol. 1 and Captain Marvel Vol. 2!

The fact that so many series are now getting to the end of the Silver Age meaning I'm no longer committed to buying them. Bronze Age = no interest for me.

I love the Atlas Heroes books and want to see more asap!

Back to print.

The end of the sixties is in sight and seventies Marvel is my favourite period. I'm really looking forward to this as some of this material hasn't been reprinted since then.

Seeing Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD vol 1 released.

Getting around to stuff lagging behind - Sgt. Fury, Nick Fury, Giant-Man etc.

The quality of the BTP!

Completing ANTMAN/GIANTMAN and Launch of Nick Fury agent of Shield.

Seeing the release of books like Warlock, Strange Tales, and USA Comics shows that Marvel is committed to making the Masterworks about more than just the Silver Age, and I think that's great!

Atlas Heroes

Captain, Marvel and warlock !!

BTP on Spider-Man vol 5

The wealth of variety of the Masterworks is something I am very pleased with!

NICK FURY AGENT OF SHIELD!!!!!!!MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Atlas Heroes Sub-mariner (Bill Everett)! Spider-man Omnibus- Every DITKO Spiderman in one book(WITH LETTER PAGES)!THE MOST PRIZED BOOK IN MY COLLECTION! Wonderful!Thank you.

Dr. Strange vol. 3 and BTP Uncanny X-Men Omnibus

I am seeing a wider variety in the Masterworks coming out. I REALLY like that. I also was impressed with some of the cover concepts you have been developing (e.g. Volume 76 with the stars as background on the variant edition)



The announcement of back to press printings of older volumes.

Atlas Heroes and 2nd volumes of Tales to Astonish and Tales of Suspense.

Introducing previously unreprinted series such as Ant Man, Sgt. Fury, Rawhide Kid, etc.

The announcement of the BTP program that included the marble dustjackets. It really made my day to shut all of the hypocritical (and hyper critical) people up who were more concerned with the secondary market than with the ability for people to go out and buy the books they want easily.

Fast-tracking the Kirby THOR.

Looking to obtain masterworks on series that are either expensive or hard to finf. Need more on Golden Age Captain America, Human Torch, Sub Marainer, Silver Age Sgt Fury, Rawhide Kid, Two gun Kid, Kid Colt, Sub Mariner, Nick Fury-Shield,

I haven't purchased Masterworks in the past year.

The expansion to include Namor, the Sub-Mariner.


The inclusion of the Black Knight story from Marvel Super-Heroes #17 in the latest Avengers Masterwork.

Just happy to see the end of the Silver Age approaching.

Rawhide Kid Vol. 2

SHIELD Masterworks, finally!

Spider-man #9 (86) came out.

Avengers Masterwork #7

Hints of finally moving into some excellet 70's material. Sewn binding. Some interesting Omniboo choices.

Going back to print on the first 32 Masterworks. Also very excited to see Captain Marvel Masterworks accelerated.

Completion of the Lee-Kirby FF

Reading the introductions, Lee presenting the FF episodes, Sinnot talking about the inking and splash panels and covers, looking at these covers

Finally getting to read the first Sub-Mariner volume was a schoolgirl moment, replete with leg-kicking and ear-splitting shrieks of joy.

when I got masterworks 20 first Ironman in 2007 from ebay for under $80.00

Rawhide Kid ! Nick Fury ! Thor ! Kirby's Monsters !

The addition of more Claremont era X-Men Masterworks was long overdue and much needed. Keep em comin - or even better, more Omnibuses!

Marvel's seeming commitment to fast-tracking important runs such as Starlin's Captain Marvel, Kirby's Thor with consecutive releases in less than 12 months.

The Atlas era Monsters of Jack Kirby has to be the finest moment (in my opinion) of Masterworks history. I will buy em all!


More Kirby Thor Masterworks, Atlas Era Masterworks.

Finally seeing the Shield material!

Continuation of Golden Age and Atlas Era lines along with the further push into the Bronze Age with Warlock.

I was surprised just how much I enjoyed reading Sgt. Fury and Rawhide Kid. I'm pretty much a super-hero fan, and I hadn't read very many (if any) Sgt. Fury or Rawhide Kid stories. I won our Fantasy Football League in 2006, and I used my winnings to obtain both of these books. As I said, I really enjoyed these books, and I plan on buying future volumes.

I really only buy the Spider-Man Masterworks, as it helps fill the void in my collection. The early Amazing books are hard to find, EXPENSIVE, and generally in poor condition. The Masterworks (while expensive) make it much easier (and affordable) to get these issues. I was pleased to see Vol. 5 reprinted, as it is one that I did not have. I still need volumes 6 and 7 so BTP's of these volumes would be much appreciated. The move to sewn bindings is preferred, as it should hold up more over time.

Being able to read issues I would otherwise never be able to afford. The BTP is also great as I can't afford the prices on E-Bay

I am very happy that the series is thriving and that I have the opportunity to buy the books that I have wanted for years and some that I never really thought about purchasing before they were made available.

Loads of Kirby Thor, completion of SA Ant-Man, Atlas increased output (but not overwhelmingly so)

I loved the Atlas Era Srange Tales volume. I'm really looking forward mainly to more Atlas and Golden Age titles.

When I found out the Atlas heroes line had begun

Getting a regular dose of Thor by Kirby

Warlock/getting into the bronze age

Finally releasing the first volume of Nick Fury.

Seeing Bronze Age material.

Lesser known series getting their own masterworks (Captain Marvel, Warlock) instead of the typical books that have been reprinted a thousand times (Spidey, FF, X-Men, etc)

My favorite development is the continuation of the balanced released choices... that there is a good mix of followups to just about everything, and that the line focuses plenty on the "lesser" -but essential- characters/titles as well as the "heavy hitters"... while gradually having new titles released. And let's not forget the great GA and AA releases -which come in ADDITION to the monthly MA releases!

Getting a hold of Ant-Man and Sgt. Fury. Am pleased to see attention given to them.

Atlas Pre Hero Masterworks

I'm glad you've completed the Ant Man/Giant Man series in Masterworks. Will this come out as an Omnibus? Also, nice to see the Golden Age material--looking forward to getting the Human Torch and more Marvel Comics and All-Winners volumes.

The release of Avengers vol. 7 featuring specifically issues 59-62, some of my favorite issues ever.

Finally getting new volumes of Marvel Age Sub-Mariner and Uncanny X-Men after a long absence.


The release of Ant-Man/Giant-man #2 - I like what the release of this book says about the future of the line and the priorities of those working behind the scenes. I feel like we are now quite close to finishing off the Silver Age in Masterworks form and now have little doubt that we will get there soon. Now for Human Torch #2!

Great to see lesser known quantities being masterworked: Sgt. Fury, Rawhide Kid, Marvel Monsters.

I have only considered buying these volumes, as my whole comic collection was lost to Hurricane Katrina. I've not bought any yet, but I'm interested, so I have no favorite development. I was only recently made aware of these collections and this survey.

I am very happy that the pre-hero monster books [Astonish and Suspense] are being collected, as well as some of the Kirby Western work - more please. It has also been nice that the pre-1968 hero books are almost finished. Nick Fury volume one was also a welcomed sight! A little Kirby Romance would not hurt!

The release of Golden Age USA Comics Volume 1, which was completely unexpected.

The strong push to get to Starlin's cosmic work in Captain Marvel and Warlock

Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I'm very glad that we are attaining the 70s, my favorite era with Captain Marvel vol 2 and Warlock. I was also very pleased that Sgt Fury was collected as well as Rawhide Kid. I buy everything Kirby. I plan on buying Golden Age and Atlas Era. The John Romita artwork on Atlas Captain America looks very good. I am very pleased by the extras in the Omnibus. I like the larger size of the Omnibus but they're not easy to read when they're fat. I'm divided because I like to have huge, fat books.

Uncanny X-Men vol #6. and looking forward to at least one more.

I enjoyed the appearance of the atlas material. I never appreciated it as much as I do now. Also it was nice to finally see some seventies material, like Warlock and Capt. Marvel.

The Atlas and Silver Age collections containing Kirby's work.

I am happy to see two volumes of Rawhide Kid. I love this western, and I would love to see more westerns published as Omnibus or Masterworks. I especially would like to see all eras of the Western Ghost Rider appear in one of the two formats.

I hadn't picked up any of the Golden Age era books until last year, the volumes I selected thus far have been a lot of fun.

Atlas Era Strange Tales vol. 1

Marvel Age Sub-Mariner, vol. 2!!!

Marvel Masterworks Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD Volume 1 IS INCREDIBLE. I ENJOYED THIS REPRINT VOLUME MORE THAN I DID THE ORIGINAL ISSUES. I EXCITEDLY LOOK FORWARD TO "Marvel Masterworks Nick Fury Volume 2" with all that amazing Jim Steranko ART!!!

The addition of "extras" such as original art pages. The increase of Golden Age material, a wealth of resource that marvel has ignored for far too long. Rawhide Kid and Sgt. Fury.

Antman finally collected in full!!

Content-wise, finally a true pre-code horror volume.

Completing the set of the original x-men with vol 6... it's taken me since 1975 starting with the UK b&w weekly comics.

I love the emphasis on titles you would not think of as automatic selections. Obviously, we expect to see volumes like Spider-Man or X-Men. Some of my favorite volumes are the more obscure choices, though, like Rawhide Kid or Sgt. Fury. Similarly, I love the continued or expanded emphasis on Golden Age and Atlas Age titles. While I would not want to see the core Silver Age titles abandoned by any means, I love that there are a lot of slots given over to material that might be seen as less obviously commercial.


That they went from printing in Italy, back to Canada. But now I have volumes with crappy printing from Italy. The exposure on the press made the fine lines fat...!!

Reprinting deleted books! :)

publishing Avengers masterworks

Started reprinting older, rarer comics on a more regular basis. Started filling in the earlier runs of the Silver Age.

Finally getting SA Sub-Mariner volume 2, Giant Man volume 2 and the hope that one day the Marvel Silver Age will be complete in Masterworks format.

More Golden Age Comics, Nick Fury SHIELD, Another Avengers Masterwork.

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD at last More Golden Age Marvel - very surprised I like these

well i dont if there is really a rawhide kid audeinece out there, but i thibk marvel had made some terrible choices with regards to some masterworks. if you ask me, they gotta publish amazing spider-man Msterworks every month so that we will finally see great arcs like the first clone saga, the burglar's return and most of roger stern's work reprinted in glorioud forma. since it seems that marvel is so stupid it doesnt want to release the above-mentioned stories in classic editions, it seems to be the most logical way to finally see them reprinted!

The switch to sewn binding.

Atlas Era is great

Just the fact that Marvel finally got off their duffs and have begun publishing them again.

Starlin's Captain Marvel books.


Mine would definately be the BTP volumes...

Continued Golden Age Masterworks - real thrill to have the chance to see these.

Anytime a Lee\Kirby Thor volume is released.

I love that we have finally got the Ragnorak series of Thor into Masterworks.

Nothing in particular.

The arrival of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD!

I am happy that Marvel has come out with the Back to Print program. I hope to purchase some of the volumes I missed out on before.

Finally getting Nick Fury volume1!

My Favorite has been Marvel Masterworks Thor Volume 6. This volume was spectacular!!! I hope to collect JACK KIRBY'S ENTIRE RUN of THOR Comic Books.

Atlas & Golden age RULE!!!!!!

I've really enjoyed the program in total, but the Atlas Age Masterworks is fun.

Getting the Masterworks I never had before because they were sold out and now are Back to press.

I appreciate the added attention to Lee and Kirby's Thor!

Increase in Atlas Era Masterworks.

Introducing Atlas Heroes.

I stopped collecting Marvel comics in 1980. I own every comic published up to that time from FF1-approximately 205 (excluding millie the model, westerns and comics pre Nov1961) so I am enjoying reading later Uncanny X-Men titles and Atlas eramonster books etc

The little "The Hulk is coming!" type ads left into some of the volumes. I love that attention to detail to have it match the original comic.

Nick Fury

Have only just started collecting the books, not having been 'into' comics, so am finding them (and the MPC line) an education!

Seeing Captain Marvel get a 2nd volume so quickly. (And a 3rd coming up even quicker!)

captain america omnibus was brilliant. a must have

Going BTP.

The Amazing Fantasy book. I'm less interested in getting series of books starting with issue 1 and going on and on regardless of whether the content is good or not, than I am in getting prime work from great creators. A 15 issue collection was ideal in this case.

1) Reading that the TWO books I needed were going BTP: Spidey V. 5 & Uncanny V. 3 2) The continued Atlas Era line. My favorite of the Masterworks family. 3) The publication of Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Took ya long enough!


I'm really glad to see the expansion of the Golden Age line.

The increase in focus on golden age material. I don't buy them all, but am very happy to see that end of the line expanded.

I have recently sold my Original 27 editions on eBay and I am intending to replace them all with current Regular editions, at the moment I have just six. I especially enjoy the chance to read Atlas Age comicbooks that I haven't read before.

Don't really have one.

I love the fact that the Marvel Age Masterworks are now getting to issues with the artwork of John Buscema and Gene Colon.

The fact that we started the Horror line with Strange Tales volume #1 and the Atlas Heroes line with Heroes from Atlas volume #1. The fact that we started the BA with Warlock volume #1 The fact that we had three GA masterworks + the Monster Omnibus. The coming of Shield #1 I am quite happy on the overall and happier for 2008 so far!!!

-Sgt Fury -Capt Marvel continuing.

Indications that all of the Silver Age will eventually be Masterworked.

thank you for the atlas era reprints astonish and suspense . keep them coming . also consider doing journey into mystery starting at #50 and strange tales at #70 and the whole atlas era in the essentials . thanx .

I am thrilled with the way that we are getting selections from every era (i.e. GA, Atlas, SA, entering the BA), and would like to see the line include '80s series as well.

there were two moments. One: In the past i decided not to buy anymore GA/Atlas masterworks. It became to much. But when the dollar declined further and the euro became 1,5 euro i decided to continue buying these masterworks. I am glad and happy. Two: the arrival of masterwork issue 86. Spider-Man. at last a spider-man masterwork. I spent a whole weekend returning to my youth when i read these comics again. The first time was in Dutch.

I adore the Atlas Monster stories and am very pleased that 2 more volumes of this will be available this year!

Reading the golden age stories as an Adult. Man, What were those guys on?

The completion of X- Men Silver Age with the Neil Adams issues.

Really happy to get more Silver Age stuff. Human Torch, SHIELD, more Avengers and Thor, etc.

I liked the inclusion of new Series from the late 60s / early 70s like Nick Fury, Warlock and Captain Marvel

Further extension of the range into Atlas era.

Marvel Masterworks Thor Volume 6 - getting to see The Enchanters in a full color high end format was really great. Took me back to when I first saw them and then some. This is the sort of thing that I can show my children and grandchildren so that I can pass on my childhood to them.

Back to press has been LONG overdue. Thank you for delivering. Please keep all editions in print for us new collectors!

Nick Fury Agent of Shield finally seeing print

Incredible variety of material.

Love all the cool stuff in the back and the improved intros in the front, especially by Roy T.

Introduction of Atlas Heroes range.

Fast tracking of Captain Marvel to get to Starlin material. I hope Warlock follows suit. I also enjoyed the Atlas Heroes material as I had read very little of it previously.

Filling out series like Giant Man which are very unlikely to be reprinted in other formats.

The BTP issues.

I'm glad they started teh Nick Fury agent of Shield line. That was number one on my want list.

Very pleasantly surprised to see Captain Marvel appear.

Warlock edition

Howard the Duck Omnibus

Getting a focus on cosmic characters like Captain Marvel and Warlock. Also enjoying the extras in the back.

Getting the Shield material available in Masterworks, and getting Amazing Fantasy in Omnibus.

I am very pleased with the Back to Press program. While I'm not upgrading any of my books, it has given me an opportunity to purchase certain volumes that I had missed the first time around. These include The Amazing Spider-Man vols. 5 and 6 and Fantastic Four vols. 5 and 6.

I love them all.....

I am pleased with the continuation of the Atlas monster books.

All the remaining not published Jack Kirby art work: Atlas Monster Tales, Nick Fury and as much Thor as possible!

Atlas Age Horror comics coming into print

Nick Fury Agent of Shield finally came out!

Having the first Nick Fury Masterwork finally come out.

Nothing special, was just happy to have a new volume of Amazing Spider-Man. Those are the only Masterworks I really collect.

i love any masterworks i would speical come soon vol. 100 something big

Masterworks going back-to-print on sold out volumes.

The continued expansion of the Atlas age line of which I have read very little before and am finding more interesting than some of the more repetitive Golden Age stories, and the fact that with the upcoming Sgt. Fury vol.2, I will actually own in some form just about every mainstream Marvel story from 1961 to the present day!

FINALLY getting the LONG-AWAITED volume: UNCANNY X-MEN. It was ABOUT TIME!!! PLEASE don't make us wait as long for the next volume!!!

Finally getting SA Sub-Mariner volume 2, adding to the hope that volume 3 will be coming soon.

Getting the BTP issues of FF and Spider-Man , comparing them to my old ones (out of the origininal 28), and being deeply satisfied with the coloring, linework repro and especially the sewn binding. I finally have what I wanted in the first place. I donęt have to upgrade these issues again!!!!

I really enjoyed seeing Nick Fury - I've been wanting to read those since I was a kid!

Even if I still have to buy any, I'm very proud with the production of genre books such as Rawhide Kid and Sgt Fury.

The Silver Surfer hardcover going back to the original coloring. The Masterworks versions seemed to have coloring that was wrong in a few places.

Getting 20 masterworks for Christmas and my Birthday. I am still not cought up!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really happy with the move to sewn binding. I just hope there can be less gutter loss resulting from it.

Warlock Volume 1 and Captain Marvel Volume 2. Bronze Age!!!

Fabulous choices in the Marvel Age line up!

Atlas Era Heroes vol. 1

The introduction of Golden Age and Atlas Age Masterworks that go for less obvious material like Daring Mystery and pre-code Strange Tales.

Shield Volume 1!

Captain Marvel, Warlock, Nick Fury, Atlas volumes rock, going to sewn binding

The new Golden Age and Atlas Age titles and being able to read the complete 1950's Marvel Boy in one complete volume was very exciting and all the Silver Age volumes of issues I have never read before.

I really enjoyed the Warlock Masterwork released last year. I would love for Marvel to produce more cosmic based masterworks.

No specific moment.loved the printing of the ditko spider-man omnibus and the change of paper stock for masterworks.great improvement!

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD! Finally!

Discovering the line in general. I'd been a committed DC and EC buyer, but I re-read one of the Barnes & Noble editions I had and decided to use the store credit I'd earned working at my LCS to check out the Masterworks. From Timely to Atlas to classis Marvel Age Spidey and Avengers I've been hooked!

Without a doubt, seeing more golden age and 50s material make it into the masterworks series. My favorite volumes were Daring Mystery, USA Comics, Strange Tales and GA Human Torch vol. 2.

In the silver age, the artists were coming of age. Kirby was getting even better in the FF, Romita appeared in Spider-Man and Steranko was a short term shining star. Captain America 3 was a highlight for me as well as the continuing Uncanny X-Men series.

Nick Fury Agent of Shield and vol 2 of Sub-mariner now printed in Marvel masterworks.

The increase in Golden Age Masterworks.

Seeing Nick Fury Agent of Shield in print/

I haven't bought in a while, I am tempted. Interested in what hasn't been produced yet, Like Tomb of Dracula and Project Pegasus.


Line seeing a increase in Atlas Era books with pre-code finally. Captain Marvel volume 3 announced soon after 2.

Keep rolling out the Masterworks as is - but perhaps concentrate on volumes already begun, rather than keep adding new ones. Cheers!

The collection of Rawhide Kid. I never expected this material!!


Over the past 12 months I mostly bought Omniboo (I'm reading chronologically from 1961 forward, and I can't afford to buy new books unless I'm ready to read them right away), but I did buy Ant-Man/Giant-Man vol. 2 and I'm loving it. Great linework/color/restoration job, fun (if predictably uninformative) intro by Stan, nice art by Ayers, Heck, Powell, et al. This was the first "volume 2" that I've had to wait for until it was published, and it was great fun when the package from TOW finally came. Love it!

Addition of Tales of Suspense and Tales to Astonish.

Atlas era masterworks -I thought i would never see these !! I cannot wait for Journey into Mystery !!

As long as Marvel continues with the current publishing schedule I am very happy. I pre-order all super discounted ones and pick up others in batches starting with the oldest to current.

They finally did another Iron Man and another Hulk volume.

I am really satisfied with the chosen content of the Masterworks. I get the impression, that Masterworks are a reliable product you can collect for years to come - and that's important!

Warlock volume 1 and Nick Fury volume 1 - 'Nuff Said!

I've enjoyed the addition of the Sgt. Fury and Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D volumes. Also the Capt. Marvel and Warlock volumes

The extra features in the last volume of Lee/Kirby FF.

Start of BTP on OOP Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks

Nice to see the Nich Fury Masterworks (#83) come out.

Each year it gets better and better. We are truly in a golden age of Marvel comic reproduction. You guys keep putting them out and I'll keep buying them.

going with sewn binding

If it's true that Marvel is going back to press with some of the older editions, that's great, because I can't find some of the ones I'd like to get anywhere

Enjoyed reading forewards from other perspectives... Would love to hear from Marie Severin...

The announcement of the Starlin-era Captain Marvel. Cosmic Marvel at its finest!

can not get enough golden age stuff

Atlas Heroes

That we have gotten more Atlas Era Masterworks than just 1-2 titles a year.

The beginning of 1970s masterwork (cosmic stories, especially).

THe addition of more bronze age volumes

I love the Atlas Era Masterworks.The mosnster and horror books are stories that have rarely ever been reprinted.The Golden Age items have been reprinted to a certain extent so readers are somewhat familiar with the stories.But the Atlas Age is new to most and the material is very high quality with much variation in content.I want to see the Yellow Claw and Black Knight packaged together.I want to see Bill Everett's Venus material reprinted with the Blond Phantom(?).Keep them coming.

Tne newest Uncanny X-men FINALLY came out!

I am glad that marvel is finishing 60 era comics and moving into the 70 era. I will buy most of them.

The Atlas volumes.

Broad depth of material.

Finally getting to the Jim Steranko SHIELD work and the Gene Colan Dr. Strange.

Steady new reprints of ASM, FF(?), Thor, Avengers

Probably the first printing of Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the announcement of upcoming omniboo of Silver Age Hulk, Iron Man, and (Bronze Age) Howard The Duck

The fact that there's been more Kirby Thor coming out.


More Avengers (thank you). Ant-Man (finally!). Starting to fill out the gaps in chronology. Starting to get close to Bronze Age. Dying to see Bronze Age.

Incredible Hulk volume 4 containing artwork from Herb Trimpe. I've always enjoyed his Hulk artwork and it was great to see it being masterworked. I also had the pleasure of meeting Herb for the first time at a convention last May. I'll actually be seeing him again this weekend at another convention.

Atlas era Masterworks are a fantastic addition to my bookshelf!

Atlas Era Strange Tales Vol. 1 with I will hopefully soon buy.

Any Silver Age Masterworks that came out ! The sewn binding The low dollar price as I live in Europe ;-)

acceleration of reprinting Kirby material

Fantastic Four Masterworks vol 10 had GREAT bonus material in it!

The Atlas-era monster masterworks

1) The inauguration of new lines aiming to collect shorter, finite series (Warlock/Nick Fury). My Masterworks buying is very select and tends toward less sprawling collections that could conceivably be completed in a few volumes. This is one reason why I prefer Omniboo. 2) Atlas Era Heroes. This is a model for how to collect scattered material. Beautiful series.

Back To Press volumes released -- and with the variant covers. Yes!

Sgt Fury being published



Sewn binding

I rejoice at the Golden Age reprints!