Marvel Comics has an interesting dynamic in their trade program: they produce a high volume of trade paperbacks and other collected editions, but often the print runs are low enough that a trade can sell through its quantity in an a quick amount of time.

There may or may not be plans to reprint any particular out-of-print trade paperback or HC collection, though that could certainly change. The best way to encourage Marvel and those who control "back to print" policy is to place an order for any out of print volume with the retailer of your choice. Right now, many of the OOP books are still available for back order from the Diamond catalogue, even though there are none in stock. So if you're eager to own a copy of a collection that is out-of-print, tell your retailer to place an order on your behalf (have the explicit title and ISBN number handy when you talk to them.) The more of these orders that pile up, the sooner it might get reprinted, as this is what encourages Marvel that there is sufficient demand to go back to press!

Keep in mind that Tales of Wonder stocks deep in Masterworks, so even though a book might be out-of-print, they may still have it in stock long after other retailers are sold out...but even they don't have an infinite supply.